Mar 6, 2010

Rob Pattinson wants to pose naked? Rob Pattinson; NOT a vampire? And Rob's Wax

I saw the interview where this headline happened:

Robert Pattinson: Rob offered to pose bare for ‘Details’ mag!

On the evidence of the latest reports, it is learned that R-Patz has reportedly claimed to have been willing to go full frontal for a photo shoot for the ‘Details’ magazine.

It is further learned that the ‘Twilight’ sensation, who recently featured in a racy visual spread, with a bevy of nude models, for ‘Details’ mag, had reportedly offered to pose bare for the lenses, but the same was shot down by the publishing bosses.

It is further known that Rob was even close to stripping for a bare shoot, but was eventually dissuaded by the ‘Details’ bosses.

He was further quoted as saying, “I offered to do a naked photo shoot – but no one wanted to see me naked. It started off with me naked and they were like, ‘Actually, just forget it’.”

Given that he is not shy to pose bare before the lenses, all you Pattinson faithfuls, can expect the lad to go ‘full Monty’ in the foreseeable future.

Complete bologna or phonetically speaking BALONEY! I saw the interview - can't remember where now - but he was J O K I N G !! Now imagine, he MUST be a bit embarrassed about the Details shoot because everyone asks him about posing with all those naked women, then of course his vagina allergy comment (another joke people) .. so he decides to make light of it. He didn't offer to pose naked (from what I gathered in the interview, he was being facetious ), whether or not he will pose nekkid in the future remains to be seen.. but from all the interviews I've seen.. I'd be surprised if it was ANY time soon, if at all.


Robert Pattinson: Rob exploring newer genres post ‘Twilight’ success!

Newer genres... I suppose everyone assumed he was going to play a vampire for the rest of his life? A vampire? C'mon peeps.

blip from article

And just to further bear out the above contention, it is known that, the wild –haired screen icon, has already branched out from his ‘Twilight’ comfort zone, in an apparent bid to demonstrate his acting prowess, in a host of upcoming big – screen ventures like ‘Remember Me’ and ‘Bel Ami’, which features him in versatile screen avatars.
The pencil paparazzo talk as if he's only made 1 movie (or many movies about vampires). He hasn't been in a lot of movies, no.. but he has already drastically moved away from Twilight. (i.e. How to Be, Little Ashes) Yes, Twilight got him on the Hollywood map - but there are only SO many movies that can be about vampires. True? Unless of course after Breaking Dawn they decide to make a TV series. Course I remember that rumor going around too!

And is it me, or is it a bit early in Rob's career to be already making him into a wax figure?