Dec 26, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to dislike Rob Pattinson .. how lovely

Nothing like the media. Build someone up so you can tear them to shreds. Like the crab theory. If you put live crabs in a box, as one tries to escape the rest grab at him and pull him back down. Similar.. Let's build up a guy to super stardom status, and then let's make sure we rip him to shreds.

Saw this stupid article which title was:
Ten reasons not to like Robert Pattinson in 2010

Are you kidding me? Ok here goes this ridiculous list

1. Admitted he didn’t wash that often.
C'mon - does anyone REALLY believe this? Doesn't anyone get this guys sense of humor yet? He is self deprecating; always making fun of himself. Do you REALLY think he would go around smelling like a dirty arse?

2. Said he wanted privacy while his PR people were telling tabloids where he was eating out.
Please - anyone believe that he wants the paparazzi to haunt him they way they do flashing cameras feet away from him face everywhere he goes?

3. Story that he was hit by a cab while escaping fans - grossly exaggerated.
As he has said himself!

4. Said he couldn’t find a date when he was seen with hot actresses all over town.
Just because he is seen hanging out with 'hot' actresses doesn't mean that he is dating them. When are people going to realize that just because you are out with someone doesn't necessarily mean you are DATING them!

5. Made the following profound observation when asked what he would like to be: “I think I'd
be a dog. The lifestyle of a dog has always fascinated me.”
Once again - his (in my opinion) dry sense of humor

6. Said he looked like “ an old Irish alcoholic” – a definite insult to Irish alcoholics who look a
lot better than beetle brows.
Sigh.. please

7. Admitted he tried out for role in sex film
This is so absurd. This was going around like wildfire.. implying that he was trying out for some XXX film. No, it wasn't that at all! And no, he didn't get a role. As an actor, that is the norm. You don't get 99% of what you audition for until of course you are at his level.

8. Jimmy Fallon imitation stressing Rob's phony 'depth' worked perfectly.
No, it really didn't.

9. Poor little rich boy. Continuous whine about why he is misunderstood, all alone etc…
meanwhile putting tens of millions on the bank.
What in the HELL does that have to do with anything. He's making money, yes. Some actors make it, some don't. All about luck - which he has spoke about himself on many occasions. Just because someone has a lot of money - doesn't mean they are not alone. I don't know his personal situation, but he has gone from zero to sixty and I still think he is trying to catch up with himself.

10. Bolted like bat from hell and screamed at bodyguards when unfortunate young fan who
has swine flu approached him. Class act. Not
I wrote about this - is it true or not? Who knows, but if someone came up to you with the swine flu or any other flu not to mention the fact that it's someone YOU DON'T KNOW, wouldn't you bolt??
(list courtesy of Irish Central)