May 2, 2010

Rob Pattinson - Kristen tired? Can't stay away? TENNIS!

Hello All!
Sorry been sparse again with the updates. I was auditioning for a part in a film - and I got it! So who knows, maybe someone day I will be on the red carpet and can come clean as to who I am and say I have the BEST READERS EVER!

Ahhh the daydream. At least the best readers part is true!

Back to business..

Some headlines that struck me as... well silly.

Headline: Kristen Stewart tired of hush-hush over affair with Robert Pattinson?

According to a report by Showbiz spy, the Runaway beauty is tired of the low-profile they have kept concerning their love since the rumours broke out that the Twilight romance has spilled over the screen and has smitten the real life avatars of Bella and Edward.

“Kristen is sick of the charade,” a source for the site revealed. “At first Kris agreed to keep their romance low-key. But she’s fed up.”

(She's fed up? Says who? The infamous source? And may I reiterate once again, that no one knows whether this rumor is true or not.)

That may be one reason why she is keen on moving in with Rob in the new L.A. home she is looking for herself. Reports claimed earlier that Kris is thinking that it is time they settled down and has invited the hunk to share the home with her once she finds it.

“Kris has ratcheted up her plan to pin Rob down,” a source said last week. “She’s been house-hunting in L.A. with the intention of getting Rob to move in with her.”

But then what is the Summit folks’ view on that?

I love these stories portraying Kristen as some insecure, crazed love sick girl. In this business you have to have a lot of trust and thick skin. She's been in the business long enough to ignore the crap and continue on with life. (I assume anyway) If (and that's a big IF) they are in a relationship, I hardly think she is 'fed-up' or planning to 'pin Rob down.' Come on now, has anyone seen this girl interviewed. She's a much stronger woman than that.

Headline: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart can't stay away from Vancouver (Vancouver sun)

I just found that headline stupid. Can't stay away? A silly spin to put on it since they have to be there for reshooting. Silliness! I suppose they could stay away... but that wouldn't be very smart now would it. Imagine all the hullaballoo that would be caused if we recasted Bella and Edward. I believe world war III would break out.

Headline: Robert Pattinson "Freaked Out" Over Living with Kristen Stewart!

I am not even going to post anything content. Because a few blogs back it was all about Rob proposing and wanting Kristen to settle down. It's like a tennis match isn't it?

"Rob wants Kristen to get married (SERVE) Kristen needs Rob to settle down (SMACK) Rob is pregnant with Kristen's baby (NET!)"