Feb 5, 2010

Kristen Stewart Wants Little Vampires With Robert Pattinson and Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Being Told To Cool It Down?

So Kristen wants little 'vampires' with Rob?


Call me a fuddy-duddy, but I say 19 is a little young to be having a baby. But apparently that isn’t going to stop Kristen Stewart; sources say the teenage actress is anxious to have a little blood-sucker of her own with boyfriend and Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson.
(If anyone has seen interviews with Kristen - I think you'd realize that this is a bunch of BS)

“Kristen would love to have Rob’s babies,” said a source close to Stewart. “She’s even spoken to him about it — but Rob thinks it’s probably best to wait a couple of years so they can focus on their careers. It’s safe to say that Kristen’s feeling broody now that she’s found the man of her dreams!”
(Once again we have this lovely 'source' that all these pencil paparazzi hide behind. Kristen has found the "man of her dreams?" c'mon .. Like I've said a million times - I have ZERO knowledge to whether or not they are dating but anyone out there remember who they dated at 19 years old?? Would you marry that person now?)

And according to the source, Pattinson’s mom Claire is all for her 23-year-old son having a baby with his 19-year-old girlfriend. Whaaat?
(What Mom is going to encourage their kids to have a baby at 23 with a 19 year old? I'm not saying it's bad or good - but it's a wee bit young for Kristen especially with their lifestyles.. come on people - common sense)

“Rob’s mom Clare believes the responsibilities of raising a child would help keep him grounded as his success in showbiz continues to explode,” a source said last month.

“She doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with them having a baby at a young age. She simply adores Kristen and is already treating her like a daughter-in-law.” Ahhh, stage moms — ya gotta love ‘em.


I found a couple of articles about this:

"New Moon" Stars Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Told To Shelve Romance


Los Angeles, CA, United States (CNS) - Tween heartthrobs Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have reportedly been told to put their relationship at bay and focus on their respective careers. Execs are said to be worried that the "Twilight" stars will become distracted.
(First of all - WHAT? Are you serious? 1.) what relationship? Their friendship or this rumored boyfriend/girlfriend thing? 2.) Distracted? HOW?? THAT'S JUST DUMB!

According to an eonline.com source, the young stars are still together, but they just "got a slap on the wrist."
(Rob and Kristen being 2 of the hottest stars right now.. being slapped on the wrist? Please - everyone is kissing their fanny's so that they will work for them. I doubt very much that anyone got a verbal slapping anywhere.)

"Everyone, from their management to the studios involved in their upcoming movies, is worried [Rob and Kristen] will start to become? distracted."

The actors have never admitted or denied their relationship, but the website assured readers that they are "still together and totally cool," although they are just focusing on their careers.

Stewart, 19, will be seen in the biopic "The Runaways" alongside Dakota Fanning in March, while Pattinson, 23, will be in the upcoming romantic drama "Remember Me" with Emilie de Ravin also in March

Give me a break - half the time they are on different continents filming different movies. Just because they are friends, or in a relationship or whatever the hell they are doing - doesn't mean they will get "distracted." What do they mean by that anyway? Are they going to start running thru the streets naked? What they heck are these people talkin about?