Mar 8, 2010

Rob Pattinson : Loves his dog more than anything

The newest accusation is that Rob's family and friends are OUTRAGED that he could possibly love his pooch more than them! That the dog was the most important thing in his life....

Headlines like these:
Robert Pattinson: Love of pooch earns him censure from friends and family
Family Is Upset Robert Pattinson Loves His Dog More Than Them

Pattinson's love for dog upsets his family
Robert Pattinson Has Love For his Dog, but None for Vaginas
(this last won should win an award for "Most idiotic headline")

Ok this was my first reaction

I was laughing my arse off because it's so RIDICULOUS! Yes all Rob loved his dog more than his parents, sisters, friends, grandparents etc. All he wanted to do is BE with the dog. Come on now you silly people. I am SURE he had a close relationship with his dog.. I have 2 dogs and they mean the WORLD to me .. like children.. I adore them. As, clearly, Pattinson did too! He had a dog and loved that dog more than anything. First off - for dog lovers, that's totally normal - Second off - anyone REALLY think he loved the dog more than ANYONE?
Cuz if you do - then.. wow, you're not as bright as I thought you before!

Some silly chunks from this PENCIL PAPS~

Hollywood heartthrob Robert Pattinson may have scored a few favorites in the canine world but his family isn’t too happy about that. The sexy actor’s admission that his late pooch was “the most important person in my life” in an interview got him thumbs down both from his family and friends.

According to the latest updates on, the Brit actor recently told WENN about the time when his folks “went crazy” following his interview where he revealed that his dog was “the most important person in my life” and kept raving about his pet the whole time. He stated that so far the worst moment in his 23 years of existence was the day when his dog passed away. He also expresses his disdain for the people who use the memory of their dogs dying to bring tears to their eyes calling it cheap and disrespectful.


Robert Pattinson is in big trouble with his family after recently naming his late pet dog as "the most important person in my life" in an interview.

The "Twilight" star left family members and friends stunned when he didn't hesitate to name his pooch as the one "person" that meant the most to him.

Yup, his Mum totally has to believe this monstrosity of a lie! Yes, I think he is as close with the dog as he says .. but did he REALLY say "oh yeah - this dog? Waaaaay more important than my silly family and useless friends!"