May 13, 2010

Rob Pattinson : To baby or Not To Baby

As I was doing my research on silly stories - I found out that today is Rob's Birthday..
Who knew? Apparently a lot of people other than me ... so anywho


Today is the day that the clan is on Oprah. Should be interesting to see where they admit they are indeed a couple. Why do I have a funny feeling that I won't hear that at all??

So once again OK magazine has on the cover that Kristen is pregnant again...
You'd think I was making this $hit up.. but here is the picture

Really? How do thye get away with printing this stuff?

A quote from the show (again supposed quote)

"Robert Pattinson's announcement that Kristen Stewart is pregnant is said to have been a swift deflection of Oprah Winfrey's question on the romantic status between Pattinson and Stewart. It's reported that Kristen Stewart jumped in on the question, claiming that it was actually Rob who was carrying the baby."
Hrmm... seems to me that they are mocking the story that she was called pregnant? Call me crazy but ... yes, that is what it is people. No one is pregnant. I think I can go out on a limb and say Kristen is not pregnant with Rob's baby ..
and I can equivocally say that Rob is DEFINITELY not pregnant.

There .. I said it .. quote me!

You know they can't win. If they admit they are dating then that will ruin the illusion and suspense.. Yet, by keeping quite people are getting sick of them pussy footing around the subject. There is no right way to go about this. Oh wait.. WAIT! I have a wonderful IDEA!

Let's just leave them be?

Ok fine.. don't.. but don't say I didn't warn you!

MAY 13 2010 -

Just watched Oprah with the gang....