Jun 3, 2010

Rob Pattison: More dating Bull - Snooki advice - and Rob's head!

Hey everyone - sorry it's been a while .. I've been away.

Back to business !

Headline: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Not Dating? (Timesnewsline)

This is funny (and redundant of course), but now these sites are getting there information from .... FANS!

But it's been reported recently that Rob Pattinson has told some of his fans that he was not dating Kristen. Reports have emerged that the Twilight star is getting cozy with Reese Witherspoon on the set of his upcoming movie "Water for Elephants."

Seriously people! How do they justify this $hit. "Told some of his fans," come on! Yes, I'm sure that he won't tell Oprah, or Matt Lauer from the Today show .. yet he's going to tell some screaming teenagers. That's TOTALLY believable. And snuck in that little paragraph is more baloney about Rob and Reese. Uh huh.. yah okee dokee.

Ok if anyone has watched that Jersey show they know who Snooki is.. I must admit that I have never seen the show because I've seen commercials for it and am stunned that there are people out there that act that ridiculous and even more stunned that people indulge them by watching them make fools of themselves on TV. But I digress. Apparently SNOOKI has advice for Rob...

Headline: Snooki To Robert Pattinson: 'You Need To Go Tanning, But You're Really Hot' (hollywoodtimes)

"Yes, Snooki is MTV News' special correspondent and she has her eyes set on chatting up Robert Pattinson. "I'm going to say, 'You need to go tanning, but you're really hot. Because you're a vampire. You're pale," she told us of her plans.

Has anyone seen her? Her orange face?
If that is a real tan well give her a few years before melanoma starts to develop, and if it isn't, then someone is doing a lousy job because she's is the color of a burnt orange.

And someone decided to make a full size head of Rob... An FX artist between jobs decided to make a Rob head.

Headline: 'Twilight' star Robert Pattinson's head made out of silicon, sold on eBay

This is a RARE life-size 1:1 museum quality, one of a kind, silicone bust of Edward Cullen, played by actor Robert Pattinson in the hit film Twilight, Twilight: New Moon, Eclipse. This is NOT an Edward Cullen doll, this is a full size head. It was custom made by a movie industry FX artist in between jobs. I was going to piece together a full statue. This is an amazing bust that looks entirely real. The soft silicone is real to the touch. The punched hair is amazing, the eyebrows, lashes, hairline are hand inserted. The eyes are industry grade glass eyes. The entire piece is foam filled with a core up the neck so he can be easily mounted on a stand or put together as an historic museum quality statue.

Now I will admit - this is a damn good replica, I think it's better than the wax one in NY. But I find it very odd that someone make someones head in their spare time? I find that weird. But if it was sold on ebay then clearly we know why this person did it. CA-CHING! Any Rob related will make huge bucks so ride the wave while you can! I assume that's what some people are thinking. Let's make someones life miserable so we can earn a quick $$.

How charming.