Jan 10, 2010

Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart to buy property / Rob Pattinson dates Uma

Hard to keep up with the shite..
Ok so the headline reads:

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to Buy House on XXXXXXX?

ROBERT Pattinson and Kristen Stewart might be relocating!
(Anyone think this is true?)

The couple spent the New Year in xxxxxxx, on the xxxxxx, which is just off the south coast of England.

And because they were hardly bothered during their brief stay, the stars — who became household names in the Twilight movie franchise — are thinking about buying a house in the secluded area.
(Even though I don't believe this, I do understand why someone would want to live in a place that there wasn't a camera lurking around ever hoping to get a picture of you doing something illegal or gross)

“Rob and Kristen were only recognized a handful of times while in XXXX,” said one insider. “They loved it. They were able to walk around largely unnoticed — like a normal couple. They’ve talked about buying a property on island for when the pressures of Hollywood get too much.”

Where does this information come from? Do they make it up? Sadly they are protected by the Shield Law. The problem with that Law is they can keep it saying they have an anonymous source, and be lying out their arse! And from what we have seen, many do just that.

So now we have them buying a house in the place they spent New Years because they were treated normal. Now, it honestly doesn't sound like a bad idea. I think it would be lovely for them to find a place where they can walk around like regular people. But do I think this is true? I sort of doubt it.. but like I say, I could always be wrong. Just sounds a little fishy to me..

I wonder why? Could it be that many of the headlines have been .. um.. complete fiction??

This is just stupid but I had to mention it.
I can't believe how many articles that have similar titles like this:

Robert Pattinson: Onscreen Sex with Uma Thurman

There was a ton of articles that had similar phraseology. Yes, Rob's upcoming movie may have that element to it; I just love how that's what the harp on over and over again. As if that is some huge issue that has to be heavily reported on.

And what's even more IDIOTIC was the article I came across entitled:

Is Uma dating Rob Pattinson? As Thurman admits split with fiancé, rumours link her to R-Patz


UMA THURMAN is said to be dating ROBERT PATTINSON following her split from her millionaire fiancé

As news of Thurman's broken engagement to Swiss businessman ARPAD BUSSON, gossips and bloggers to start speculating that her new beau Rob - the actress' co-star in the upcoming Bel Ami - was behind the break-up.

Give me a ba-reak! From what I've read, they haven't even MET yet. Good Lord, every single woman he is seen with - BOOM they are an item!

People, people, people.... use some common sense here. Unless of course he's the worlds biggest male slut at 23 years old? We all know that there are men out there like that - but with the cameras that are up Robs a$$ - I am pretty sure there would be pictures of him with all these women. Give the boy a chance to catch up to his celebrity.