Jul 20, 2010

Rob Pattinson: 1963 Chevy

Hello all
I haven't written in a while because I'm so sick of the same ole story.

They are definitely dating!
It's all a hoax!!
Rob dumps Kristen.
Kristen dumps Rob.

- so I didn't feel like writing about such repetitive junk. I was afraid it would cause all of you to tear your eyes out.

The most interesting things I saw recently was the many headlines about Rob driving a 1963 Chevy Nova.... Um.. and why is that interesting? I know why! The paparazzi want him to be driving a $350,000 car so in turn they can mock him for BUYING such an expensive car! But guess what... FAIL... haha.. he's driving an American old fashioned car. Such explosive news. But WAIT WAIT.. of course they can't just report that Rob is driving a Chevy with his good friend Tom Sturridge. No no no! They must add this quote:

"There were rumors floating around that Rob was using Kristen Stewart as a beard and was really dating Tom, but that’s just the hush hush talk."

And there is the twist to get an otherwise dull story and give it life! Let's start spreading a rumor! I guess that must mean that I'm gay right? Because I went to the movies with my BFF the other day - and she's a girl... and I'M a girl.. must mean we are dating right?? (except that I am married)

Wonder what they will think of next!

STAY TUNED for more of me mocking stupid articles........
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