Mar 4, 2010

INSANITY=Robert Pattinson Wants Kids Soon

Uh huh! Yup, no lie! That is the headline I found - let me show you again...the WHOLE headline:

Robert Pattinson Wants Kids Soon: Would You Carry His Child?

Twilight hottie Robert Pattison says that he would like to have a baby soon. After the star was fooled into thinking that his mom was pregnant five years ago, the thought of having a baby has excited him. Now the 23-year-old actor says that whenever he sees a role where he has a younger brother or a kid, he is thrilled with the idea. Would you carry his child?
Ah to be taken as a serious actor. Anyone think that there is even a shred of truth to this? Anyone Anyone.....Bueller?

Robert Pattinson Breaks Hearts While Out in London

When the 23-year-old actor, who is dating his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart, began to get frustrated with all the unwanted attention, he and his friends tried to hide in the bar’s outside area. The source added to Radar Online: “He dodged into the smoking area and was quickly surrounded by a wall of friends but just hung out with them, no one really bothered him and he just chatted away with people.”
Can't imagine why he'd get annoyed at unwanted attention, I mean it never happens to him! Um.. yeah right. Poor guy wants to go see his friend perform but it becomes hard because of the fans that want a piece of him.. dead or alive.

However, Robert quickly started to grow bored of the cold and returned to the bar for another pint of beer – though he continued to maintain a low-profile. The fan said: “Considering that the music was so upbeat, he was there with friends and had a couple of beers, I was surprised Rob wasn't enjoying the music like everyone else. Instead, with no one bothering him, he just went back to his corner of the bar and hunched over another pint with his head down.”
Now I wonder why he doesn't want to interact with people. Because some yahoo idiot writes "surprised he wasn't enjoying.. blah blah." Who is "I" - I wonder if "I" is his buddy? His mate? His bloke? That's hilarious.. An onlooker that gets into what Rob is thinking! You think that MAYBE he went to the back and hunched over so that he woulnd't take the spotlight away from his friend performing? Naaaaahhhhhh couldn't be that? I mean then there wouldn't be any good headlines! Any juice on him! Anyway to cut him down!!