Feb 20, 2010

Rob Pattinson & Kristen "fake" romance.. Rob and Kristen get a Time out!

Speculation.... sneaky business... HILARIOUS

I read an article now that the whole relationship was a publicity stunt to keep Rob and Kristen in the spotlight and make twilight more popular.

However, as per the latest reports, it would appear that the above contention about RobSten’s romance and big –screen careers, may yet be a ‘hallowed myth’.

Does anyone really believe that is true? I mean seriously - let's make up a relationship that is going to drive them mental by being stalked, accosted, filmed etc.. by paparazzi and psycho fans?
I don't think so.. That doesn't even make sense. I think it's a principle thing now.. as if to say "who gives a $hit if we are dating! Back the 'eff' off!" OK well, that's what I would say.
Dumb dumb dumb.. Besides, I don't think that Twilight series needed any help in the publicity department.. they are doing JUST FINE.

But then I find an article - that says the exact opposite:

On the evidence of the latest reports, it is learned that the raging Twilighters, have reportedly been told go easy on their romance, by their respective career managers.

It is further learned that the ‘flamy twosome’, have reportedly been forbidden to spend any time off –screen, and instead focus on their promising yet fledgling movie careers.

A source was further quoted as saying in a report, carried by Marie Claire that, Rob and Kris’s managers have reportedly made plain that, either of the ‘Twilight’ twosomes, has no time for anything other than their pressing showbiz commitments.

So.. their romance is fake.. no, no wait! They are told to NOT spend time together ... oh wait, let me quote "forbidden to spend any time off -screen" so now they are being forbidden to do things? Come on! Are they 12 years old? What will happen if they spend time together... OH OH I KNOW!!

And now people are commenting on whether or not "Breaking Dawn" should be in 3D. . . .