Apr 9, 2010

Rob Pattinson insanity files; twi fans abandon Rob, wax Rob attacked

Ah the Rob Pattinson rumor and insanity files

Big stories on how Rob Pattinson's wax figure at Madame Tussauds.

Headline: Robert Pattinson's famously tousled hair is under attack

When Madame Tussauds released the new Robert Pattinson statue, fans went wild. Countless pictures were taken with fans hugging Pattinson, dressed in the image of famous Twilight character Edward Cullen, even some girls went as far as kissing statue. Well, there's a problem with getting touchy-feely with a statue that hundreds of people come in contact with on a daily basis: the spread of disease.

As a result, Robert Pattinson's "James Dean mane" must be washed frequently due to the fact that so many people have touched it, to avoid spreading diseases like the H1N1 virus. Makes you just want to give him a great big hug now, right?

Ok, am I going out of my mind? Do fans really realize that this is wax and NOT in anyway the real Rob Pattinson? Touching the hair (that is NOT really his) - kissing the waxy face. Now the wax figure could be spreading colds, and flu? Wait till this story gets out. The titles will be "Rob Pattinson spreads diseases." Watch for it.
Let me remind you that THIS is wax too:

Yes I know it LOOKS like him - but it isn't really him. It's just as much him as the picture of the candle! Now if you go to see it don't touch it, if all those people are touching, kissing and whatever else they are doing to his wax figure - you don't want what it's germy with!

And so people are writing about the twilight fans abandoning Rob. Blurb

Headline: Twilight fans abandon Robert Pattinson at the box office

Blurb from article

But the biggest disappointment must be Robert Pattinson's romantic drama Remember Me which, newly released here in the UK, limped in at No7 with just under £1million (£987,310, to be precise). Where were the Twihards who follow Pattinson's every move?

The film cost $16million and has been on release Stateside since March 16, with a box office so far of $35.4million according to Alt Film Guide. In the USA, it opened in fifth place behind Alice in Wonderland, Green Zone, She's Out of My League and Shutter Island.

Let me start off by saying how is a movie that cost 16million but made over $35million be a disappointment? It's doubled the cost it was to make it, yet it's being called a disappointment. Did it make as much a Twilight? No, of course not. This is a very different kind of movie. Let us go back and remember that Twilight had a HUGE following that had nothing to do with Rob Pattinson at the time. Let's remember too that this was rated PG-13. Could it be that some of the younger Twilight Fans COULDN'T go? But again I have to reiterate that a profit of 20million dollars should NOT be considered a disappointment.