Jan 31, 2010

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart - Smooch Citation. (anyone else gag a little?)

So going through my alerts, First, I stumbled across this article...

Kirsten Stewart takes to heels when shot about Rob Pattinson: a splendid gesture in suggestivity


Run, Stew, run. Something must have whispered these words into the pretty head of the Runaway star when she showed a clean pair of heels from a promotional press session for the above movie, when asked about her rumored beau Pattinson. Since then, the news has become a rage in the grapevine quarters. Guesses are sparking, rumours are brewing, crazy stories are being cooked up and we are all heading to a new round of gossipy tidbits, it seems.
(How many "reporters" have to ask that question before it gets through their marble skulls that they ARE NOT ANSWERING that question?)

Though what seems really puzzling is this unending sessions of coyness, and hush-hush and running-aways on the part of the ‘vampire’ lovers. Now don’t you think they are overdoing it a bit? Like it has been a week since news broke out to the effect that they are going to make their love ‘official’ anytime.
(Press conference on the tragedy in Haiti, the Presidential State of the Union, Breaking news on the war... all = News worthy media press conferences..... Kristen and Rob being forced to 'announce' whether or not they are a couple = NOT press conference worthy. Do people really think they are going to announce like a "Ladies and Gentleman of America and the world... Kristen and I are dating".. come on)

And within days what does the Stewart girl do when she faces a query on Patz? She runs away from the conference. As if the name of the hunk bore a curse. Sensible guesses are that she is just too tired of facing the question for the umpteenth time. Well, okay, but she could come up with some better response, couldn’t she?
(Yeah, she could come up with a different response like "None of your F**King business!" but she's being classy and just not answering over and over again. Me? I opt for the 2nd quote)

But then, if it was part of her plan, then you will have to maintain that this girl sure knows how to work the machine. She has mastered the supreme art of being suggestive and equivocal and that too, at such a mellow age.

Why oh why is this so mysterious. If they are dating then.. ok good. Lovely good luck to them. But if they aren't - what's going to change? Except maybe tons of teenage girls think they have a shot at dating him.

They are making a big huge deal that when the reporter asked Kristen "So are you team Edward off the screen" or whatever she said.. and Kristen said something simple and left. What does that say to you?

Leave the dating question alone - they don't want to answer it, they won't answer it, and they don't HAVE to answer it. Capiche??!!


Then this article which made me giggle - and gag

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart - Smooch Citation. Kristen Loves Rob's New Film!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart must be proud of their very sweet saliva exchange. The actors of the blockbuster flick 'Twilight' received another 'kudos' from fans. According to Irish Central, Rob and his rumoured girlfriend Kristen's kiss in the movie has been voted one of the best of the last decade. (Decade=10 years) The survey is conducted by department store Selfridges in England. Rob and Kristen - smooch more!
(That is so disgusting.. This is a lesson on how to gross people out .. Saliva exchange?? Really? And thank you for the definition for decade because apparently the readers of your site don't know the meaning to simple words!?)

In related news, a source claims Kristen Stewart loves Robert Pattinson's new film 'Remember Me'. Kristen Stewart - who recently visited Park City, Utah to promote her own films in Sundance Film Festival - is reportedly very happy and excited to see Rob's new film. An unnamed source spilled: "Kristen is a huge fan of 'Remember Me'. She's very excited!" Wow, Kristen is a very supportive girl friend (or girlfriend?)

Need I said it again? .... Ok I will... WHO CARES!? Don't people realize that they are doing this on purpose. The production company wants them to be mysterious. Why you ask? Because it is PRESS.. PUBLICITY.. yes there is plenty of press surrounding this series but if you remove the "Robsten" angle .. it would be much quieter. Whether or not they are dating, they are being told (in my opinion) to be mysterious to keep up the hype.

Things that make you go

Jan 29, 2010

Rob & Kristen kiss from Twilight / Set to confirm romance / Rob's cartoon face

Been a few days! So sorry about that - if you see the blog from the other day you will know why I've been a bit distracted. But let me catch up a bit!

The title of this silly article is
Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart kiss…a reflection of their real love?

Let me take you one year back when Twilight was released. To be more precise, let me make you recall the kiss scene in Bella’s bedroom which was indeed one of the most passionate onscreen kisses within a decade. But what led to the zealous kiss? Their real life love?
(I thought this was a spoof... it ain't)

Yes, we are back again with RobSten relationship analysis. Though it may annoy many fans, but none can disagree with me that there has to be something in their relation which hasn’t come forward yet! And that quite possibly be the real life romance between the two which reflected onscreen in the kissing scene.
(Reflected onscreen in the kissing scene? Are you serious? With a room full of crew people, directors, make up people, etc - they all of a sudden got lost in the moment and it became real?? um... no)

Edward moves closer to Bella and passes a peck on her lips. Bella holds him tightly and continues kissing passionately. They both fall on the bed while smooching avidly. But then suddenly Edward realizes his greatest fear of losing control with Bella and checks his emotions. They spend the night together without making any sexual encounter!
(yup, that was the scene in the MOOOVVIIEE!!)

Now that’s one scene none of the Twilight fans can forget ever. Credit to the brilliant performances by the stars, the ultimate romance between the two and the excellent way to deliver such an intense scene!

But don’t you think that there has to be something more than just talent to share such a deep kiss? Can it be that there real life love showed up in reel life as well?
(Of course I don't think that! Jeeezz, please someone tell me this is a spoof, or not serious or something. Has this person SEEN other movies? People share kisses, simulated sex, etc., and NO it's not sexual at all!! Of course you can smooch someone in a scene passionately if you are a good actor. Seriously people, get a grip)

What do you think guys?
(I think the person who wrote this article is living in lala land.)

Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart 'Set To Confirm Romance'
When Breaking Dawn filming starts...

Twilight co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are ready to confirm their long rumoured off-screen romance, according to reports.
(Why do they have to do anything? Once again peeps - myob!)

The pair, who spent New Year together on the XXXXX, have so far remained tight lipped over their relationship.
(Yes, I know everyone knows where but I'm not going to push the info out further)

But it is now thought that the two actors will go public when they return Canada to film the final instalment of the vampire saga, Breaking Dawn, later this year.

"Rob and Kristen are very happy, and everyone that's part of the franchise is so happy for them," a source told Life & Style.

"They don't feel the need to hide it anymore."

(IF they are together, they are hiding it so they can try and be normal and not have everyone think they are Edward and Bella. He is 23 and she is 19.. seriously, give them a break!)

PHOTO: Robert Pattinson Gets Animated

Want a little piece of Robert Pattinson to take to bed at night? Now fans of the Twilight hunk will have something to slip under their pillow.
(Ick.. more sexual innuendos and weirdness but whatever not my deal.. So apparently this comic book is coming out and the likeness is Rob Pattinson. Is he publishing the comic book? Nope.. but yet another article decides (once again) to tease him because of something he has no control over.)

Robert Pattinson comic book sounds even more unnecessary once you think about it
Hmmm. Bluewater Productions, the folks who brought you comic biographies of Al Gore, Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama, and Stephenie Meyer, are set to ship FAME: Robert Pattinson in May. It’s a 32-page comic that will trace the Twilight star’s career and, as the press release says, “introduce fans to the many sides of Pattinson.” Maybe this is just the 34-year-old me talking, but I don’t think this is necessary. For starters, I seriously doubt that diehard fans who scour the Internet 100 times a day will learn anything new in this comic, and who wants to look at a cartoon Pattinson (even if he is kinda hot) when you’re one mouse click away from the real thing?

32 pages of facts, tracing his career (which is all of a few years old) .. oh blah - the next the out with be toliet paper with his face on it.

Jan 28, 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates - but I auditioned for a guest spot on a pilot series coming on FX and I got the part!!

I'm being flown to NY - wahooo!!
Will catch up soon :)

Jan 25, 2010

Exclusive! Robert Pattinson Is Dying (And no, he isn't really)

Well, well, well.. THE PENCIL PAPARAZZI STRIKES AGAIN! Now that headline is proof that the pencil paparazzi will stop at nothing to get hits to their website.

Yup this is the headline:

Exclusive! Robert Pattinson Is Dying

And this is the article:

Is Robert Pattinson actually dying? Literally: no. Technically: sure, since really, who isn't? Figuratively: hell yes! The sparkly vampire is losing his luster, and we need him to get it back, because he helps us get great traffic. So! Evidence and revival techniques after the jump.

(There was a bar graph related to searches on him)

This is not Rob Patz’s EKG. If it was, then yes, he’d absolutely be dying. Instead, it’s just his Google Trends spread. One should carefully note the downward trending of it, and also, that there were spikes when New Moon came out, which also continued to spike as rumors of his love affair with Kristen Stewart ran up against New Moon’s publicity. Ideas to get this thing bumping again:

1. Beg JK Rowling and Emma Watson. Harry Potter’s only got one book--but two movies!--left for adaptation, and maybe the guy who played the guy who got killed in the fourth movie, Goblet of Fire, can convince JK to convince someone on the movie to get him a cameo as a ghost. Then, he needs to cheat of Kristen Stewart with Emma Watson. Twilight fans, who’re insane, already hate Kristen Stewart, so this wouldn’t be a loss to them. Harry Potter fans would be thrilled that Hermione is hooking up with Cedric Diggory. Win win situation for all, except Kristen Stewart. We’d give her an internship or something.
(THEY are calling twilight fans insane? I wonder if they read all the weirdness (yes I made up that word) they wrote themselves!)

2. Manage to stay alive until the movie after your next movie comes out. Remember Me looks absolutely, completely terrible. Don’t bank on it for success.
(How supportive! They created story lines above - and now have turned into critics!)

3. Eat less salt. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine doesn’t say anything about this being applicable to sparkly hearthrob vampires, btu sure, why the hell not?

...scientists writing in The New England Journal of Medicine conclude that lowering the amount of salt people eat by even a small amount could reduce cases of heart disease, stroke and heart attacks as much as reductions in smoking, obesity and cholesterol levels.

(This is to dumb to comment on - my eyes are bleeding)

Boom. So now he knows. Actually, truth is, it’s been nice not reading about the sad trials of RobPatz and his bat$hit stalkeratti, right? He’s probably enjoying it himself. Let RobPatz be RobPatz. Leave him alone. He’s not in season.
(Is it me or is that whole last paragraph a contradiction of itself? "It's been nice not reading about the sad...." blah blah they go on.. yet they splash a headline that says he is DYING! Why, you ask? (or maybe you didn't but I will answer anyway) - because that way, it will show up in google alerts and news searches easily ...then BAM! They get a buttload of hits to their site.

However, in that very same paragraph after giving us all these mental er, I mean creative ideas on how to get the .. what the heck was it called? I have to scroll up to look hold on... Google Spread Trend on Rob to spike back up .. But WAIT! We are then told to "leave him alone, he's not in season." Mixed Messaging People!!

Jan 23, 2010

Robert Pattinson the worst performer on 'Hope for Haiti' telethon says Irish Central

Unbelievable. Let's take a monumental event that's only goal is to help the Haitian community try and slowly recover. It is no doubt that it will take a long time for these people to recover from this unimaginable tragedy. But this telethon is trying to make a difference, trying to help those who need it.

And, Rob being one of the many, many celebrities that came out to help is being ridiculed for .. well for no reason.

Here is the completely inappropriate article:

Robert Pattinson the worst performer on 'Hope for Haiti' telethon

Robert Pattinson made an ass of himself on the “Hope for Haiti” telethon last night.

The British star was one of those making an appeal for funds, but proved he couldn't hack it in the big leagues.

He didn't even think it important enough to show up live, but his contribution was pre-recorded. He is so much more important than Bono, Madonna, Steven Spielberg, Jack Nicholson or the like. Hey, it’s only Haiti.

He was trying to be far too cool and striking a pose unlike every other presenter who just got on with the job on hand, which was to deliver funds for the poverty stricken homeless and hurt in Haiti.

Robert however, came on stage unkempt, dressed in trampish clothes, mumbled his lines, spoke in a very low voice and made no sense whatever.

Compared to pros like Ben Stiller, Morgan Freeman and Anderson Cooper, Pattinson came across like a cranky child, unwilling to do his work.

Stellar music acts like Sting, Bono and Madonna gave the night a wonderful energy and sense of hope.

Robert Pattinson gave the impression he wanted to be anywhere else – and indeed he was by taping it. Which is pretty much in keeping with this self-obsessed, poser who has somehow cracked the limelight.

Not for long I'd wager. (irishcentral.com)

Wow, how unbelievably inappropriate and unnecessary and totally not the point.

The telethon was about help, hope and love for a community that needs it now more than ever.
But instead of what a wonderful cause it was going towards and how terrific it was for all those celebrities to get together so quickly and help... they decide to pick out Rob Pattinson, a very small part of the whole event, and shred him to pieces. . . Why?

First of all, comparing Rob to Jack Nicholson, or performers like Bono and Madonna is insane. They have over 30 years in the business - Rob is 23 years old and is just getting started out. Instead the jacka$$ who wrote the article said "He was trying to be far too cool and striking a pose..." Hmm.. ever wonder if he was maybe...nervous? He's never done anything like this before. He is still learning the ropes. Come the 'eff' on. I don't know Rob, nor do I defend people that I deem are wrong, but someone who is just starting out, that has been THROWN into the limelight like chum to sharks is being chastised for HOW he gave the reading off the teleprompter! He's reading a horrible story about someone being trapped in the ruble. C'mon! Give him a break!

The telethon wasn't about Rob and to write an entire article means that this paper/webpaper or whatever it is - completely missed the point.


Jan 22, 2010

Rob Pattinson and his beard help Haiti - Rob Pattinson more chemistry with Emile de Ravin

Never ends does it? Guess not because I'm still writing this blog.

I usually write on 2 or more topics because there are so many out there that I can pick and choose which insane article to write about.

Well.. I think I'll talk about the silly article about Rob and Emile. Yes, Rob is in a new movie coming out in March (I believe). And no, it's not with Kristen. It's with Emile de Ravin. Yup, there are more actresses out there than Kristen Stewart and chance are, Rob will not spend his (hopefully) long career just acting with Kristen.

Robert Pattinson: More Chemistry With Emile de Ravin Than Kristen Stewart?

Emile De Ravin publicly spilled about her "connection" with Robert Pattinson. Could this be the end of the Rob and Kristen era??

Emile and Rob play lovebirds in the new movie Remember Me out in March. She described their instant spark to MTV News: "I flew to New York to test with Rob and we immediately got along and had instant great chemistry, which is not an easy thing to come by. Obviously you’re acting, but you want to have that connection with somebody. We had it." So she's basically saying she loves him. Hm.
(She's basically saying she loves him... WHAT?! Dear God the pencil paparazzi strikes again! Yes, they had good chemistry. I'm an actress (as I've mentioned before blah blah, I know), but it's VERY important to have chemistry with someone, doesn't mean you want to marry them! You also have to have good chemistry with someone playing your Mom, sister, or whatever - because if the chemistry isn't there ... trust me the audience knows! So give the girl a freakin' break! Talk about twisting something out of context! You know those people that can twist their bodies into the MOST odd positions..

This is what I'm talking about - the pencil paparazzi's become quote contortionists!!

We totally support the Rob and Kristen union but they keep their relationship so under the radar! (Wonder why??) We have to wonder when another girl claims 'instant chemistry' with Rob. She also said, "Obviously there’s a physical attraction, but also that thing you can’t put into words." Supposedly she was talking about their characters. Supposedly.

(Supposedly... **sigh** Don't you just want to slap the $hit out of these people that write this crap. Spoofs, fine! They are funny! But when someone write serious stuff - I just feel like saying

Ok now on to a more important subject. The tragedy in Haiti has hit everyone... hard. It's incomprehensible what they are going through or have gone through. Of course, everyone wants to help in anyway they can. George Clooney, who seems to have headed up the Hope for Haiti Telethon that is going to happen tonight (8pm EST) signed on as many people as possible to help elicit help for these suffering people. Rob signed onto help. That should be the end of it. It's a wonderful thing that ALL the celebrities are doing to help yet I see titles like this:

Robert Pattinson and His Beard Emerge to Help Haiti
Bearded Robert Pattinson: Helping Haiti
Robert Pattinson Grows A Hot Manly Man Beard For Haiti (PHOTOS)

So please tell me why people are writing stupid things like this? He GREW A BEARD to help? His Hot Many Beard for Haiti?? And ouuu photos?? Are you kidding me? This isn't a joke for God sakes. This is serious and these people need help, they don't need stupid tag lines about how Rob LOOKS for the telethon. Maybe I'm over reacting but I have a problem when it feels as though people are making light of a situation that is so incredibly painful.

One of the most misleading headlines I saw was this:

Haiti relief phone bank: Robert Pattinson no, Taylor Lautner yes


Buck up, "Twilight" fans -- when the "Hope for Haiti" relief telethon airs tonight, Robert Pattinson will not be manning the phones, despite reports to the contrary. Rather, he'll support the effort with an appearance out of London, a spokesman for MTV confirms.

Robert was spotted today on his way to the taping -- rocking one of those oh-so-popular beards we've been seeing so much of lately.

Taylor Lautner, however, will be part of the Los Angeles-based phone crew, which includes more than 100 other celebrity names.

Buck up, Twilight fans - it says. As if this is about Twilight. And Rob is doing a part for this event, yet the pencil paparazzi twist the headline to make it seems like Rob is a bad guy and doesn't want to help the cause.. until you open in up and read that because he's in London, he isn't on the phones .. since the phones are in LOS ANGLES!

If you'd like to help - click here for reputable organizations that will help Haiti.

Jan 21, 2010

Rob Pattinson and baby rumors! Proof of their relationship!

Never give up - never surrender! (galaxy wars - great movie)

The title:
Robert Pattinson to Have a Baby?

Robert Pattinson’s mom wants him to have a baby with his Twilight costar and girlfriend Kristen Stewart!

Insiders say Clare Pattinson is keen for her superstar son — who is fast becoming Hollywood’s hottest star — to start a family with Kristen because she thinks it’ll help keep Rob’s feet firmly on the ground.

“Rob’s mom Clare believes the responsibilities of raising a child would help keep him grounded as his success in showbiz continues to explode,” a source said.

“She doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with them having a baby at a young age. She simply adores Kristen and is already treating her like a daughter-in-law.”

Kristen, insiders say, even suggested she and Rob, 23, move to England to be closer to his family.
“Kristen has been spending more time with Rob’s parents, and they love her and she loves them,” the insider told the National Enquirer.

“Clare just knew Kristen was The One. Rob knows his mom’s not been wrong about anything yet. He’s taking her advice about Kristen VERY seriously.”

Anyone believe this? Come on now. Do you really think Rob's Mother is encouraging him to have a BABY?? Really? It's one thing to go after the celebrity, even though I disagree with how viciously they go after some of them, but now they are dragging his Mom into this? His Mom who when and if she reads that article will flip out. What Mother will think a baby will GROUND someone! A baby will not ground you unless you are ready for it. And to have a baby for a reason like that is insane. To suggest that his Mom said this seems utterly coo-coo!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: finally, the proof it's love

Proof huh? Let's see what this "proof" is..

Deny, deny, deny. The Twilight cast's lips have been sealed regarding a romance between stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart since sparks first flew in late 2008.

But when the gang returns to film the fourth movie in the franchise, Breaking Dawn (producers are eyeing this fall), no one will have to keep the hush-hush relationship under wraps anymore. "Rob and Kristen are very happy, and everyone that's part of the franchise is so happy for them," says an insider. "They don't feel the need to hide it anymore."

Indeed, while vacationing together on the xxxxxx off the coast of England recently, the duo's chemistry was on full display. "They were outside Somerfield grocery store with what looked like Robert's friends," fan and lucky eyewitness Hollie Carpenter tells Life & Style. "They were all just talking and laughing and seemed to be having a good time. Although they were with a group of friends, Rob and Kristen walked off together."

And the content couple didn't shy away from photographic evidence either. "They were pretty friendly and agreed to take a picture with me," says Hollie, 13. "They didn't request to have their pictures taken separately -- that's just how they ended up posing."

That's the proof? That's the "smoking gun?" Wow.. I'd convict, wouldn't you? That some serious evidence, beyond a shadow of a doubt!

Oy, I don't even know how to comment on how silly that is? Where do you being.. well I guess the article speaks for itself. I see NOTHING there that says "yup we are a couple." And once again, may I add WHO CARES IF THEY ARE! Are they really going to need to set up a freakin' press conference to say "yes, we are dating" or "no, we aren't."

Jan 20, 2010

What does Rob Pattinson have to do with Jason Gardiner?

Came across this lovely little article.

Some dancing on ice judge has words to say about Rob - for no reason except (what I assume is) to gain attention for himself and this silly show. What's the best way to get your name around right now? Link yourself to Rob Pattinson somehow - doesn't matter in what way, just somehow.


Jason Gardiner says Robert Pattinson is 'pathetic'
Dancing on ice judge Jason Gardiner has revealed that he would chose New Moon star Taylor Lautner over Robert Pattinson as his perfect dance partner.

Dancing on ice judge Jason Gardiner has revealed that he would chose New Moon star Taylor Lautner over Robert Pattinson as his perfect dance partner.

The acid-tongued Aussie said that he "doesn't understand" why people think that Pattinson is a sex symbol.

Jason told Now magazine that he has a crush on the "powerful" 17-year-old actor who plays Jacob Black in New Moon.

He said: "Taylor Lautner would be my ideal dance partner because he looks amazing.

"He's big and strong, enough to turn me on!"

However, the 38-year-old confessed that he could not understand why Robert Pattinson drew so much media attention.

He said: "I don't get the whole Robert Pattinson thing, he's pale, pasty and pathetic.

Jason added: "I want a man with a good complexion and a powerful body and he doesn't have either." (entertainment stv)

Is this true? I have no idea - no one over the age of 18 should be commenting on how a 17 year old gets them hot! That is just freakin' icky! Not to mention he is 38 years old saying that. I don't care about gay/straight whatever. But male or female - it's not cool to talk about how someone that is 21 years younger than you and underage - makes you hot.
(again, assuming this article isn't fabricated)

And why start pi$$ing all over Rob? Because Rob doesn't have the look HE is interested in, that makes Rob pathetic? Makes anyone pathetic?

This jackass is just trying to get his show that no one has ever heard of in the the spotlight by mentioning ROB PATTINSON.

Oh and apparently the newest feud reports, writers, pencil paparazzi, whatever you want to call them - are trying to conjure up is this (supposed) quote from Hugh Grant:

He said: "I haven't watched the second part yet of Twilight yet, but I understand the fascination with Robert. I think he's really sexy!" (tvnz)

Context, context, context.... we have no idea what was being said, about what etc. My guess is that is was just tongue and cheek. But now I'm seeing articles that have titles like:

Hugh Grant has a man crush on Rob Pattinson.

Once again... stick Rob's name in somewhere so you can get attention.

For example, someone is selling a vacuum and maybe the intro they could use would say something like this:

"Buy this new and improved Ultra Sucker vacuum! It has such a powerful suction, very similar to Edward's, Rob Pattinson's character in Twilight!"

Or this little icon - and I swear to God I did NOT make this - I found it online!


That's how silly things are getting.

Jan 18, 2010

Stalking Rob Pattinson & more...

I stumbled across this website with people talking about their Rob sightings. It had a name, looked like this @thename saw Rob etc. First of all; what does the '@' mean before the name??
Then I saw postings like this:

@xxxxx spotted Robert Pattinson from Twilight Going into History in the XXXX library.


@xxxxx Bumped in Robert Pattinson at a costume fitting this morning (XXXXX). Said hello, seemed like a thoroughly nice young man.

You know, I understand that seeing a celebrity is cool and someone would probably feel awe struck - especially someone as popular as Rob Pattinson. But to write where you saw him is just creepy. Just stop. If you meet him, be polite and treasure it as a cool moment you will never forget. Of course you will want to share it with you friends - but post exactly where you saw him on a website? Why do that? Like I said before - seems stalkerish and I'm sure Rob wouldn't want people to know exactly where he was in case he'd actually like to go back there.

The George Clooney & Rob Pattison story that Anna Kendrick told while on Ellen is being GROSSLY embellished, stretched, twisted beyond recognition!

I already wrote about this in a previous blog entry. This is the interview:

Ok soooo from that... it has gone so far as for someone to write this stupid article:


it looks like George Clooney is really jealous of cutie Robert Pattinson, beacuse the hottie could steal George Clooney's title as the 'sexiest' man around.
(Yeah, I'm sure George is shaking in his boots. Really? Come on!)

According to what Anna Kendrick (Jessica in New Moon and Twilight) told Ok! Magazine George Clooney got into it with her over her work with Robert Pattinson. Anna was filming Up in the Air with George Clooney at the same time as she was working on Eclipse. This was when George Clooney said, "Sorry, but this is not the set of Eclipse. Today you're not working with Mr. Handsome".

(Watch the interview. The story is very cute and really tongue and cheek. Clearly not the spin that this badly written article is trying to put on it. And they didn't get the quote correct, they said Twilight not Eclipse {unless I'm remembering wrong})

Just to make Clooney a bit more jealous, Anna had Robert sign a magazine where he was on the cover. He signed it: 'To George: Much Luck. Keep it up. With Love, Rob.' How did Clooney take this joke?
(yeah right.. if they continued to write what Clooney wrote back on his magazine back to Rob it was really cute - not jealousy.)

This strange attitude that Clooney seems to have is not one of a man of 49 with a long and successful movie career (wambie).

Are you kidding me? Strange attitude? There WAS no attitude! From the many interviews the George Clooney has given, the LAST thing he portrays is jealousy. He seems to be a constant wise ass - but it was not in a bad way, in a really funny, witty way. George Clooney is charming, humble and a very giving man.

AND!!!!! Did you notice all the typos in the last article? That was the writer, not me. I left the typos in on purpose.

Jan 15, 2010

Rob Pattinson Peter Parker - SNAP

The internet is ON FIRE with rumors about Rob Pattinson replacing Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker in Spiderman.

Doesn't seem strange to anyone that none of Rob's reps mentioned this? Or Sony?
I wonder... has anyone who actually is 'in the know' mentioned this?

NOPE - no one has... yet the rumors are spreading like mad. And even though Rob nor any of his people have said anything about this - people feel the need to criticize him as Peter Parker.
This is what we call a believable rumor - as opposed to the talk that Robert Pattinson will be the next Peter Parker, via Reelz Channel. Forget the fact that Pattinson looks like James Franco's mopey brother, and that he had to get muscles spray painted on to his torso for New Moon, according to MTV - he's too old. By the time this movie goes into production, he'll probably be 24. There's just no way he could get cast as the dorky teenage Peter Parker. No chance, let's kill this meme now.

or this lovely little blurb:
This much we know - Spider-Man 4 will be a reboot, a brooding emotional drama aimed squarely at teenagers.

Hang on a minute. Brooding? Emotional? Teenagers? Are you thinking what the berserk, oestrogen-ravaged fringes of the internet are thinking? Are you thinking that Robert Pattinson would make a brilliant new Spider-Man?

Well, stop it. Contrary to some online reports, Robert Pattinson definitely isn’t going to play the lead in Spider-Man 4. But let’s not rule him out of the movie entirely – if the new producers decide to write a part for a wan, monotonous super villain with silly hair, a face like a sockful of conkers and the power to make teenage girls fail to spell simple words correctly on the internet, we’re sure he’ll be first to get the call.

There is more but I think you get the drift. The fans of Spiderman is against Rob being the young Peter Parker and they are voicing their opinions about it. Well.. need I remind everyone hat the fans of the Twilight Series freaked out when this relatively unknown British actor named Rob Pattinson was named as Edward?

Since Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire left Spider-Man 4 this week, we’ve seen a lot of unrest. For instance, there have been those concerned that, without Raimi onboard, the new Spider-Man won’t communicate his feelings exclusively through his haircut, or that an offensively large part of the film wouldn’t be given over to scenes about Mary Jane dancing around with a sodding egg.
But the main concern seems to be over the casting of Spider-Man, stemming from the news that Spider-Man 4 would start afresh from Peter Parker’s teenage years. That’s not too much of a surprise – Spider-Man has always been a teenage character rather than the paunchy, tired-looking thirtysomething that Tobey Maguire eventually turned him into – but it nevertheless set off warning bells thanks to the success of the Twilight films.

Would Sony really try to ape Twilight with Spider-Man 4? Would it really turn Spider-Man 4 into a stupid, wooden, tedious tale about Mary Jane endlessly chewing on her lip and gawping out into space while fantasising about a transparently dull, moronically self-interested superhero with crappy hair and a transvestite’s face? Would Spider-Man 4 become another ham-fisted allegory for pre-marital chastity, possibly by utilising his web-shooter as a metaphor for jizz or something?

In all honesty, it’s too early to say – although, God, we hope not. But that hasn’t stopped one corner of the internet – the squealing, acne-ridden, urine-soaked corner that keeps a saliva-drenched New Moon poster on its wall for kissing practise – from deciding that Robert Pattinson will play the lead in Spider-Man 4.

It’s a ridiculous idea for all kinds of reasons, and one that the LA Times has decided to shoot down while it’s still in its infancy. It lists several reasons why Robert Pattinson won’t be the new Spider-Man, including the fact that the film doesn’t even have a director yet. Here’s what else it says:

The second problem is age — Pattinson is now 23, and this clearly is going to be a high-school movie. And finally, it would be a terrible idea. There’s already a question mark on the movie — why bring in an actor with questionable skills?

We have to agree on all counts. And let’s not forget that Robert Pattinson would probably try to shoehorn in a contractual clause whereby one of his songs would have to be inserted into the Spider-Man 4 soundtrack. Because, really, you don’t want to see an iconic superhero majestically sweep across the New York skyline to what sounds like a tramp strumming listlessly at a tatty three-string acoustic guitar while mumbling incomprehensibly to himself, do you?

Anyway, all this talk is redundant. It’s perfectly clear that Robert Pattinson isn’t going to be the next Spider-Man. After all, everyone knows that it’s going to be one of the Jonas Brothers, right?

Lovely isn't it? Some yahoo started this rumor and the internet hasn't stopped reporting on it. And it has taken and ugly turn onto Rob as if he had something to do with it. Love the press! I mean let's make fun of Rob for a rumor that has NOTHING to do with him, and lets slice and dice his acting skills while mocking the success of Twilight. Idiots..

Jan 14, 2010

Robert Pattinson gets close with leading lady - Lovely Bones Premier - etc

Misleading, misleading.. always misleading.. I guess that's how 'they' get ya.

So blazing headline:
Robert Pattinson Gets Close To Leading Lady (And Not Kristen Stewart)
Then in smaller writing so it doesn't come up until you open it - it says
In poster for new movie...

Then then show the movie poster for Remember Me and say:
The Twilight star, who is more used to snuggling up to Kristen Stewart, looks perfectly at ease with the 28-year-old Australian.

Looks perfectly at ease... Of course he does. He's an actor, that is what he is supposed to do. If he look awkward with Emilie & his character was supposed to be in love with her, well then I guess he wouldn't be a very good actor now would he.

So at the Lovely Bones premier a reporter (of course) mentions that fact that it was rumored that Rob Pattinson snuck into the premier of the movie. This is how the conversation (supposedly) went like this:

Saoirse Ronan talks about Rob and the rumor of the "Lovely Bones" Premiere

Speaking of Twilight, I heard that Robert Pattinson snuck into the Lovely Bones premiere.

SR: Yeah, I heard that when I was at the after-party. I didn’t see him, though.

You figure he’d at least have the courtesy to say hello.

SR: [Laughs] Actually, someone said that to me: “God, you think he’d come up and tell you how awesome you were.” And I was like, eh, it doesn’t make a difference. It’s okay. I can see why he would just want to sneak in. I mean obviously, if he snuck in and didn’t do the whole red carpet, then he just wanted to see the movie, which is great. He didn’t want to do the whole, “Oh look, Robert Pattinson’s here!” He seems like a really nice guy, though.

I guess it was considerate of him to not want to steal the spotlight.

SR: Exactly, yeah. Because he would have. [Laughs]

I love the reporter trying to instigate a bru-haha by pushing the actress in saying "You figure he'd at least have the courtesy to say hello." Really? Is THAT really necessary? What a dink for that reporter to say that. He tries to cover it at the end by saying "I guess that was considerate of him ..." blahblah In my opinion, it was great that he snuck it because just by being there he would have stolen the spotlight away from what is supposed to be getting attention. Meaning the Lovely Bones cast etc.

So Rob does the right thing (in my opinon) by laying low and still gets a smack for it.

Jan 12, 2010

Here we go again - Rob Pattinson and the curse / and hygiene

When you have nothing to talk about by all means REHASH old rumors. Gotta have something to blab about right?

Well.. in December 2009 I wrote about the so-called Rob Pattinson curse.. basically some creative jacka$$ said if you co-star with Rob and you are in a relationship then POOF .... it's over! So the latest is now that Christina Ricci has signed on to be in Bel Ami, apparently she was engaged and now she isn't. Of course what else could be the cause other than Rob?

Blurb (celebuzz) :

It's clear what's happened: The R-Pattz Co-Star Curse
has built a time machine, and is now retroactively destroying the relationships
of his leading ladies to be. We're through the looking glass here, people. And
we can only imagine what kind of havoc this is going to wreak on the time-space
continuum. To say nothing of Hollywood marriages.

Man, if the R-Pattz
Co-Star Curse ever develops nuclear weapons, we're all screwed...

Yes this sounds a bit tongue and cheek.. but it didn't stop them from making the comparisons.

I mean I guess they are right... it's so very rare for relationships to break up in Hollywood, isn't it? Marriages in Hollywood - very solid.

Although.. Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon recently did break up... and Robin Wright Penn & Sean Penn ... Oh my God .. it's all making sense now.. Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley, Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo, Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal.. even Adam Lambert and Drake LaBry! Rob you bastard!

Robert Pattinson ‘Does Shower’, Insists Twilight
Star Rachelle Lefevre

People are STILL yakking on about this!


Robert Pattinson ‘Does Shower’, Insists Twilight Star
Rachelle Lefevre

Rachelle Lefevre has insisted Twilight star Robert
Pattinson does look after his personal hygiene.

Rob, who plays vampire
Edward Cullen, has previously claimed that he does not “see the point” of
washing his hair.

However, Rachelle, who played Victoria in the first
two films in the vampire saga, told an Australian talk show that Rob did shower.

"It's been a year-and-a-half now and we're still squashing the rumour
that he doesn't shower. He showers,” she said.

Rachelle is the second
Twilight star to defend the 23-year-old cleaning habits in the last

Is there anyone who REALLY thinks this is true? That he walks around all these
people all skanky and ripe? For real? My gut tells me that he showers, and
washes his hair and brushes his toofers like many people.

Sheesh I mean
really.. whats wrong with not showering for weeks on end? (Sorry was that my outside voice?)

Jan 10, 2010

Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart to buy property / Rob Pattinson dates Uma

Hard to keep up with the shite..
Ok so the headline reads:

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to Buy House on XXXXXXX?

ROBERT Pattinson and Kristen Stewart might be relocating!
(Anyone think this is true?)

The couple spent the New Year in xxxxxxx, on the xxxxxx, which is just off the south coast of England.

And because they were hardly bothered during their brief stay, the stars — who became household names in the Twilight movie franchise — are thinking about buying a house in the secluded area.
(Even though I don't believe this, I do understand why someone would want to live in a place that there wasn't a camera lurking around ever hoping to get a picture of you doing something illegal or gross)

“Rob and Kristen were only recognized a handful of times while in XXXX,” said one insider. “They loved it. They were able to walk around largely unnoticed — like a normal couple. They’ve talked about buying a property on island for when the pressures of Hollywood get too much.”

Where does this information come from? Do they make it up? Sadly they are protected by the Shield Law. The problem with that Law is they can keep it saying they have an anonymous source, and be lying out their arse! And from what we have seen, many do just that.

So now we have them buying a house in the place they spent New Years because they were treated normal. Now, it honestly doesn't sound like a bad idea. I think it would be lovely for them to find a place where they can walk around like regular people. But do I think this is true? I sort of doubt it.. but like I say, I could always be wrong. Just sounds a little fishy to me..

I wonder why? Could it be that many of the headlines have been .. um.. complete fiction??

This is just stupid but I had to mention it.
I can't believe how many articles that have similar titles like this:

Robert Pattinson: Onscreen Sex with Uma Thurman

There was a ton of articles that had similar phraseology. Yes, Rob's upcoming movie may have that element to it; I just love how that's what the harp on over and over again. As if that is some huge issue that has to be heavily reported on.

And what's even more IDIOTIC was the article I came across entitled:

Is Uma dating Rob Pattinson? As Thurman admits split with fiancé, rumours link her to R-Patz


UMA THURMAN is said to be dating ROBERT PATTINSON following her split from her millionaire fiancé

As news of Thurman's broken engagement to Swiss businessman ARPAD BUSSON, gossips and bloggers to start speculating that her new beau Rob - the actress' co-star in the upcoming Bel Ami - was behind the break-up.

Give me a ba-reak! From what I've read, they haven't even MET yet. Good Lord, every single woman he is seen with - BOOM they are an item!

People, people, people.... use some common sense here. Unless of course he's the worlds biggest male slut at 23 years old? We all know that there are men out there like that - but with the cameras that are up Robs a$$ - I am pretty sure there would be pictures of him with all these women. Give the boy a chance to catch up to his celebrity.

Jan 9, 2010

Why Robert Pattinson is no George Clooney (ok this is obnxious)

This article I came across just totally pi$$ed me off. If anyone heard (which I'm sure you have) Anna Kendrick was being interviewed on Ellen regarding her move Up in the Air. She stars with George Clooney in that film. During the interview she jokes about how George Clooney would give her a hard time for doing Twilight. So she had Rob sign a magazine that he was on the cover of to George which was funny - and George did the same thing back. Basically just razzing each other. Cute story Anna told.

Well.. this Irish Central something or other online website wrote this - I'm going to post the whole thing just because it's so obnxious. I'll make comments throughout the article.

Why Robert Pattinson is no George Clooney
(who was comparing them?)

Comparing George Clooney and Robert Pattinson is like comparing Miley Cyrus and Meryl Streep. One is this year's fad, the other is a great star in a business where few can match them.
(Isn't that a lovely way to welcome an upcoming star to Hollywood. Rob who is an actor, trying to make it .. yes succeeding.. like any of us other poor slobs trying to make it. And he has, so the very same media that takes pictures of him opening a car door, starts to tear him down and compare him to George Clooney all because of a sweet story that Anna Kendrick told... Which Rob had nothing to do with, yet he is being torn to shreds)

Yet the comparisons are being made. Actress Anna Kendrick has worked with both leading men, Robert Pattinson and George Clooney, in the past year. She set off a minor rivalry between the two when she discovered, she says, that they were a little jealous of each other.
(Which she is CLEARLY a joking if you watch the interview)

"George gave me such a hard time about shooting ‘Twilight.’ Whenever I came back, it was like, 'Oh, sorry, this isn't the ‘Twilight’ set. You're not working with Mr. Handsome,” she told Ellen De Generes.

When Pattinson heard George seemed a little jealous, he autographed his GQ cover for George and wrote "To George: Best of Luck. Hang in there. Love, Rob."

But let's be honest. There is no comparison. Irish American Clooney is a leading man straight from the Hollywood playbook. He is our modern era Clarke Gable, handsome, suave, debonair and – yes he can act.

Pattinson, on the other hand, plays at vampires, making the same movie over and over, or he is a leading man in silly romantic comedies like “Remember Me” which is coming out shortly.
(Rob is only 23 and hasn't made very many movies. So yes, lump him into a 'vampire actor' or make fun of a movie that hasn't even come out yet. He hasn't made enough movies for anyone to determine if he will be around for the long hall or not. AND BY THE WAY.. George Clooney was on an episode of the Golden Girls (with Bea Arthur & Betty White) - and was on the "Facts of Life" when he first started out. We all gotta start somewhere.
(George Clooney on the Golden Girls Season 2 - character Bobby Hopkins)
Have you seen Clooney in “Good night and Good Luck,” the story of ace reporter Edward Murrow who brought down the great witch hunter Joe McCarthy? Clooney was sublime, caught Murrow to a T and you actually forgot how good looking he is.
(And when he was young he played a cop on the Golden Girls sitcom; good looking yes - award winning performance no. But it was the beginning of his career.)

In his latest movie “Up in the Air” Clooney is again magnificent, and by all accounts, definite Oscar material.

As for Pattinson? Well, the buzz is he will get a Razzie for worst actor in “Twilight” this year. His Oscar prospects are probably confined to his acting skills in pretending he was nearly run down by a taxi in New York last year.
(I love how the media splashed the story across the airwaves - internet waves whatever, that a girl forces Rob to run for his life and is hit by a cab... to where it is now he is pretending. He himself said it wasn't a big deal)

I can't imagine George Clooney is in the least jealous of Robert Pattinson. Why would the king fear the court jester? Why indeed

You know this article just really annoyed me. I am not the protector of Rob or defender... I am merely just here to point out the craziness that surrounds him.. and this article is just disrespectful and rude. And from seeing interviews with George Clooney, my gut tells me he'd agree.

Jan 7, 2010

Robert Pattinson & Kristen cheap? (oh please)

I love the fact that they spent (or supposedly how the hell should I know for sure) a lovely New Year's Eve in England and because they hung out like normal kids in their 20's they were $$ cheap $$. You have GOT to be kiddin'.

ROBERT Pattinson and Kristen Stewart spent New Year’s Eve at a cheap party which charged just $5 entry.

The Twilight stars — who have constantly denied they are in a relationship — were seen mingling with 130 guests and enjoying cheap drinks at just $2 each at the XXXXXXX bar in XXXXXX, on the XXXXXX, which is just off the XXXXXX England.

Yes I X'ed out names, places and towns. You know I do that just to respect the privacy of where they were just in case. So in other words, they were hanging out like people do on New Years Eve. I love to see that instead of younger celebrities not really giving a rats A$$ about $$ and just spending and spending like it's water. Like that show, I think it was called Sweet 16 party or something. Where those girls spent obscene amounts of money on things like ice sculptures of themselves. Idiotic.

And then there were other headlines I saw like :

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart say yes to cheap dates, no to the People's Choice Awards.

Well, we know millions of regular people who won't get to see these two tonight ...

... that'd be the whole of North America, or the chunk that's watching the People's Choice Awards. Pattinson and Stewart will both be no shows, despite their nominations in the favorite movie actor and favorite movie actress categories. Robert has to work, OK?

Perhaps they'll just find a nice local dive bar and snuggle with draft specials while watching on the telly.

Do you think Rob and Kristen are really a couple? And should they have shown up for the People's Choice Awards?

Told you there would be a dig about him not going to the awards show! Ha ha I was right! Might as well revel in it while I can heh.

But then there were lovely other comments about the 2 spending NYE together
Like this


And according to one insider, the pair had a little bit too much to drink!

“Rob and Kristen were boozing all night,” a source said. “They were having a great time and looked very much in love.

“They’re probably still nursing hangovers!”

Can I insert a roll of the eyeballs here? First of all - who gives a rat's arse if they were drinking.. I mean maybe I'm wrong but isn't it a TAD common that people drink on New Year's Eve? Hey maybe I am wrong and people now just play scrabble. Not to mention the fact that if she was here in the states - technically it's illegal for her to go to a bar and drink until she's 21. In England, she's good to go!
And 'nursing hangovers' - keeeeep the speculations .. or should I just say BS comin'!

So with these three different articles (3!) the insinuations begin! There are drunks, cheap and 'no-shows' to the awards show (as if it were a bad thing). Sweet, huh?
Can't imagine why he'd want to stay out of they limelight.

Jan 6, 2010

On the hunt for Rob Pattinson / Peoples choice awards

So the Internet is a buzz with the news that Rob and Kristen spent new years together. And everyone has their spin on why they were together if they aren't a couple, they were trying to be sneaky taking the picture with the young girl individually instead of together, blahblah. (Thanks Jill for the article)

I wonder why they were trying to be quiet about staying together? This would be the reason why:

Later on, the pics appeared on a local blog,and word spread quickly around the town. This caused a bunch of young fans to go looking for them. The XXXXXX store manager named XXXXXXX said, “All the young girls have been trying to find him. They have been out on a hunt.” The fans were reportedly never able to find the two of them. The store manager said, “It’s literally a mystery” as to where they could’ve gone.

I X'ed out the name of the person who said the quote and the type of store because I don't want to be one of those websites that mention where they were, who they were with etc. I'm always hypersensitive about that because IF they were still there, I wouldn't want to give anyone information to hunt them down.

"It's literally a mystery as to where they were."

Of course it was - it's a mystery where anyone goes unless you have a stalker following you! I mean come on people, when they are together, would it behoove them to announce to the piranha media where they are?! Sure I think that's a great idea "hey media -Kristen and I will be staying at the spunk ransom hotel in lovely Fargo, ND - in room 150012531."
That would be a good idea don't you think? Then they have the ever so sweet paparazzi in their face for sure! They would love that don't' you think?
I know I would love people flashing bulbs in my face and screaming my name 24/7... NOT.

People's choice awards - Rob Pattinson nominated. Big news is he is NOT going to be there. Let's see how long it takes before poeple start ragging on him for not showing up. I could be wrong and hopefulyl I am. But I can see certain sites comenting on his absense from the awards.

Jan 5, 2010

Rob Pattinson stars in YOUTUBE / Best dressed male

You know it amazes me - when I occasionally surf on youtube for new interviews with Rob, I am AMAZED at some of the videos that some 'fans' make. Some people really freak me out. Some of these video's are extremely invasive. I can't deny that the few I have watched, some of the people making them are very talented in editing and splicing music in etc. I'm a novice at that stuff so to me it seems like some of those nutballs have some skill. I just can't IMAGINE what Rob would think if he saw them? Love songs, with pictures of Rob all over the place and some pictures of Rob you KNOW he never wanted leaked out. I can't stomach them - but I did watch a few minutes of a bunch to write this article.

I'm not going to post any of the video's because I'm not kidding when I say some of them are extremely creepy, but like I said I wonder how that makes him feel. I'm sure that he won't watch them - but I imagine some of his family members or friends have seen them and it probably make them feel just as .. I don't know how to put it.. icky, voyeuristic, creepy... but hey, like I said some of those peeps are talented in a backwards ass way :). I'm sure I've mentioned it before but I feel it bears repeating. Especially since they seem to continually evolve to be more and more ... icky.

And a million headlines about Rob Pattinson being Best Dressed Man of 2009. I wish the media would make up their minds.
First he is supposedly hygiene challenged AH HA BUT NOW he is the best dressed man of 2009.
I guess the headline some yahoo will right is "From stinky to sexy!" Which the stinky part was CLEARLY a bunch of BS anyway!
Wonder where does it will go from here?

Jan 3, 2010

Twilight's Robert Pattinson lusted for Kristen Stewart and of course the Razzies

Lately there has been many a articles about how Rob wanted to be in Twilight because he had a crush on Kristen Stewart. I saw the interview where he spoke about that and it was a very simple statement to where he referenced seeing her in Into the Wild and thought she was a good actress and wanted to audition for it because of that. (I'm paraphrasing of course) It's not uncommon for actors to want to do a movie, show, whatnot because of who is in the movie. The actor knows the other actresses work, respects a it and would like to do a project with them. Common.
Yet this simple story for the last few days has been headlines saying things like "Rob does Twilight because of Kristen," and "Rob does Twilight because he had a crush on Kristen" etc..

Yet the latest article is entitled:
Twilight's Robert Pattinson lusted for Kristen Stewart after he saw Into The Wild


It turns out Robert Pattinson was lusting for Kristen Stewart before they ever worked together. He was desperate to meet her after he saw her in the movie "Into The Wild". OK Magazine is reporting Robert only decided to audition for Twilight because he knew Kristen would also be considered for a part in the movie.

Robert told OK that he was impressed with Kristen's acting in the movie. A polite way of saying he had the major hots for her.

OK HOW is that a polite way of saying he has the hots for her? See what I mean "impressed with Kristen's acting" = "has the major hots for her," in what language do the 2 of those statements mean the same thing??


Equivalent maybe? :)

"has a pretty face" = "drop dead gorgeous!"



There is no winning with the media. Like I said before, build you up and tear you down. So yes, Rob has had a bit of success over the last year so hold up - we need to put him in his place. So of course he's nominated for something called the Razzie's.

Robert Pattinson set for worst actor 'Razzie'
Robert Pattinson is hot favorite for worst actor award in the Razzies, the annual list of Hollywood's worst films and actors of the year.

The Razzies, short for 'Raspberries," are the one list that Hollywood hunks do not like to show up on.

This year, however, Pattinson looks like a shoo in according to Tom O'Neil, columnist at the Los Angeles Times.
along with Will Ferrell.

"'Twilight: New Moon' needs to be nominated because it is overrated and I can finally say Golden Raspberry Award nominee Robert Pattinson," says one critic quoted in the paper.

Pattinson will not be alone. His co-star Kristen Stewart is also expected to be nominated as worst actress.

Really? Surprising at the list of movies that were out last year that had some of the worst acting I've ever seen. Even though I'm an actress, you don't need to be one to know crappy acting.
Let's see.. movies like this were out in 2009
Knowing (yuck)
Fast and Furious 4
Land of the Lost
And that is only mentioning a few that the acting was - well not so great. And no offense to anyone that liked those movies; I'm just trying to make a point that Rob and Kristen don't deserve to be nominated for a crappy Razzie a.

Jan 2, 2010

Enough Rob Pattinson and Kristen 'busted' in UK!

Over and over and over again.. there are headlines that Kristen and Rob spent New Years Together in London. Yes there were pictures to follow - no I'm not going to post them because I won't perpetuate that, plus I'm sure you've all seen them. It's nothing earth shattering, Rob poses with a young fan and then Kristen poses with a young fan - that's it.

But because she spent time in London the rumors go crazy.

Pattinson and Kristen’s low profile New Year get together just got busted!

Pattinson and Kristen are in U.K., and she is not their on a business purpose. She is there to spend some quality time with Robert Pattinson and his family. How come they did not mention it? They wanted to keep it a low profile family thing and we all know they are sick and tired of the excess media coverage.


So what is Kristen doing with Pattinson’s family in UK if they are not in love? Do friends visit families to spend their holidays? And if it was a friendly stay then why did they keep it so low profile? These events give me the hint that something is still fishy and they are not just friends.

(Kim picks up her jaw from the floor)

Are you fu-reakin' kidding me?
Questions like - "How come they didn't mention it?" "Do friends visit families to spend their holidays?" "And if it was a friendly stay then why did they keep it so low profile?"

I don't even know where to start on how STUPID those question are... Who, I mean .. Good Lord I'm stumbling. Are you kidding me? How come they didn't mention it to who?? The MEDIA? Updated a fake Twitter account? What do you mean why didn't they mention it? Should they call a press conference the next time they decide to hang out together? The other question that baffles me is "And if it was a friendly stay then why did they keep it so low profile?"


And that is only a few pictures showing what they go through when the simply walk out a door.
And this was the last question that annoyed the crap out of me:
"Think they kissed at midnight?"

How old is the person that wrote that - if they are older than 13, they aren't forgiven for asking such a idiotic question.
OH and I forgot to thank Zilma for a great article and good commentary.
The pictures of Rob and his sister in London (which again I'm sure you have all seen) babbling about how he now looks like the werewolf because of his scruff.
Some quotes from the article:

We beg your pardon Robert, but didn’t you think about what your girlfriend might? (We assume Kristen had seen the pictures!) We are sorry to say that the way Robert was dressed was anything but classy! It was far away from stylish and we can’t even call it casual. Might be ultra-casual?!!!
But, we pray Robert…please shrug off the scruffy look and come back as the forever handsome hunk we are used to seeing…

Ummm.. really?? Like the name of my website and blog - LEAVE HIM ALONE! Telling him what he should wear, grow, and what his "girlfriend" would think! SHUDDUP!

Jan 1, 2010

Breaking news - Rob Pattinson chips a tooth! ..wow..

I can not TELL you how many articles I read talking about Rob chipping his tooth. As if this is something life shattering.

See these are just some of the headlines:
Floss chips Robert Pattinson's tooth: Pattinson's hygienic ways questioned
Robert Pattinson once chipped a tooth ...
Robert Pattinson Chipped His Tooth While Flossing
Robert Pattinson chips his tooth
Robert Pattinson Gets A Dent In His Toothy Grin
Robert Pattinson's Super Hygienic Ways Chipped a Tooth
Eclipse Star Robert Pattinson Loses Vamp Look
Robert Pattinson Gets A Dent In His Toothy Grin

Blurbs from one of the articles

Poor Robert Pattinson just can't catch a break when it comes to those fangs of his. Before beginning filming on Twilight, RPattz had to get his teeth fixed and now, he chipped his tooth while flossing.

It seems the New Moon vampire is so aggressive with his dental hygiene that his poor teeth can't keep up. Bryce Dallas Howard tells New York magazine, "He was like, 'Oh, I have to go to the dentist.' And I was like, 'Oh no, what happened? Just a checkup?' And he was like, 'No, I chipped a tooth.' And I was like, 'How?' And he was like, 'Flossing.'"

He might just be better off with the plastic fangs.

Now, seriously is this news breaking? Did Rob suffer some weird thing where all of his teeth popped out of his head and he's now gumming it? He chipped a freakin' tooth. Who the heyall cares! No offense to Rob and his toofers but seriously is it worth the over 20+ headlines about him chipping a tooth while flossing ?? I mean really? Nothing to report on so run with a story about the guys broken tooth.

Ok this is short and sweet. I won't post the picture of Rob and his sister that seem to be floating everywhere. He obviously spent the holidays in his home, London and low and behold he was out with his sister and the bulbs are flashing and pictures of him walking etc. Big time news - he's out with his sister so of course bombard them - although I must say it wasn't a bad as it would have been had they been here.