Jul 26, 2010

Rob Pattinson: HA, I was right! Leave him alone.

Okee dokee - so of course the usual paparazzi are following him all over God's creation.. and surprise surprise - he's ANNOYED!

Headlines had titles like this & littered the internet:

Robert Pattinson's Paparazzi Fury

Robert Pattinson Reaches His Paparazzi Boiling Point

This blurb was in all of the articles (notice the yellow as to what he SAID):

An onlooker in Venice tells, "Robert got really upset seeing photographers waiting outside for his picture and following him home, as he stopped twice asking the photographers to leave him alone."
Notice what I highlighted in yellow? Look at those 3 words... are they NOT similar to my blog website? Umm.. why yesiree they are! Which makes me want to run scream "told ya so, told ya so!" But, I won't do that... a lot.

The poor guy is out and about and KA-POW.. paparazzi everywhere! I'll show a few of the pictures only to prove how OBNOXIOUS these people are..

The 3rd one really pisses me the he// off! Seriously dude? You do realize that these aren't even professional photographers anymore. These are yahoo's that have a camera and want to earn a quick buck. These guys follow are Rob (and other celebs) to find out where they live, where they are going, who they are with and hoping to God to get a shot of said celeb doing something horrible or gross or something unusual so they can get the most money they can while making the celeb look like a jacka$$. Honorable profession, no?


I saw some headlines such as this:


Robert Pattinson Spotted In The Company Of An Older Woman

Which the rumor originally was his Mother - and now is his manager. Because I don't stalk the man I have NO idea what either look like. I'm sure I've seen them in pictures with him but have no burned their images to my retina. None the less, he goes to a movie with another person and KA-BLAM.. insinuations galore! Gag..

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