Jun 18, 2010

Rob Pattinson: Undies? - "Normal couple" - Emma Roberts

It never ceases to amaze me what people will be interested in reading. Well the most recent oddity in headlines has to be this :

Robert Pattinson likes Tighty Whities!


ROBERT Pattinson prefers briefs to boxers. (showbizspy)

The hunky British actor apparently likes to buy his underwear at popular UK department store Marks and Spencers.

“Marks and Spencer’s tighty whities are Robert brand of choice,” a source close to Rob, 24, told PopEater.

(that famous 'source' again - let me say that whoever would tell tabloids etc., what Rob is buying for undies - is just a nasty person. But then again, there were photographers taking pictures of the boy buying underwear, so I guess nothing is off limits.

“When doing all his stunts, Robert likes to feel down below is all in place and not flopping around. It’s one less thing that he has to worry about.
(Yes, I'm sure he said that)

“Robert insists on a fresh pair of underwear ever day.”
(umm... don't most people?)

Rob has previously admitted he was shocked to see pictures of himself buying underwear.

“I saw pictures of me, buying pants, in the papers and I thought, ‘What do you expect me to wear?’” he said earlier this year.

(Exactly my point, he's a human people.. he needs undies, toothbrushes, floss, socks etc., just like the rest of us!)


Headline: Robert Pattinson discusses acting like a 'normal couple' with Kristen


See why below

In an interview with Parade.com he said: “Kissing felt a little bit more natural in Eclipse, even if there was plenty of it.

“In New Moon and Twilight it was always like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna kill you if I kiss you’ or something. It was always kind of odd.

“But, in this one, they both understand their situation a lot more, which makes it easier. It’s the first time Kristen and I have been able to just act like a normal couple.”

Reports continue to circulate that the young actors are dating in real life but whether it’s down to some out-of-hours practice or simply impressive acting skills, the couple perfectly capture the intense and passionate relationship between Bella and Edward.

Ok people - as you can clearly see he is talking about Edward and Bella. Of course as the series continues and they realize they are in love blah blah - then it will become more natural for EDWARD AND BELLA!! Not Rob and Kristen. I'm not sure if you are all aware of this but brace yourselves... Rob is not really Edward and Kristen isn't really Bella.

And can I just say something that bothered the CRAP out of me!

Headline: Emma Roberts deletes Twitter account after 'Twilight's Team Edward fans find out she's Team Jacob (nydaily)

The fans bombard her with rude comments because she said she was Team Jacob.. really? REALLY GIRLS? Is that necessary to make yourselves look like complete wack-jobs?