Feb 17, 2010

Rob Pattinson - Giant Freaky Pillow

Sorry it's been a while ... but nothing looked good enough to comment on until I found this..

Um .... yeah. This is so creepy I'm not sure where to begin.


"For all the twilight crazed lonely women in the world, Edward Cullen is finally here to be with you and only you. Sleep with him, cuddle with him, use him as a neck rest, the Edward Manllow is there to be your man and pillow all in one."

It's $35 per Manllow (that word makes me gag).. but unfortunately at this time .. they are all sold out. SOLD OUT?! Oh my, my, my....

Some more pictures of a woman cuddling with this freakish thing.

Not only does this pillow look absolutely silly, but it has arms so you can wrap yourself and pretend that it's Edward..er.. Rob.. er whatever hugging you.. and not just a stuffed awkwardly shaped pillow.
Anyone have the total heebie jeebies?? CA-REEPY!!