Apr 24, 2010

Rob Pattinson - Music & living a lie?

You know now there are articles out there where he is wondering if acting is the way he should go.. But looking at the quotes - of course the writers are missing the point.

Headline: Robert Pattinson Unsure About Acting, Fake Rob and Kristen Engagement Rumor? (mygloss)

Robert Pattinson says that he is unsure about acting. MTV UK reports that the the Twilight hunk is questioning his career choice:

I always think there must be more. I get angry, because I think I’m missing out.
Pattinson says he would love to spend more time on his music:

I haven’t been able to do my music for ages. I can’t concentrate on two things at once. I don’t even listen to music when I’m working on a movie.

No doubt some of these thoughts are coming on the heels of yet another rumor about Rob and his girlfriend and Twilight Saga co-star Kristen Stewart. The web was buzzing yesterday with rumors that the couple got engaged.

First of all - before Twilight he was able to go out and jam like this:

This is killer. I am a singer and to be able to go and just let go is amazing. Rob is a gifted musician. I believe his musical talents outweigh his acting but that's just my opinion. So I don't think what he meant was he wants to quit acting folks, but do you think he could go into some open mic night now and just jam? umm.... nope. Not unless the clubs that do this (which probably seat 20) want a riot.
He misses that anonymity - wouldn't you? Does he regret it? Well, I highly doubt it because getting million vs. the little he used to get - my guess would be he is cool with making millions. But there are trade offs as he is pointing out.

Now onto their fake, not fake .. lie not lie engagement. Jeeezzuummm crowwwww (I'm trying to cut down on the swearing). Who knows! But is it me or does anyone notice that the rumors get hotter closer to the release of one of the Twilight movies? Think it's a co-inky-dink? Doubt it. And do I think Rob and Kristen are behind it? Hell no! (rats see .. potty mouth) I think they are just victims in the wave. They have no control over what these pencil and real paparazzi say or photograph. I mean even me, right? I don't know Rob or Kristen - even though I am clearly trying to protect them (sounds weird but you know what I mean) and like I say bring the sane to the inane. . I am just another writer. Albeit a good one hehe.

I mean how would you feel if people quoted you as saying stuff like this:

“He feels so lucky,” said the pal, ” to have found someone so young, with such an old soul.”

Recent reports claimed Rob and Kristen are growing tired of keeping their love for each other on the down low.

“Kristen is sick of the charade,” a source said. “At first Kris agreed to keep their romance low-key. But she’s fed up.”

It has also been claimed that the hunky British star has proposed to Kristen “countless times”.

“Rob is so love with Kristen, he has proposed to her countless times already,” said one insider.

“He’s just waiting for her to say yes.”

And the pal reckons it won’t be long until Kristen finally caves in and says yes.

“They believe they’re soul mates and want to be together forever,” said the source.

“They’re just really happy they’ve found each other.”

Really? Come on people - this 'source' really gets around.. slutty source. Plus it's super mushy - ick.