Feb 22, 2010

Rob Pattinson and red heads..and Kristen disses Robs kissing?

The latest is Rob has been seen with a red head.

Robert Pattinson dating mystery redhead

London: `Twilight` heartthrob Robert Pattinson seems to have a thing for red heads as he has been spotted on several dates with a carrot topped girl after his reported split from co-star Kristen Stewart.
(I see, so the never confirmed romance -now there has been a reported split? Anyone see when that happened? Was it before or after they were shopping for a new house in England?)

Pattinson and Stewart have always remained tight-lipped about their romance, but the romance has fizzled out and the British actor is now planning to move to London, reported Daily Mail online.
(Ah so their romance has fizzled.. the alleged romance)

"Rob plans to ditch his Canadian pad. In London he feels he can be normal. He`s been going to dinner parties and pubs with his mates, just like old times. He doesn`t want a Hollywood girlfriend and he hasn`t spoken about Kristen for a while so we think that`s off," said a source close to the actor.
(He hasn't spoken of Kristen ... to who? He never speaks of Kristen unless he is asked a legitimate question. And "we thinks that's off" - wow then if 'you' said it, must be true!)

LA-born Kristen, 19, too seems to have moved on and was photographed with Sean Penn in Hollywood earlier this month.
(Now THAT is funny.. she's moved on and been spotted with Sean Penn? Are you freaking kidding me?? Because they met up and gave each other a hug?? Sean Penn is 30 years older than her - please give me a break! That's just to stupid to even talk about..)

Pattinson, 23, meanwhile has been partying in London with a mystery redhead.
(Now since Rob gets his picture taken while he is buy his undies.. why is there no picture of this mystery red head. Even if he is partying or hanging or whatever he is doing with a girl that has red hair, girlfriend or girl - friend.. again none of our business people)

"He`s been spending time with a very pretty redhead. They hang out in the Macbeth pub in Hoxton and at the Notting Hill Arts Club. Rob wears a black woolly hat and a beard as a disguise," added the source.


Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Leave The BAFTA Awards Together!
Why do Robert Pattinson, 23, and Kristen Stewart, 19, always hide their love? The Twilight Saga co-stars haven’t been together since New Year’s Eve — but they were spotted leaving the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Awards in Rob’s home town of London TOGETHER on Feb. 21!
(But wait.. where's the mystery red head??)

The two avoided each other on the red carpet at the awards, but afterwards, dashed off in a car together. We guess Rob wasn’t too upset about the fact that K-Stew completely dissed his kissing technique!
(Once again no picture to prove this statement. Oh yeah and regarding that last statement; this was the headline associated with that:
HollyShocker! Kristen Stewart Says Her New Co-Star Eddie Redmayne Kisses Better Than Robert Pattinson! )

Ridiculous the twist the put on these things. She is sitting next to her co-star Eddie and the dimwitted reporter says "who kisses better." What is Kristen going to say "Sorry Eddie .. but Rob kisses ROCK, YOUR BLOW!" Come on.. that's a dumb question anyway. Kristen answered very cute even though I'm sure she wanted to throttle the interviewer.
This is the interview:

And for the record.. remember I told you guys that I got a part as a guest star on an upcoming series - well I had to do a kissing scene it this guess star spot. I'm only in 1 episode but I had to grab the other actor and throw him against the wall and then push him to the floor (and no this is not a XXX movie, it's a sitcom). Kissing in front of the camera with a bunch of people in the room - is THE most unsexy thing. It's almost like doing a choreographed dance - move here, then there, be careful of the camera and cables on the floor so you don't trip and fall on your arse. Yeah, very sexy..