Dec 15, 2009

Bankable Rob Pattinson

Very interesting interview I heard online - it was actually him so I know it to be true.

He said some things that really - I'm not sure how to put it, sadden me a bit but leave me feeling indifferent.

He talks about his viability as an actor and now that he's bankable there are certain expectations that are asked of him. And frankly some are out of his control. He was saying that before Twilight he did any film offered, he could do whatever the heck he wanted because he wasn't expected to carry the film. But now he is being offered things (without having to audition) because of his economic viability. That is a huge pressure for an actor because your being held responsible for making or breaking a film. You are being scrutinized for every decision you make. And if the movie does bad it will blamed on him for .... whatever reason they come up with. Especially after doing the Twilight series it can have a negative effect and pigeon hole him into a specific character that people can't look past.

I've mentioned before that I'm an actress - just started to do independent films, extras etc. I was a theatre actress for over 20 years and decided to give this a go. And I can completely understand that, yes of course he is in a wonderful position and is most likely getting meaty, juicy roles that he would never have been offered before because he wasn't 'bankable.' But at the same time that also limits his choices because he may want to do more obscure and off the wall things to stretch himself as an actor but if he did it, it would be looked down on. It's an impossible position. Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to be in a position of being offered strong roles for women but I can see the amount of stress it would put on you as an actor.

On a lighter note, they are doing some sort of ask Rob contest on Facebook. Wonder how many "will you marry me" questions he will get?

What other inappropriate questions you think will be submitted?