Feb 11, 2010

Rob Pattinson and boxer briefs? Seriously?

You know, how absurd is this headline?

Robert Pattinson Stocks Up On Boxer Briefs


Robert Pattinson and BFF Tom Sturridge grab food together at XXXX restaurant and do some shopping in London on Saturday (February 6).

The 23-year-old actor stocked up on boxer briefs (on sale!) and video games as he and Tom hopped between stores!

(yes I XXXX'ed out the name of the restaurant in case it's a fav of his - so he can try to go to it again without someone clicking a phone camera in his face.

Ok, so the poor guy goes out shopping and hangs with a friend. And some sneaky paparazzi take pics of him buying underwear. . . Is that REALLY necessary? And to top it all off - lets make fun of him because they (may or may not who knows) were on sale. Just because he's making some good $$ - means he has to spend money like the rest of the jacka$$ celebrities and spend $400 on a pair of fancy FLIP FLOPS?

The guy is out shopping for stuff he needs - like we ALL DO.. and then has lunch with a friend. Leave him the heck alone! Some people were actually saying "Shopping at (whatever the store was) is he bankrupt??" The poor shlep can't even buy his undies in private!

Please give this poor guy a break.