Jan 31, 2010

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart - Smooch Citation. (anyone else gag a little?)

So going through my alerts, First, I stumbled across this article...

Kirsten Stewart takes to heels when shot about Rob Pattinson: a splendid gesture in suggestivity


Run, Stew, run. Something must have whispered these words into the pretty head of the Runaway star when she showed a clean pair of heels from a promotional press session for the above movie, when asked about her rumored beau Pattinson. Since then, the news has become a rage in the grapevine quarters. Guesses are sparking, rumours are brewing, crazy stories are being cooked up and we are all heading to a new round of gossipy tidbits, it seems.
(How many "reporters" have to ask that question before it gets through their marble skulls that they ARE NOT ANSWERING that question?)

Though what seems really puzzling is this unending sessions of coyness, and hush-hush and running-aways on the part of the ‘vampire’ lovers. Now don’t you think they are overdoing it a bit? Like it has been a week since news broke out to the effect that they are going to make their love ‘official’ anytime.
(Press conference on the tragedy in Haiti, the Presidential State of the Union, Breaking news on the war... all = News worthy media press conferences..... Kristen and Rob being forced to 'announce' whether or not they are a couple = NOT press conference worthy. Do people really think they are going to announce like a "Ladies and Gentleman of America and the world... Kristen and I are dating".. come on)

And within days what does the Stewart girl do when she faces a query on Patz? She runs away from the conference. As if the name of the hunk bore a curse. Sensible guesses are that she is just too tired of facing the question for the umpteenth time. Well, okay, but she could come up with some better response, couldn’t she?
(Yeah, she could come up with a different response like "None of your F**King business!" but she's being classy and just not answering over and over again. Me? I opt for the 2nd quote)

But then, if it was part of her plan, then you will have to maintain that this girl sure knows how to work the machine. She has mastered the supreme art of being suggestive and equivocal and that too, at such a mellow age.

Why oh why is this so mysterious. If they are dating then.. ok good. Lovely good luck to them. But if they aren't - what's going to change? Except maybe tons of teenage girls think they have a shot at dating him.

They are making a big huge deal that when the reporter asked Kristen "So are you team Edward off the screen" or whatever she said.. and Kristen said something simple and left. What does that say to you?

Leave the dating question alone - they don't want to answer it, they won't answer it, and they don't HAVE to answer it. Capiche??!!


Then this article which made me giggle - and gag

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart - Smooch Citation. Kristen Loves Rob's New Film!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart must be proud of their very sweet saliva exchange. The actors of the blockbuster flick 'Twilight' received another 'kudos' from fans. According to Irish Central, Rob and his rumoured girlfriend Kristen's kiss in the movie has been voted one of the best of the last decade. (Decade=10 years) The survey is conducted by department store Selfridges in England. Rob and Kristen - smooch more!
(That is so disgusting.. This is a lesson on how to gross people out .. Saliva exchange?? Really? And thank you for the definition for decade because apparently the readers of your site don't know the meaning to simple words!?)

In related news, a source claims Kristen Stewart loves Robert Pattinson's new film 'Remember Me'. Kristen Stewart - who recently visited Park City, Utah to promote her own films in Sundance Film Festival - is reportedly very happy and excited to see Rob's new film. An unnamed source spilled: "Kristen is a huge fan of 'Remember Me'. She's very excited!" Wow, Kristen is a very supportive girl friend (or girlfriend?)

Need I said it again? .... Ok I will... WHO CARES!? Don't people realize that they are doing this on purpose. The production company wants them to be mysterious. Why you ask? Because it is PRESS.. PUBLICITY.. yes there is plenty of press surrounding this series but if you remove the "Robsten" angle .. it would be much quieter. Whether or not they are dating, they are being told (in my opinion) to be mysterious to keep up the hype.

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