Jan 14, 2010

Robert Pattinson gets close with leading lady - Lovely Bones Premier - etc

Misleading, misleading.. always misleading.. I guess that's how 'they' get ya.

So blazing headline:
Robert Pattinson Gets Close To Leading Lady (And Not Kristen Stewart)
Then in smaller writing so it doesn't come up until you open it - it says
In poster for new movie...

Then then show the movie poster for Remember Me and say:
The Twilight star, who is more used to snuggling up to Kristen Stewart, looks perfectly at ease with the 28-year-old Australian.

Looks perfectly at ease... Of course he does. He's an actor, that is what he is supposed to do. If he look awkward with Emilie & his character was supposed to be in love with her, well then I guess he wouldn't be a very good actor now would he.

So at the Lovely Bones premier a reporter (of course) mentions that fact that it was rumored that Rob Pattinson snuck into the premier of the movie. This is how the conversation (supposedly) went like this:

Saoirse Ronan talks about Rob and the rumor of the "Lovely Bones" Premiere

Speaking of Twilight, I heard that Robert Pattinson snuck into the Lovely Bones premiere.

SR: Yeah, I heard that when I was at the after-party. I didn’t see him, though.

You figure he’d at least have the courtesy to say hello.

SR: [Laughs] Actually, someone said that to me: “God, you think he’d come up and tell you how awesome you were.” And I was like, eh, it doesn’t make a difference. It’s okay. I can see why he would just want to sneak in. I mean obviously, if he snuck in and didn’t do the whole red carpet, then he just wanted to see the movie, which is great. He didn’t want to do the whole, “Oh look, Robert Pattinson’s here!” He seems like a really nice guy, though.

I guess it was considerate of him to not want to steal the spotlight.

SR: Exactly, yeah. Because he would have. [Laughs]

I love the reporter trying to instigate a bru-haha by pushing the actress in saying "You figure he'd at least have the courtesy to say hello." Really? Is THAT really necessary? What a dink for that reporter to say that. He tries to cover it at the end by saying "I guess that was considerate of him ..." blahblah In my opinion, it was great that he snuck it because just by being there he would have stolen the spotlight away from what is supposed to be getting attention. Meaning the Lovely Bones cast etc.

So Rob does the right thing (in my opinon) by laying low and still gets a smack for it.