Dec 10, 2009

The R-Pattz Co-Star Curse Is Real! - um..'cuse me?

The R-Pattz Co-Star Curse Is Real!

Gotta love tabloid trash. Thank you to Colleen for showing me this article because this one is truly funny. Apparently Rob DOES has super human powers. No, it's not sucking the blood out of Bambi - but if you act in a movie with him, his magical powers of (and I quote) "sex appeal so utterly overwhelming" makes relationships end with a single bound! Ok, hrmm.. what shall I comment on first. Is Rob an attractive man, yes. But c'mon people, do we really think that women are that weak? Or anyone for that matter? Hollywood couples breaking up isn't exactly a new phenomenon - it happens all the damn time! Whether or not you think Rob is sexy has nothing to do with it. I mean really..

Is Robert Pattinson's sex appeal so utterly overwhelming that he's capable of destroying relationships just by co-starring with someone?

The New York Post reports that Uma Thurman, who's scheduled to share the screen with Pattinson in the upcoming romance flick Bel Ami, has split up with her fiancé, hedge fund manager Arki Busson, making Busson the latest in a long line of victims of what many (okay, so far, "we") are calling The R-Pattz Co-Star Curse.

The earliest recorded instance of The R-Pattz Co-Star Curse (copyright pending) occurred early this year, when Gentlemen Broncos actor Michael Angarano, who had been dating Pattinson's Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart, suddenly disappeared from Stewart's life with the swiftness and completeness of a Soviet dissident.

But this was just the beginning of R-Pattz's relationship-wrecking streak. Back in June, as she prepared to film the romantic comedy Remember Me with Pattinson, Lost star Emilie de Ravin announced that she was parting ways with her husband of three years, December Ends thesp Josh Janowicz. And thus, a pattern emerged.

And now, with Uma Thurman's breakup, The R-Pattz Co-Star Curse has reached out to crush yet another formerly happy relationship.

If we were The Wrestler director Darren Aranofsky—who's engaged (for now anyway) to Rachel Weisz, who'll be co-starring with Pattinson in the upcoming historical drama Unbound Captives—we'd be pretty worried right now.

Then again, given that Aranofsky is currently preparing to film an angry, aggressive sex scene between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, he might have already mentally checked out of that relationship.

Do you think The R-Pattz Co-Star curse is for real?

Not only is Rob's love life (or lack there of, whichever rag you decide to believe) continually splatted all over the media.. but now we add a layer of weirdness and spread the crap about a curse. A curse?!

I hope that some of my blog help point out the absurdity and insanity that surrounds him - but the total disrespect for him as well.

As I always say ... Leave Rob Alone people!