Jan 29, 2010

Rob & Kristen kiss from Twilight / Set to confirm romance / Rob's cartoon face

Been a few days! So sorry about that - if you see the blog from the other day you will know why I've been a bit distracted. But let me catch up a bit!

The title of this silly article is
Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart kiss…a reflection of their real love?

Let me take you one year back when Twilight was released. To be more precise, let me make you recall the kiss scene in Bella’s bedroom which was indeed one of the most passionate onscreen kisses within a decade. But what led to the zealous kiss? Their real life love?
(I thought this was a spoof... it ain't)

Yes, we are back again with RobSten relationship analysis. Though it may annoy many fans, but none can disagree with me that there has to be something in their relation which hasn’t come forward yet! And that quite possibly be the real life romance between the two which reflected onscreen in the kissing scene.
(Reflected onscreen in the kissing scene? Are you serious? With a room full of crew people, directors, make up people, etc - they all of a sudden got lost in the moment and it became real?? um... no)

Edward moves closer to Bella and passes a peck on her lips. Bella holds him tightly and continues kissing passionately. They both fall on the bed while smooching avidly. But then suddenly Edward realizes his greatest fear of losing control with Bella and checks his emotions. They spend the night together without making any sexual encounter!
(yup, that was the scene in the MOOOVVIIEE!!)

Now that’s one scene none of the Twilight fans can forget ever. Credit to the brilliant performances by the stars, the ultimate romance between the two and the excellent way to deliver such an intense scene!

But don’t you think that there has to be something more than just talent to share such a deep kiss? Can it be that there real life love showed up in reel life as well?
(Of course I don't think that! Jeeezz, please someone tell me this is a spoof, or not serious or something. Has this person SEEN other movies? People share kisses, simulated sex, etc., and NO it's not sexual at all!! Of course you can smooch someone in a scene passionately if you are a good actor. Seriously people, get a grip)

What do you think guys?
(I think the person who wrote this article is living in lala land.)

Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart 'Set To Confirm Romance'
When Breaking Dawn filming starts...

Twilight co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are ready to confirm their long rumoured off-screen romance, according to reports.
(Why do they have to do anything? Once again peeps - myob!)

The pair, who spent New Year together on the XXXXX, have so far remained tight lipped over their relationship.
(Yes, I know everyone knows where but I'm not going to push the info out further)

But it is now thought that the two actors will go public when they return Canada to film the final instalment of the vampire saga, Breaking Dawn, later this year.

"Rob and Kristen are very happy, and everyone that's part of the franchise is so happy for them," a source told Life & Style.

"They don't feel the need to hide it anymore."

(IF they are together, they are hiding it so they can try and be normal and not have everyone think they are Edward and Bella. He is 23 and she is 19.. seriously, give them a break!)

PHOTO: Robert Pattinson Gets Animated

Want a little piece of Robert Pattinson to take to bed at night? Now fans of the Twilight hunk will have something to slip under their pillow.
(Ick.. more sexual innuendos and weirdness but whatever not my deal.. So apparently this comic book is coming out and the likeness is Rob Pattinson. Is he publishing the comic book? Nope.. but yet another article decides (once again) to tease him because of something he has no control over.)

Robert Pattinson comic book sounds even more unnecessary once you think about it
Hmmm. Bluewater Productions, the folks who brought you comic biographies of Al Gore, Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama, and Stephenie Meyer, are set to ship FAME: Robert Pattinson in May. It’s a 32-page comic that will trace the Twilight star’s career and, as the press release says, “introduce fans to the many sides of Pattinson.” Maybe this is just the 34-year-old me talking, but I don’t think this is necessary. For starters, I seriously doubt that diehard fans who scour the Internet 100 times a day will learn anything new in this comic, and who wants to look at a cartoon Pattinson (even if he is kinda hot) when you’re one mouse click away from the real thing?

32 pages of facts, tracing his career (which is all of a few years old) .. oh blah - the next the out with be toliet paper with his face on it.