Jan 3, 2010

Twilight's Robert Pattinson lusted for Kristen Stewart and of course the Razzies

Lately there has been many a articles about how Rob wanted to be in Twilight because he had a crush on Kristen Stewart. I saw the interview where he spoke about that and it was a very simple statement to where he referenced seeing her in Into the Wild and thought she was a good actress and wanted to audition for it because of that. (I'm paraphrasing of course) It's not uncommon for actors to want to do a movie, show, whatnot because of who is in the movie. The actor knows the other actresses work, respects a it and would like to do a project with them. Common.
Yet this simple story for the last few days has been headlines saying things like "Rob does Twilight because of Kristen," and "Rob does Twilight because he had a crush on Kristen" etc..

Yet the latest article is entitled:
Twilight's Robert Pattinson lusted for Kristen Stewart after he saw Into The Wild


It turns out Robert Pattinson was lusting for Kristen Stewart before they ever worked together. He was desperate to meet her after he saw her in the movie "Into The Wild". OK Magazine is reporting Robert only decided to audition for Twilight because he knew Kristen would also be considered for a part in the movie.

Robert told OK that he was impressed with Kristen's acting in the movie. A polite way of saying he had the major hots for her.

OK HOW is that a polite way of saying he has the hots for her? See what I mean "impressed with Kristen's acting" = "has the major hots for her," in what language do the 2 of those statements mean the same thing??


Equivalent maybe? :)

"has a pretty face" = "drop dead gorgeous!"



There is no winning with the media. Like I said before, build you up and tear you down. So yes, Rob has had a bit of success over the last year so hold up - we need to put him in his place. So of course he's nominated for something called the Razzie's.

Robert Pattinson set for worst actor 'Razzie'
Robert Pattinson is hot favorite for worst actor award in the Razzies, the annual list of Hollywood's worst films and actors of the year.

The Razzies, short for 'Raspberries," are the one list that Hollywood hunks do not like to show up on.

This year, however, Pattinson looks like a shoo in according to Tom O'Neil, columnist at the Los Angeles Times.
along with Will Ferrell.

"'Twilight: New Moon' needs to be nominated because it is overrated and I can finally say Golden Raspberry Award nominee Robert Pattinson," says one critic quoted in the paper.

Pattinson will not be alone. His co-star Kristen Stewart is also expected to be nominated as worst actress.

Really? Surprising at the list of movies that were out last year that had some of the worst acting I've ever seen. Even though I'm an actress, you don't need to be one to know crappy acting.
Let's see.. movies like this were out in 2009
Knowing (yuck)
Fast and Furious 4
Land of the Lost
And that is only mentioning a few that the acting was - well not so great. And no offense to anyone that liked those movies; I'm just trying to make a point that Rob and Kristen don't deserve to be nominated for a crappy Razzie a.