Mar 23, 2010

Rob Pattinson RUMOR CONTROL - Flops, Kissing all over England and more

Robert Pattinson found eating dinner at The Ivy after premiere thanks to Twilight fans who use Twitter

Robert Pattinson has got to be one of the most familiar faces in 2010. Thousands of fans from around the world recognize Pattinson from the Twilight movies and when people see him, especially the ladies, the screams of deligtht can be heard for blocks.

At the premiere of Remember Me in London, after the film showing, the famous actor as well as some cast and crew decided to eat at The Ivy. Simple put, it appears after a long days work, they needed to have a quiet meal and celebrate the accomplishments.

Well, it seems a couple of excited Twilight fans spotted the famous actor and got in touch with other Twilight fans via Twitter. Within minutes the actor had such a crowd out front that his body guards had to push people back so Pattinson could leave (he decided not to stay for food.) Of course being a good sport, he did sign some autographs, however that probably didn't make up for the fact he was hungry.

(ME)You know.. this just hocks me off. The poor guy is in a restaurant eating (or trying to) and the little tweeters start telling people where he is! Is that not a little .. stalkerish? If you are in the same place as a celebrity, don't start spewing off where you are and where they are! It's not fair, it's tacky and just plain R U D E.

Will audiences ever want to see the 'Twilight' stars do anything else?

(ME)Nothing like a little support from the media. This article has pointed out how The Runaways and Remember Me not having made nearly the money that or BANG that Twilight did. Is that a surprise to anyone? The Twilight series had a huge following before the movies were made; this is a whole different genre. Remember Me is not anything like Twilight and the twihards want to see Rob be the gooey lovey hero. Well folks, he can't always play that - if he wants to be taken seriously as an actor he has to widen the range. Is that so bad? And Kristen Stewart - her movie is rated R, that could be a reason why a lot of the 14 year old girls aren't seeing it... THEY CAN'T!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Kissing All Over England! (Photo)

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson kissing! The Twilight stars are just making out all over England if you listen to the reports surfacing on the internet! They were spotted kissing at the Kings Of Leon concert, then, at the Marquis of Granby, a pub in England, Nicholas Clark tweeted the following message from the pub, “In The Marquis of Granby with Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart.” A few hours later he added: “From what I saw just a couple of kisses on lips,” then added, “R+K were acting like a couple.”

Hide the relationship, don't hide the relationship. Is there a relationship? Does anyone really care? ugh.

(ME) Good God.. this is funny. First of all it is the picture that surfaced ages ago from the Kings of Leon concert

second of all the "Does anyone really care?" line make anyone else laugh? If these people didn't care then why perpetuate the rumor crap and write the article? Hrmmmm???

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart dropping truck load of hints!

Being coy, hiding from media and turning red when questioned about their love lives, are all, things of past. The current Robsten likes to get noticed together, hold hands in front of the media and even kiss in public. Aaah Finally! Yes, you heard it right; they were caught kissing in a London pub where Kris joined Rob to attend her future sister-in-law’s singing performance.

After their stardom shot sky high with Twilight, Rob and Kris had often been linked up and the couple, in return have tried every trick up their sleeves to prove their single hood. In fact, they went a bit too much with their single hood act. There was a time when they stopped appearing together in events, just to prove they were single.

These days, it’s a different story with the couple. They can be seen kissing, holding hands, going out for strolls and I only expect the level of mushiness to rise higher with time. I bet Twihards would start searching for the kissing picture, as soon as they are done reading this but don’t you worry I got the picture and the article, here for you.

LOL once again the picture is ...

(ME) COME ON! LOL - SAME PICTURE OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Kissing, mushing all over each other? Show me where? This to me looks like they are trying to talk during a loud concert. And if they are dating - then people shouldn't be all creepy and take sneaky pictures!! Ew! Showing up at events separate? I assume they are talking about the Remember Me premier? Um.. when 2 actors are at the premier of their movie, then they are pictures with their co-star. Unless of course we should have just thrown Emilie out in the back and make it all about Rob and Kristen? Thoughts?