Aug 5, 2010

Rob Pattinson: Break down-Smoking

Hrmm... Apparently from the million headlines I'm reading .. Rob's having a nervous breakdown.
Ok, let's break this story down...(Pun intended)

Here's a couple of the headlines:

‘Twilight’s’ Robert Pattinson is close to a nervous breakdown

Kristen Stewart Frantic Over Robert Pattinson Mental State

And that is just 2.. there are many more out there all claiming the same thing, that Rob is going nuts.

Blurb's from some articles:

The media, fans and paparazzi are getting to be too much for Robert Pattinson.

The 24-year-old superstar has been catapulted into the world stage over the last two years as the “Twilight” movies became an international obsession and now friends of Pattinson are getting worried about how he’s coping with all of this attention, according to Look magazine.

Known for his self-deprecation Pattinson’s friends describe him as intensely private and say that he dislikes having cameras follow him and tabloid speculating on his private like.

We have NO idea what his friends are thinking. Although I imagine if I was his friend I'd be worried about him too. Let me say that I do not think he is having a "break down" but I don't think anyone needs a "source" to tell a magazine that Rob's friends and/or family would be worried for him. Seriously? Wouldn't you be concerned if that was your family member or friend? He's hounded .. 24/7.. photo mongrel's looking for his HOUSE .. girls asking him if he would BITE THEIR NECKS .. People, there are wonderful fans out there but there are nut bags as we all know. Stalkers that haunt a celebrity and literally go after them. So "BREAKING NEWS - ROB'S FAMILY / FRIENDS ARE WORRIED." No, $hit!

Or this one:

Girlfriend or not, Kristen Stewart is deeply worried about the pressure fame has put on Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, who reportedly is teetering on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

“Kristin is absolutely frantic about Rob,” a source told Britain’s Look magazine. “She’s never known him to get so upset.

“He’s gone from obscurity to being one of the biggest stars on the planet and the pressure he’s under is unbelievable. She’s trying to keep his spirits up but she’s worried he needs more support than he lets on,” the source added.

Ah ha.. so Kristen is "deeply worried." Says the oh so reliable 'source.' She may be or she may just be worried like we all worry about our friends and family. Why is it super news worthy that Kristen is worried. Is that supposed to be the ULTIMATE PROOF that we all now need to start worrying? As if to say "oh crap.. KRISTEN IS WORRIED? Now we KNOW it's bad."

In all honesty, I am sure Rob is just fine. Stressed? Probably, who wouldn't be? Although I must say, I wouldn't blame him if he wanted to punch these a$$munches in the head for following him everywhere and sticking a camera 12 inches from his face.


Robert Pattinson Eats Better; Now Help Him Quit Smoking

Blurb from article:

“Twilight” star Robert Pattinson’s unhealthy habits are dwindling but until he stops smoking, even eating better isn’t going to do much to improve his health.

Since he rocketed to stardom in the Twilight series, Pattinson at times appears to be almost a chain smoker. While reports that he is eating healthier, cigarettes will ultimately doom him.

Rob acknowledged in a new interview that he is eating much better, even though he still can’t cook. Instead, he’s using a service that delivers daily meals to his Los Angeles home.

But if opposites attract, then he has found a perfect mate in Kristen Stewart.

She is a great cook whose hobby is baking pies and watching the “Food Network.”

But Kristen also smokes, so they reinforce each other’s habit.

Part of Rob’s problem is the fact that he is constantly on the road. That often includes periods of downtime when he smokes to pass the time.

Unlike fitness fanatic Taylor Lautner, who works out nonstop and eats every two hours to stay buff, Pattinson is less concerned about weight and more about convenience.

And, his schedule continues to be hectic. He’s also been filming the drama “Water for
“Breaking Dawn’ will be shot in two parts, with the first due out in November 2011.

Help Rob quit smoking. Express your comments below. Will forward a link to the comments to Summit Entertainment. (

This isn't the whole article - I just put some of it in because they took quotes from a bunch of different articles to make the article seem more intense.

Does Rob smoke? Obviously. Is it unhealthy? Yup sure is. But it's his choice. Bottom line is, Rob is a big boy and can make this decision for himself. And before anyone thinks I am heartless, I'm really not. I'm a former smoker & I know how bad it is for you. I don't want ANYONE to smoke. I think the stupid things should be banned. But I HATED when people told me to quit. Bugged the heck out of me!

Besides do you really think Summit Entertainment wants to receive 5000 comments begging Rob to quit smoking? My gut tells me...nope.

And somethin' else that bothered me a little.. notice how the article focuses on how afraid they are for Rob and mentions how Kristen smokes so the enable each other... yet they don't seem to give a rats arse if she quits. Where's the Kristen love?
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