Apr 27, 2010

Robert Pattinson: Rich, Brangelina, moving in/out/in/out

My, my, my sources say............
Gotta love 'dem sources!

Ok inane to sane today.

I saw this as a headline:

Reason number 3,657 to love Twilight's Robert Pattinson; he's seriously loaded (OK magazine)

First off, I'd like to hear number 3, 243 on his list. Anyone?
Second off - DUMB DUMB DUMB.. Such a good image to send out to the young folks of American and beyond. LOADED = NAB HIM!!

Another headline that makes me gag a bit:
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, the New Brangelina Power Couple (newsgather)

I can NOT stand name combining. TomKat, Brangelina, and now of course we've had Robsten for a while. Lame, lame, lame! I wonder what some others are that I'm forgetting? Heidi and Spencer Pratt... hrmm.. speidi (pronounced spidy)? Dumb!
Brad and Angelina are odd to say the least. We are now comparing a 20 and 24 year old to a marriage couple with a bunch of kids? How people, how are they even remotely related.

And I can't leave out this headline :
Twilight co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are planning to move in together in Los Angeles, it’s been reported. (entertainmentsttvtv)

Yes, it has been reported 1,452 times. But by whom? Random bloggers, celebrity gossip sites, seriously folks just because it is in print doesn't mean it's true. Sound simple, and well, it is.

The quote from some 'source' is:
A source said: “Kris has ratcheted up her plan to pin Rob down. She’s been house-hunting in L.A. with the intention of getting Rob to move in with her.”

And it also seems that Pattinson is keen for the pair to shack up together, a move which would finally confirm their long-rumoured - but never confirmed - relationship.

The source added: “He feels so lucky to have found someone so young, with such an old soul.”

I'd love to speak to these sources, get a picture of him/her, interview them and find out their relationship to Kristen and/or Rob.
Oh yeah.. I can't .. cuz most likely it's a bunch of

Apr 24, 2010

Rob Pattinson - Music & living a lie?

You know now there are articles out there where he is wondering if acting is the way he should go.. But looking at the quotes - of course the writers are missing the point.

Headline: Robert Pattinson Unsure About Acting, Fake Rob and Kristen Engagement Rumor? (mygloss)

Robert Pattinson says that he is unsure about acting. MTV UK reports that the the Twilight hunk is questioning his career choice:

I always think there must be more. I get angry, because I think I’m missing out.
Pattinson says he would love to spend more time on his music:

I haven’t been able to do my music for ages. I can’t concentrate on two things at once. I don’t even listen to music when I’m working on a movie.

No doubt some of these thoughts are coming on the heels of yet another rumor about Rob and his girlfriend and Twilight Saga co-star Kristen Stewart. The web was buzzing yesterday with rumors that the couple got engaged.

First of all - before Twilight he was able to go out and jam like this:

This is killer. I am a singer and to be able to go and just let go is amazing. Rob is a gifted musician. I believe his musical talents outweigh his acting but that's just my opinion. So I don't think what he meant was he wants to quit acting folks, but do you think he could go into some open mic night now and just jam? umm.... nope. Not unless the clubs that do this (which probably seat 20) want a riot.
He misses that anonymity - wouldn't you? Does he regret it? Well, I highly doubt it because getting million vs. the little he used to get - my guess would be he is cool with making millions. But there are trade offs as he is pointing out.

Now onto their fake, not fake .. lie not lie engagement. Jeeezzuummm crowwwww (I'm trying to cut down on the swearing). Who knows! But is it me or does anyone notice that the rumors get hotter closer to the release of one of the Twilight movies? Think it's a co-inky-dink? Doubt it. And do I think Rob and Kristen are behind it? Hell no! (rats see .. potty mouth) I think they are just victims in the wave. They have no control over what these pencil and real paparazzi say or photograph. I mean even me, right? I don't know Rob or Kristen - even though I am clearly trying to protect them (sounds weird but you know what I mean) and like I say bring the sane to the inane. . I am just another writer. Albeit a good one hehe.

I mean how would you feel if people quoted you as saying stuff like this:

“He feels so lucky,” said the pal, ” to have found someone so young, with such an old soul.”

Recent reports claimed Rob and Kristen are growing tired of keeping their love for each other on the down low.

“Kristen is sick of the charade,” a source said. “At first Kris agreed to keep their romance low-key. But she’s fed up.”

It has also been claimed that the hunky British star has proposed to Kristen “countless times”.

“Rob is so love with Kristen, he has proposed to her countless times already,” said one insider.

“He’s just waiting for her to say yes.”

And the pal reckons it won’t be long until Kristen finally caves in and says yes.

“They believe they’re soul mates and want to be together forever,” said the source.

“They’re just really happy they’ve found each other.”

Really? Come on people - this 'source' really gets around.. slutty source. Plus it's super mushy - ick.

Apr 20, 2010

Rob Pattinson - missed Kristen and Coachella?


Headline: Robert Pattinson sad he had to miss Kristen Sewart and Coachella (likeitido)

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are a couple and like every other couple they wish they could spend as much time as possible together. Last weekend was one such time but unfortunately there were not able to be together.

Kristen Stewart got to rock out in Indio, California at the Coachella Music Festival
while Robert Pattinson was stuck in Europe filming his new movie ‘Bel Ami’. STV states that: “he had hoped to take a break from work to party with Kristen and co whilst listening to some of his favourite bands including Scots act, Camera Obscura.”

However, don’t feel too sad or bad for the love birds. There are rumors that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will be together soon in Vancouver filming some reshots for ‘Twilight Saga:Eclipse’.

And if those rumors don’t turn out to be true, they will soon be together to promote ‘Eclipse’ as it is being released on June 30th, 2010.

Then they have the audacity to use this picture!

WHICH WE ALL KNOW IS BULL$HIT - it's a fake that was proven ages ago by pattinsonanonymous. see below!

See? PHOTOSHOP - someone cut Rob out - changed his position and made it look like they were a couple. It just is so obnoxious!
And STV states? Who is that STV? Why oh why can someone publish an article that is fiction ? With no proof to back it and AND THEN put a doctored picture of the 2 up??

Apr 16, 2010

Rob Pattinson - Dissin' the family / Rob Celebate?

I have been slacking in the updating! Totally my fault, sometimes it gets nutty with a 14 month old! Ok.. ONWARD!

As always Rob Pattinson - trying to make the inane stories .... sane.

So rumors now swirling around about how Rob is blowing off his family. This is a quote from his Aunt. Notice the word quote looks different. That is because.. well who the hell knows WHAT the quote REALLY is, if it is really true, if it was completely taken out of context from an interview she did a year ago .... the list goes on.

‘It looks like we’re being frozen out. It’s funny how fame affects people. Never in a million years did I think this would happen.’ Nutley said. (Bollywood)

That's it.. no story, no other quotes, just BLAM. Random quote. Anyone find this a tad fishy? Come on now, do you really think Rob has turned into a diva already? It's possible I imagine, anything is possible. But the boy is so down on himself, that I find that hard to believe. So please don't jump on the wacky wagon and believe all the BS you read.

I love when writers listen to an interview that Rob did and literally write a fictional story around it.

"Twilight" star Robert Pattinson (CNN)

Robert Pattinson confused fans in an interview with Movies Ireland when he said that he was Catholic and that he'd adopted Edward's abstinence for himself. He said, "'Twilight' is a big metaphor for sexual abstinence. The success of the 'Twilight' books comes from the fact that fans can lust after Edward and yet, certainly in the first book, there's no actual sexual contact between him and the series heroine." Could R-Patz really be on the abstinence wagon?

Really? He is explaining what the books means. Which I agree with, I do think a strong message in this book is abstinence. And he says he is catholic. So that means he is celibate? People, people... really? I love it - take the words he says . . put them in a bowl .. toss them around like salad.. then JAM them into his mouth as if that's what he said. Boy oh boy .. wish I got paid to do that.

Apr 14, 2010

I know I know

I'm so sorry it's been so long between updates! I promise tmw I will have one!!
(tmw is my 10 year anniversary with the hubby and the last week has been nutty)
I have one coming! Promise!

Apr 9, 2010

Rob Pattinson insanity files; twi fans abandon Rob, wax Rob attacked

Ah the Rob Pattinson rumor and insanity files

Big stories on how Rob Pattinson's wax figure at Madame Tussauds.

Headline: Robert Pattinson's famously tousled hair is under attack

When Madame Tussauds released the new Robert Pattinson statue, fans went wild. Countless pictures were taken with fans hugging Pattinson, dressed in the image of famous Twilight character Edward Cullen, even some girls went as far as kissing statue. Well, there's a problem with getting touchy-feely with a statue that hundreds of people come in contact with on a daily basis: the spread of disease.

As a result, Robert Pattinson's "James Dean mane" must be washed frequently due to the fact that so many people have touched it, to avoid spreading diseases like the H1N1 virus. Makes you just want to give him a great big hug now, right?

Ok, am I going out of my mind? Do fans really realize that this is wax and NOT in anyway the real Rob Pattinson? Touching the hair (that is NOT really his) - kissing the waxy face. Now the wax figure could be spreading colds, and flu? Wait till this story gets out. The titles will be "Rob Pattinson spreads diseases." Watch for it.
Let me remind you that THIS is wax too:

Yes I know it LOOKS like him - but it isn't really him. It's just as much him as the picture of the candle! Now if you go to see it don't touch it, if all those people are touching, kissing and whatever else they are doing to his wax figure - you don't want what it's germy with!

And so people are writing about the twilight fans abandoning Rob. Blurb

Headline: Twilight fans abandon Robert Pattinson at the box office

Blurb from article

But the biggest disappointment must be Robert Pattinson's romantic drama Remember Me which, newly released here in the UK, limped in at No7 with just under £1million (£987,310, to be precise). Where were the Twihards who follow Pattinson's every move?

The film cost $16million and has been on release Stateside since March 16, with a box office so far of $35.4million according to Alt Film Guide. In the USA, it opened in fifth place behind Alice in Wonderland, Green Zone, She's Out of My League and Shutter Island.

Let me start off by saying how is a movie that cost 16million but made over $35million be a disappointment? It's doubled the cost it was to make it, yet it's being called a disappointment. Did it make as much a Twilight? No, of course not. This is a very different kind of movie. Let us go back and remember that Twilight had a HUGE following that had nothing to do with Rob Pattinson at the time. Let's remember too that this was rated PG-13. Could it be that some of the younger Twilight Fans COULDN'T go? But again I have to reiterate that a profit of 20million dollars should NOT be considered a disappointment.

Apr 5, 2010

Rob Pattinson Rumor Riot! Chocolate head - Rings!?

Rob Pattinson - trying to make the inane stories - sane.

This is hilarious. For Easter instead of giving out chocolate eggs - look at this option!

Blurb (telegraph UK):
The Twilight star was immortalised in an 18 kilo, solid chocolate bust after being voted Hollywood's tastiest actor.

Is this an honor? I guess if someone wants to make your head into chocolate so people can eat it, whatever floats your boat.

But is it me or does this chocolaty head look more like this guy below?

Yup - to me that's the first thing I thought of when I saw the head. Looks like Prince Charles. Not Rob Pattinson. But hey, I'm not chocolate expert haha.

More catchy headlines
Kristen Stewart to Receive an Engagement Ring from Robert Pattinson of Twilight for Easter! (gather)


Robert Pattinson to ask the question of marriage to Kristen Stewart? What? I though they just started dating! Robert Pattinson is coming back to the States to visit Kristen Stewart for Easter and he has a big surprise! It is believed that for Easter, Kristen Stewart will be receiving a beautiful engagement ring from her sweetheart and co-star Robert Pattinson.
Where do people get their information? Where does this come from? I'd love to know how these rumors get started?

It will be so nice for the couple to reunite this weekend after being away from each other after so many weeks across the world. The cute couple has been communicating mostly via text messages as well as emails. I really hope this rumor turns out to be true. What an adorable couple Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson would make married! They already have intense chemistry on Twilight and Eclipse! Don’t you think?
Who cares what kind of chemistry they have on set? Has nada to do with real life. Not to mention she's 19 years old and he's only 23! A tad young?

Robert Pattinson Easter Surprise for Kristen Stewart is Engagement Ring (world buzz)


Kristen Stewart will be receiving an engagement ring from her twilight sweetheart Robert Pattinson. They just started dating and now hotty Robert Pattinson will be asking Kristen Stewart’s hand for marriage. This Easter, Robert Pattinson will be in the United States to visit her lady Kristen Stewart and he has a big surprise for her.

This lovely couple Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been working together for years now for their movie series the Twilight Saga. Recently, they admitted that they are dating one another. We have heard that Kristen and Robert are looking for houses and finding an engagement ring for their upcoming movie Eclipse, where Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) gets engaged to Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson).

Despite the fact that Kristen Stewart’s ring for her upcoming movie is beautiful but this special Easter surprise that Robert Pattinson has for Kristen Stewart will be more superb!

Here’s what Robert Pattinson said: “he has an extra special surprise lined up for Kristen! He can’t wait to see her.”

Again.. Where do these quotes come from? I'm telling you there are people out there that think something.. it rolls off their tongue and BANG there is the rumor and where it began. Because seriously, does anyone think they are getting engaged? I have an idea, let's just let them be and enjoy their movies?

Too stupid huh?

Apr 1, 2010

Rob Pattinson stories : dancing with stars and he's cheap

Rob Pattinson Rumors - trying to make the inane... sane!

Okee dokee

This is the goofiest thing I read. The headline was:

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson watching Dancing With the Stars (photos)
Article (celebs gather) :
Well another day has passed, and I am left wondering what Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson did today. Did they call each other from their respective movie sets? Did they watch Dancing with the Stars? Were they as shocked as I was that Shannen Doherty was the one kicked off DWTS and not the prima dona Kate Gosselin? Well I guess Kate brings in the ratings, so they'll keep her around for a while. Were they really surprised to learn that Ricky Martin is gay? I mean seriously, this is news?

I know Robert is a brit and all, but I wonder if he's going to watch the final four this weekend. I bet he's pulling for Duke to win.

This is so off the wall. What in the HELL does it have to do with anything? People saying 'HE DOES THIS!' Then when you read the stupid article it's just about "I wonder if he is watching..."
Huh? I guess one could wonder if he is watching Spongebob too? Or maybe if he and Kristen are tip toeing thru the tulips? So random..
Oh and the photos?
A picture of Rob and Kristen, then a picture of Kate Goesslin from Dancing with the stars.

Then I came upon this lovely little tid bit:

Robert Pattinson Makes Girls Buy Him Drinks
Article (celebridoodle) :
Robert Pattinson makes girls buy his drinks! The Twilight star apparently has a habit of expecting female friends and fans to buy him drinks at the bar! The Sun U.K reports that Pattinson was at the Lyric theater in London for a play last week and when he went to the bar with a female friend he was reluctant to purchase the drinks. The eyewitness said, "I saw him at the bar with a female friend -- but when it came to buying drinks, he was reluctant to get his wallet out -- to the point where she had to pay." Pattinson also has a history of making female fans pay for his dinner as evident during a fan dinner in Spain were he made a fuse about buying the fan dinner.

Pattinson did make $12 million for New Moon and is worth much more than that so we're not sure what the issue is. Do you think he should step up when it comes to buying drinks or dinner for himself?

Hrmm... anyone else find this hard to believe? Again, let me reiterate that I am not a rabid Rob Pattinson fan or defender. But stupid stories need to be called out - and these pencil paparazzi need to stop hiding behind freedom of speech and writing whatever crap they feel like writing.

Rob Pattinson and cheap seems to be just another rumor to knock someone down that's on top. Just like everything he says is twisted and turned to the point that it's no longer his words or intent. "Pattinson has a history of making female fans pay..." blah blah blah Really? And how does this person know? Hang out with Rob, do you? You ever think Rob may be reluctant to whip out his wallet for fear someone would grab it just so they could get his license. After seeing what some of these girls - paparazzi etc., do to get into his person space I wouldn't put it past one of them. But once again, this is the infamous 'source' telling us that he mooches off female fans. C'mon people.

And as an aside - if anyone is interested in being on the Leave Rob Pattinson Alone street team - gimme a shout!

Anyway people - from me to you...