Mar 14, 2010

Rob Pattinson: 5 bodyguards! Can't act! And more!

I've seen a bunch of headlines recently that are all saying:

Robert Pattinson has 5 bodyguards!

Why would that surprise anyone? In my opinion 5 body guards aren't enough. The number of screaming young girls may seem harmless - but don't underestimate teenage girls that having raging hormones. All it takes is one little foot forward and it opens the flood gates for screaming mimi's to start running like loonies.

This is the article
Robert Pattinson travels with five minders who guard him from fans.

Bosses at production studio Summit hired the heavy mob during shooting of Rob’s latest film ‘Remember Me’, which is slated to hit UK screens on April 2.

The Twilight hunk has been forced to travel with bodyguards after almost being pushed under the wheels of a car by frenzied female admirers in New York’s Union Square.

“If it hadn’t been for the quick-thinking of two members of his team, he could easily have been a goner,” the Daily Star quoted an eyewitness as saying.

“He was pushed off the sidewalk by the sheer number of fans who were trying to get close to him and fell against the door of a moving vehicle.

“If his clothing had got caught or a foot had gone under the car there’s no doubt he would have been dragged along and seriously hurt,” the eyewitness added.

This is utter bull$hit. As it has been said a million different times in a bunch of different articles online and off - it was grossly exaggerated. No one pushed him, or hip checked him or throttled him into on coming traffic. It was barely even an accident. Yet this article would lead to you to believe that he was in a life and death situation. And THAT'S why he needs the bodyguards. Does he need the guards yes of course he does if not to guard him against the fans then to guard him against the WAY over the line paparazzi. Those people are FAR more dangerous than any fan.

The reviews are in: Robert Pattinson can’t act! ‘Remember Me’ is a critical disaster!


Well as I knew…as I’ve been SAYING, Robert Pattinson can’t act. His latest STINKFEST ‘Remember me’ is getting absolutely TRASHED by critics not only for his ham-fisted ‘brooding’ which is meant to pass as acting, but for the generic feel to this Lifetime movie family drama and its exploitive ending. Hey, I’m on record as predicting exactly the reaction this thing was going to get. Am I psychic you say? No, I’m just not brain dead, you see, I’ve seen his work. Pattinson has not displayed one iota of ability in anything he’s done and this new effort only further cements his suck-itude.

If you were to read my initial post on this, I was outraged when I heard the way they were using 9/11 in their crass manipulative ending . It’s cheap and sleazy and it really makes you wonder about Pattinson that he would sign on to it. Still, that’s probably the thing about him I find so intrinsically irritating, his total cluelessness. Every interview, every performance is imbued with this sort of half-assed, incompetent, out-of-it ness.

Of course I’m sure all the twi-tards and twi-moms will yell to the rafters about how FANTASTIC this piece of shit is, but you know what, they’ll be wrong. Period.

Is it me or does the dude sound TOTALLY jealous of him? He goes on to quote different papers that have mixed reviews. But with ever negative review there is a positive review. Twilight may not have been as challenging as Forrest Gump, but lets be realistic. Of COURSE he can act. Or else all beautiful people would become famous actors. Remember when Cindy Crawford tried to act .. FAIL. Just because someone is handsome doesn't mean an automatic hit. If Rob blew as an actor-Twilight would have bombed. So this guys who wrote this article is clearly a jealous, cellar dwelling weirdo that has nothing better to do than to make himself seem better by trashing someone clearly out of his league.
Obviously this guy needs to move on and so he isn't so bitter.

Wanna give a shout out to Zilma, one of our avid readers wrote a book! Here is the link!