Jul 23, 2010

Rob Pattinson: Umm.. what? - Wax - Bloody face

The "Umm.. what?" I'll save for last..

I came across some more wax figures. This one is of Bella and Edward. I don't know -
just spookifies me!

Is it me? Or is it spooky? Actually looks a lot like them - except for Rob's hair. Looks like an animal crawled up his back and parked on the top of his head.

I can't TELL you how many articles I saw that had headlines like this:

Robert Pattinson Gets His Ass Kicked!

A ton of headlines suggesting that he has been beaten up, is bloody etc. But then they suck you in and say "Oh no no no - it's just for the role of Water for Elephants." The pencil paparazzi's just want to scare the beejeezuz out of everyone so people think little ole Rob has been hurt. They did the same thing when he was filming Remember Me and had a fight scene. Bloody and bruised and beaten Rob!! Oh wait, actually it was his character but HE LOOKED BLOODY. Yes people, that would be called - make up. So it's a slight exaggeration that Rob is bloody. His character was beaten up.. Rob was only "beaten up" by the make-up artist.

Ok THIS is just so disturbing I am at a loss.. Is it a spoof? I don't think so because I can't find anywhere that it says spoof. But nonetheless..

This is the FREAKY headline I found:

"Robert Pattinson's penis is news, circumcised or not."

Umm.. what.. WHAT??

Now as most of you know, I don't like to perpetuate rumors, locations, etc. when it comes to Rob (or anyone for that matter). And I do find a lot of articles I find completely offensive on behalf of him so I don't write about them because I want the article to disappear into cyber space. But after I read this article - I had to show you all how incredibly dumb, idiotic, stupid, inappropriate... get the drift? some people can be!


With the Internet almost crashing due to everyone logging on to see Robert Pattinson with his fly undone on the set of “Water for Elephants” I’d like to take this opportunity to say that even if you could see Pattinson’s penis, would you want to?

People probably say, “That R. Patz is hung like a horse.” Or, people probably say, “That R. Patz is hung like a hang nail.” By being able to see inside his pants and at his penis, if you believe one way or the other, and the truth is the opposite, it could scar you for life.

So, if you do not wish to see the picture of R. Patz with is fly undone, then don’t bother looking. There is nothing to see, not because of the fact that he could have a tiny penis, but because of the fact that there is nothing to see.

However, forget the fact that his penis might be big or small, what I want to ask is: Is Robert Pattinson circumcised?

Apparently there is a picture floating around of Rob in a costume and his fly is undone.. BIG - FREAKING - DEAL! Are you kidding me? So that picture inspires this article?? Someone talking about the mans JUNK!? Talking about size??

Then it gets worse! As I read it I think "Nooo.. they aren't going to go there.." DOH.. they did! They went there! Where you ask?? CIRCUMCISION! I have no words that will emphasize how dumb.. not to mention disrespectful that is. People, talking about circumcision is very ... FAMILIAR, no?? Is NOTHING sacred? ................... Dumb question.

How much you want to make a bet when 'news' slows down about Rob, you will start seeing headlines about what his bowel movements look like.
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