Apr 1, 2010

Rob Pattinson stories : dancing with stars and he's cheap

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Okee dokee

This is the goofiest thing I read. The headline was:

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson watching Dancing With the Stars (photos)
Article (celebs gather) :
Well another day has passed, and I am left wondering what Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson did today. Did they call each other from their respective movie sets? Did they watch Dancing with the Stars? Were they as shocked as I was that Shannen Doherty was the one kicked off DWTS and not the prima dona Kate Gosselin? Well I guess Kate brings in the ratings, so they'll keep her around for a while. Were they really surprised to learn that Ricky Martin is gay? I mean seriously, this is news?

I know Robert is a brit and all, but I wonder if he's going to watch the final four this weekend. I bet he's pulling for Duke to win.

This is so off the wall. What in the HELL does it have to do with anything? People saying 'HE DOES THIS!' Then when you read the stupid article it's just about "I wonder if he is watching..."
Huh? I guess one could wonder if he is watching Spongebob too? Or maybe if he and Kristen are tip toeing thru the tulips? So random..
Oh and the photos?
A picture of Rob and Kristen, then a picture of Kate Goesslin from Dancing with the stars.

Then I came upon this lovely little tid bit:

Robert Pattinson Makes Girls Buy Him Drinks
Article (celebridoodle) :
Robert Pattinson makes girls buy his drinks! The Twilight star apparently has a habit of expecting female friends and fans to buy him drinks at the bar! The Sun U.K reports that Pattinson was at the Lyric theater in London for a play last week and when he went to the bar with a female friend he was reluctant to purchase the drinks. The eyewitness said, "I saw him at the bar with a female friend -- but when it came to buying drinks, he was reluctant to get his wallet out -- to the point where she had to pay." Pattinson also has a history of making female fans pay for his dinner as evident during a fan dinner in Spain were he made a fuse about buying the fan dinner.

Pattinson did make $12 million for New Moon and is worth much more than that so we're not sure what the issue is. Do you think he should step up when it comes to buying drinks or dinner for himself?

Hrmm... anyone else find this hard to believe? Again, let me reiterate that I am not a rabid Rob Pattinson fan or defender. But stupid stories need to be called out - and these pencil paparazzi need to stop hiding behind freedom of speech and writing whatever crap they feel like writing.

Rob Pattinson and cheap seems to be just another rumor to knock someone down that's on top. Just like everything he says is twisted and turned to the point that it's no longer his words or intent. "Pattinson has a history of making female fans pay..." blah blah blah Really? And how does this person know? Hang out with Rob, do you? You ever think Rob may be reluctant to whip out his wallet for fear someone would grab it just so they could get his license. After seeing what some of these girls - paparazzi etc., do to get into his person space I wouldn't put it past one of them. But once again, this is the infamous 'source' telling us that he mooches off female fans. C'mon people.

And as an aside - if anyone is interested in being on the Leave Rob Pattinson Alone street team - gimme a shout!

Anyway people - from me to you...