Dec 21, 2009

Fight Over Christmas Plans / Kissing Ricky Gervais

So we had a lovely "secret" date the other night with Kristen - Yet later than night he was supposedly on another date with Katy Perry (which she put the kibosh on)

NOWWWW of course he and Kristen are fighting over where to spend Christmas!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart ‘Fight Over Christmas Plans’


ROBERT Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have come to blows over where to spend Christmas, sources claim.
(again the infamous "sources")

Rob, 23, is keen to spend the festive season with his family in London, while Stewart, 19, wants to spend the holidays in Los Angeles.

“Rob and Kristen can’t decide where to spend the holidays,” dished one loose-lipped insider. “Kristen is keen for Rob to join her in Los Angeles, but he wants to spend Christmas in London — with his family.

“Rob wants things to be as normal as possible after a crazy 12-months.
(Of course he wants things quasi normal; not sure that that needs to be said - wouldn't anyone want some semblance of normalcy after the craziness that has surrounded him ? Not sure how that is super inside info)

“Kristen is not amused.”
(What in God's name does that mean? She is not amused, at what?)

It was recently claimed that Pattinson and Stewart had been drifting apart because the hunky British star was refusing to commit to a serious relationship.
("Recently claimed" - you know since reports do not have to reveal their "sources" is it not screamingly obvious that a lot of these sources are NON-existent??.. Maybe it's just me)

“Rob doesn’t want anything heavy right now, so he really has had enough of the whole thing and is spending a lot more time with Stephanie,” a source told Britain’s Now magazine earlier this month.

“He just wants to hang out with lesser-known friends and take time out from all the craziness in his life, as it’s all got a bit too much.

(You mean .... his friends? Why does lessern-known have anything to do with it. Yes he has famous friends, but he DID have a life before Twilight, and I'm sure a set'o'friends like the rest of us & now he is getting to spend some time with them)

“Even for Rob, the attention has been overwhelming and sometimes he just wishes it could all go away.

“He’s become a lot more reclusive and there’s a growing distance between him and Kristen.”

Isn't it like watching a tennis match ? Over the net "they are seriously dating!" - back over the net - "Rob is demanding a commitment from Kristen!" - back over the net - "Rob thinks she is getting too serious!" ..... GAME ALREADY!

And this is just the wonderful humor of a man that is taking things in stride

I happen to agree with Rob on that ;)