Jan 6, 2010

On the hunt for Rob Pattinson / Peoples choice awards

So the Internet is a buzz with the news that Rob and Kristen spent new years together. And everyone has their spin on why they were together if they aren't a couple, they were trying to be sneaky taking the picture with the young girl individually instead of together, blahblah. (Thanks Jill for the article)

I wonder why they were trying to be quiet about staying together? This would be the reason why:

Later on, the pics appeared on a local blog,and word spread quickly around the town. This caused a bunch of young fans to go looking for them. The XXXXXX store manager named XXXXXXX said, “All the young girls have been trying to find him. They have been out on a hunt.” The fans were reportedly never able to find the two of them. The store manager said, “It’s literally a mystery” as to where they could’ve gone.

I X'ed out the name of the person who said the quote and the type of store because I don't want to be one of those websites that mention where they were, who they were with etc. I'm always hypersensitive about that because IF they were still there, I wouldn't want to give anyone information to hunt them down.

"It's literally a mystery as to where they were."

Of course it was - it's a mystery where anyone goes unless you have a stalker following you! I mean come on people, when they are together, would it behoove them to announce to the piranha media where they are?! Sure I think that's a great idea "hey media -Kristen and I will be staying at the spunk ransom hotel in lovely Fargo, ND - in room 150012531."
That would be a good idea don't you think? Then they have the ever so sweet paparazzi in their face for sure! They would love that don't' you think?
I know I would love people flashing bulbs in my face and screaming my name 24/7... NOT.

People's choice awards - Rob Pattinson nominated. Big news is he is NOT going to be there. Let's see how long it takes before poeple start ragging on him for not showing up. I could be wrong and hopefulyl I am. But I can see certain sites comenting on his absense from the awards.