Mar 10, 2010

Rob Pattinson: Shaved head-Funny hat-Dirty Secret

So the news spreading like wildfire is that Rob would love to shave his head for a role. And of course the pencil paparazzi is going nutty with that one. This is what he actually said:
Robert Pattinson appeared on US TV's the Early Show. Answering a question whether he would like to shave his head, Rob said, "Oh yeah, definitely. I would love to. I was so frustrated the last few days promoting this because I need a haircut and can't have a haircut because I'm working."

Yet I found a headline that said:
Robert Pattinson wants to get a skinhead

Would like to shave his head for a role and skinhead implications are 2 VERY different things. Would girls freak out if he cut his hair, yes I'm sure there would be some unhappy girls. (FYI-hair grows! I know, I know shocking but it does!)
Just to make things clear a definition of skinhead: b.any of a similar group of alienated youths in the U.S., Europe, etc. who variously affect a rough appearance, advocate fascist and racist policies, and engage in hostile and violent activity OR a usually white male belonging to any of various sometimes violent youth gangs whose members have close-shaven hair and often espouse white-supremacist beliefs

Hrm... yup I can see the connection. Getting a hair cut and implicating that someone is a white-supremacist. It's close. YEAH OOOOOOOKAAAAAAYYYYYYYY

And another thing that just annoys the crap out of me is all the articles saying:
Rob seen in a funny hat.

Funny hat? It's called a C O S T U M E !! This is set in the 1800's so yes, Rob has to wear a costume to reflect that time period. Comments that he wears a funny hat for Bel Ami, yet he is a blood sucker (vegetarian), pale as a ghost .. and that's more normal? Oy..

And a headline that I found funny:
Robert Pattinson's Dirty Secret Is Out In The Open

His smoking habit. Yes, Rob smokes. It is unhealthy, not very smart but since he's a big boy - his choice. It's not a 'dirty secret' - it's just a bad habit that's his business.