May 19, 2010

Rob Pattinson - No of course he does't have lice! Headlines and insanity

I love the headlines that these online websites use to get you to read their stories.

Some headlines are total serious as inane as they are - and some are just a rouse to get you hooked and then you read & it's all a bunch of bull.

Ok so these are the lovely headlines already popping up after Rob's appearance on Ellen. I missed the appearance but I read the quote, and feel as though I know his sense of humor enough by now that he jokes his way around subjects that make him uncomfortable.


Robert Pattinson Tells Ellen "Terrible Infestation of Nits" Led Him to Cut His Hair

Robert Pattinson 'had a haircut because of terrible nit infestation'

Robert Pattinson Shaves Head Because Of Head Lice!

Now I didn't copy all of the headlines - but there are a bunch out there of the same feel.
This is the quote from the show
He said: ‘I got a terrible infestation of nits and I had to shave it all off.’
And watch this clip

Funny, charming yet everyone is writing that he has lice in their headlines then saying "oh hahaha just kidding." Sorry "writers" out there - it's a rude way to portray someone no matter how you spin it.

And this I found just odd

Headline: Rob Pattinson's Hair Stolen!

Article (Mtv UK):

After having a trim, Rob fears his missing locks could be auctioned...

Robert Pattinson is reportedly worried his trademark locks will end up in an auction after some of his hair was stolen.

The Twilight actor, who is famous for his signature floppy brown hair which has won him an army of teenage female fans recently cut his hair for a new film role but was left 'devastated' when some of his freshly chopped hair mysteriously disappeared.

A source explained: “Robert has had his hair cut short for a movie role but his discarded hair has gone missing,”

They added: “Someone collected it and Rob is concerned it will end up in some tacky auction. It's probably about the most valuable hair in showbiz!”

If this is true.. and someone stole his hair after it was cut?? Ew.. I don't even know what to say? Who the heck would steal it, and if so, then who the heck would BUY it.. and then.. WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH IT?? Seriously, a pile of dead hair?
"Ouuuu look what I won on ebay! ! ! !"