Mar 25, 2010


Rob Pattinson
Inane to Sane.. Stories of the day.

Well, well, well... I suppose it was just a matter of time before the pencil paparazzi create a story about Rob being gay.

Headline: Does Robert Pattinson have a girlfriend or boyfriend? (courtesy of celebs gather)
Blurb of article:
Is Robert Pattinson dating anyone? Rumor has it that R-Patz doesn't have a girlfriend but instead a boyfriend. Check out this photo of R-Patz with his new man. Yum, looks like someone likes Latin men!

Then the article proceeded to say:

Just kidding! The photo is just a still from Robert Pattinson's upcoming film Little Ashes. In it, Robert Pattinson plays painter Salvador Dali who has a sexual relationship with writer Frederico Garcia Lorca. In real life, Robert Pattinson would never go for Lorca. While some of the Rob-Obsessed will be disappointed, I'm certain others will let out a sigh of relief to know he's straight as an arrow, and was even a bit uncomfortable filming his gay sex scenes. Does it really matter though? Whether he's gay or straight, none of you will be dating him anytime soon! Didn't you hear? Robert Pattinson's heart belongs to Kristen Stewart...even if he won't tell.

You know, doesn't that make you just want to smack the 'someone' who wrote it right upside the head? "Just kidding" Give me a fah-reakin' break. Talk about bull$hit. Let's start a rumor that he's gay, but then babble on about kidding and that he's with Kristen "even if he won't tell." The whole article is rumor rumor rumor. And it says Upcoming Film.. Little Ashes. Umm.. that was released almost a year ago. I just went back to the article to make sure it was written in March 2010.. yup I was right and they are .. well, not.

(Headline) If We Don't Stop Screaming Robert Pattinson Says He Might Go Deaf
And that wasn't the only one I saw - I saw over 10 different headlines stating similiar quotes. For example:
Robert Pattinson: 'I'm Almost Completely Deaf'
Screaming fans making Robert Pattinson deaf
Is Robert Pattinson Going Deaf?!

Those are just some of the quotes - headlines I saw today.

The only quote said by him (well I can't confirm it because he doesn't speak to me directly) was allegedly said to the Sun: "I'm almost completely deaf anyway. So I'm worried. I'm very worried."
Is it me, or does this seem similar to the "I'm allergic to vagina's" statement. He says something silly or jokingly during an interview. Does the boy REALLY think he's going deaf? I am sure he was saying it in a jovial way. He could be a boring interviewee and say "The noise is deafening." But the way he says it is funnier and more entertaining. Which is supposed to be the point during interviews unless everyone would be doing this: