Jan 5, 2010

Rob Pattinson stars in YOUTUBE / Best dressed male

You know it amazes me - when I occasionally surf on youtube for new interviews with Rob, I am AMAZED at some of the videos that some 'fans' make. Some people really freak me out. Some of these video's are extremely invasive. I can't deny that the few I have watched, some of the people making them are very talented in editing and splicing music in etc. I'm a novice at that stuff so to me it seems like some of those nutballs have some skill. I just can't IMAGINE what Rob would think if he saw them? Love songs, with pictures of Rob all over the place and some pictures of Rob you KNOW he never wanted leaked out. I can't stomach them - but I did watch a few minutes of a bunch to write this article.

I'm not going to post any of the video's because I'm not kidding when I say some of them are extremely creepy, but like I said I wonder how that makes him feel. I'm sure that he won't watch them - but I imagine some of his family members or friends have seen them and it probably make them feel just as .. I don't know how to put it.. icky, voyeuristic, creepy... but hey, like I said some of those peeps are talented in a backwards ass way :). I'm sure I've mentioned it before but I feel it bears repeating. Especially since they seem to continually evolve to be more and more ... icky.

And a million headlines about Rob Pattinson being Best Dressed Man of 2009. I wish the media would make up their minds.
First he is supposedly hygiene challenged AH HA BUT NOW he is the best dressed man of 2009.
I guess the headline some yahoo will right is "From stinky to sexy!" Which the stinky part was CLEARLY a bunch of BS anyway!
Wonder where does it will go from here?