Aug 2, 2010

Rob Pattinson: Fame - Popularity pages?

It's lovely lately because I haven't seen many headlines that go WAY over the line. Yes, I see the same blah blah blah about their dating vs. not dating vs. dumped etc. But I can't even stand to write about it anymore unless it's something really horrible and offensive.

I saw this lovely little headline:

Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart-Going Insane?

If it were me? It would have happened ages ago! I have no idea how they deal with it. And I think Rob gets the worst of it. Why you ask? (or didn't but so what) If you notice, girl fans are a bit more aggressive then boy fans. It's not often you see a gaggle of boys screaming like loonies for a female celebrity. Nope - none of that. Of course what female celebrities do get are freaky stalkers.. what a choice!

The article goes on about how sick the both of them are getting of the constant paparazzi etc. Umm.. is that a surprise to anyone? Of course they are? Wouldn't anyone be?

You know what the last line of the article said? Said well they are celebrities that is the price you pay.

What?? That's bull$hit. Yes, there is a certain amount of hassle you have to deal with - but the amount that they are going through? C'mon. I've posted some of the horrible videos, pictures etc. They are almost attacked. Like I've said before - I NOW understand Sean Penn and his punching the paparazzi's!


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart- Missing from popular action?

People are so crazy about Robert Pattinson who immortalized the role of Edward Cullen that when he was spotted at film premieres they asked him to bite on their shoulders or necks a la vampire style.
(ok that still freaks me out!)

People get shocked when they get to see his normal avatar because they strangely expect that he must be looking like vampire even in his normal life.
(Yes, they expect to see Rob pale as a ghost, talking in a sweet whisper.. but voila! He's human!)

If you are still reading this, by now you must have guessed the amount of hysteria and craziness that surrounds Robert and Kristen. Surprisingly even in this technological age, both of them are missing from social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.
(Thank God!)

So do you think they are making the right kind of move?

Of COURSE they are making the right move. Can you imagine if they had 'official' twitter and facebook pages? I bet that it would crash the damn server!! And what kind of posts would you see on his wall? "Will you marry me??" - or - "I love you!!"

Poor Kristen would probably get hate messages from jealous girls that get confused that she isn't really Bella!
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