Jan 18, 2010

Stalking Rob Pattinson & more...

I stumbled across this website with people talking about their Rob sightings. It had a name, looked like this @thename saw Rob etc. First of all; what does the '@' mean before the name??
Then I saw postings like this:

@xxxxx spotted Robert Pattinson from Twilight Going into History in the XXXX library.


@xxxxx Bumped in Robert Pattinson at a costume fitting this morning (XXXXX). Said hello, seemed like a thoroughly nice young man.

You know, I understand that seeing a celebrity is cool and someone would probably feel awe struck - especially someone as popular as Rob Pattinson. But to write where you saw him is just creepy. Just stop. If you meet him, be polite and treasure it as a cool moment you will never forget. Of course you will want to share it with you friends - but post exactly where you saw him on a website? Why do that? Like I said before - seems stalkerish and I'm sure Rob wouldn't want people to know exactly where he was in case he'd actually like to go back there.

The George Clooney & Rob Pattison story that Anna Kendrick told while on Ellen is being GROSSLY embellished, stretched, twisted beyond recognition!

I already wrote about this in a previous blog entry. This is the interview:

Ok soooo from that... it has gone so far as for someone to write this stupid article:


it looks like George Clooney is really jealous of cutie Robert Pattinson, beacuse the hottie could steal George Clooney's title as the 'sexiest' man around.
(Yeah, I'm sure George is shaking in his boots. Really? Come on!)

According to what Anna Kendrick (Jessica in New Moon and Twilight) told Ok! Magazine George Clooney got into it with her over her work with Robert Pattinson. Anna was filming Up in the Air with George Clooney at the same time as she was working on Eclipse. This was when George Clooney said, "Sorry, but this is not the set of Eclipse. Today you're not working with Mr. Handsome".

(Watch the interview. The story is very cute and really tongue and cheek. Clearly not the spin that this badly written article is trying to put on it. And they didn't get the quote correct, they said Twilight not Eclipse {unless I'm remembering wrong})

Just to make Clooney a bit more jealous, Anna had Robert sign a magazine where he was on the cover. He signed it: 'To George: Much Luck. Keep it up. With Love, Rob.' How did Clooney take this joke?
(yeah right.. if they continued to write what Clooney wrote back on his magazine back to Rob it was really cute - not jealousy.)

This strange attitude that Clooney seems to have is not one of a man of 49 with a long and successful movie career (wambie).

Are you kidding me? Strange attitude? There WAS no attitude! From the many interviews the George Clooney has given, the LAST thing he portrays is jealousy. He seems to be a constant wise ass - but it was not in a bad way, in a really funny, witty way. George Clooney is charming, humble and a very giving man.

AND!!!!! Did you notice all the typos in the last article? That was the writer, not me. I left the typos in on purpose.