Jan 2, 2010

Enough Rob Pattinson and Kristen 'busted' in UK!

Over and over and over again.. there are headlines that Kristen and Rob spent New Years Together in London. Yes there were pictures to follow - no I'm not going to post them because I won't perpetuate that, plus I'm sure you've all seen them. It's nothing earth shattering, Rob poses with a young fan and then Kristen poses with a young fan - that's it.

But because she spent time in London the rumors go crazy.

Pattinson and Kristen’s low profile New Year get together just got busted!

Pattinson and Kristen are in U.K., and she is not their on a business purpose. She is there to spend some quality time with Robert Pattinson and his family. How come they did not mention it? They wanted to keep it a low profile family thing and we all know they are sick and tired of the excess media coverage.


So what is Kristen doing with Pattinson’s family in UK if they are not in love? Do friends visit families to spend their holidays? And if it was a friendly stay then why did they keep it so low profile? These events give me the hint that something is still fishy and they are not just friends.

(Kim picks up her jaw from the floor)

Are you fu-reakin' kidding me?
Questions like - "How come they didn't mention it?" "Do friends visit families to spend their holidays?" "And if it was a friendly stay then why did they keep it so low profile?"

I don't even know where to start on how STUPID those question are... Who, I mean .. Good Lord I'm stumbling. Are you kidding me? How come they didn't mention it to who?? The MEDIA? Updated a fake Twitter account? What do you mean why didn't they mention it? Should they call a press conference the next time they decide to hang out together? The other question that baffles me is "And if it was a friendly stay then why did they keep it so low profile?"


And that is only a few pictures showing what they go through when the simply walk out a door.
And this was the last question that annoyed the crap out of me:
"Think they kissed at midnight?"

How old is the person that wrote that - if they are older than 13, they aren't forgiven for asking such a idiotic question.
OH and I forgot to thank Zilma for a great article and good commentary.
The pictures of Rob and his sister in London (which again I'm sure you have all seen) babbling about how he now looks like the werewolf because of his scruff.
Some quotes from the article:

We beg your pardon Robert, but didn’t you think about what your girlfriend might? (We assume Kristen had seen the pictures!) We are sorry to say that the way Robert was dressed was anything but classy! It was far away from stylish and we can’t even call it casual. Might be ultra-casual?!!!
But, we pray Robert…please shrug off the scruffy look and come back as the forever handsome hunk we are used to seeing…

Ummm.. really?? Like the name of my website and blog - LEAVE HIM ALONE! Telling him what he should wear, grow, and what his "girlfriend" would think! SHUDDUP!