Jan 7, 2010

Robert Pattinson & Kristen cheap? (oh please)

I love the fact that they spent (or supposedly how the hell should I know for sure) a lovely New Year's Eve in England and because they hung out like normal kids in their 20's they were $$ cheap $$. You have GOT to be kiddin'.

ROBERT Pattinson and Kristen Stewart spent New Year’s Eve at a cheap party which charged just $5 entry.

The Twilight stars — who have constantly denied they are in a relationship — were seen mingling with 130 guests and enjoying cheap drinks at just $2 each at the XXXXXXX bar in XXXXXX, on the XXXXXX, which is just off the XXXXXX England.

Yes I X'ed out names, places and towns. You know I do that just to respect the privacy of where they were just in case. So in other words, they were hanging out like people do on New Years Eve. I love to see that instead of younger celebrities not really giving a rats A$$ about $$ and just spending and spending like it's water. Like that show, I think it was called Sweet 16 party or something. Where those girls spent obscene amounts of money on things like ice sculptures of themselves. Idiotic.

And then there were other headlines I saw like :

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart say yes to cheap dates, no to the People's Choice Awards.

Well, we know millions of regular people who won't get to see these two tonight ...

... that'd be the whole of North America, or the chunk that's watching the People's Choice Awards. Pattinson and Stewart will both be no shows, despite their nominations in the favorite movie actor and favorite movie actress categories. Robert has to work, OK?

Perhaps they'll just find a nice local dive bar and snuggle with draft specials while watching on the telly.

Do you think Rob and Kristen are really a couple? And should they have shown up for the People's Choice Awards?

Told you there would be a dig about him not going to the awards show! Ha ha I was right! Might as well revel in it while I can heh.

But then there were lovely other comments about the 2 spending NYE together
Like this


And according to one insider, the pair had a little bit too much to drink!

“Rob and Kristen were boozing all night,” a source said. “They were having a great time and looked very much in love.

“They’re probably still nursing hangovers!”

Can I insert a roll of the eyeballs here? First of all - who gives a rat's arse if they were drinking.. I mean maybe I'm wrong but isn't it a TAD common that people drink on New Year's Eve? Hey maybe I am wrong and people now just play scrabble. Not to mention the fact that if she was here in the states - technically it's illegal for her to go to a bar and drink until she's 21. In England, she's good to go!
And 'nursing hangovers' - keeeeep the speculations .. or should I just say BS comin'!

So with these three different articles (3!) the insinuations begin! There are drunks, cheap and 'no-shows' to the awards show (as if it were a bad thing). Sweet, huh?
Can't imagine why he'd want to stay out of they limelight.