Sep 26, 2010

Rob Pattinson~ Jealousy - Breaking dawn

Un-real! Well, wait.. of course it's real because like I've said at this point I shouldn't be surprised anymore.

Okee here we go.

Some headlines:

Agent gets in between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Photos: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart News: R.Pattz Agent Breaking Up the Couple?
(fyi-they were Twilight photos)

Kristen Stewart Uncomfortable With Robert Pattinson's Agent Stephanie Ritz

Uh-huh.. Yup, that's right. Kristen is jealous of Rob's publicist. **sigh** Is anyone supposed to believe this. Hrm.. first of all I don't know any of these people personally, as I've said a bunch'o'times, but Kristen doesn't strike me as being the type of person to be jealous over something so dumb.

Another rumor about the relationship of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart has surfaced: the relationship of the two is currently not well because of Kristen Stewart’s jealousy to Robert Pattinson’s agent Stephanie Ritz.

According to reports Robert Pattinson and Stephanie Ritz are so close and it made Kristen Stewart jealous and upset.

This is another rumor between a relationship that the couple did not clearly confirm. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart never made a statement that they are in love.
(1 fact - wow I'm surprised)

Since Kristen Stewart does not have the confidence to say that she and Robert Pattinson are together and in love, it’s just fair for Pattinson to go out with other people.

(That is the dumbest statement. How can someone say she doesn't have the confidence to say ... whatever it is. This person doesn't know her - and of course IF that statement was true and then by all means that would give a guy the RIGHT to go and cheat? LOGIC = 0 .. oh and btw - this is pure )

That statement is so backwards and pro-caveman. "Well if she's too shy to say how she feels - then poor Rob has to go out and be with other women.."
Oy next thing we will see is this:

I don't think so..

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson's First Sex Scene Location Revealed

Blurb from Article:

In "Breaking Dawn"!
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are finally jetsetting about the North and South Americas to film "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn." And you die-hard Twi-hards have been bleeding to know exactly where the Twilight Two will make love onscreen for the first time. We've learned the lovin' locale...Edward and Bella, get hot!

THIS is what is the hot news about Breaking Dawn. I supposed everyone who has read the book is wondering how they will portray this and still keep it teenage-able. But really, we need to know where the 1st SEX SCENES will take place? Nevermind the whole rest of the 700+ page book or the story that goes with it .. the most important part is the consummation of the marriage and where it's being filmed. Like it makes a FREAKIN' difference.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news to any of the psycho fans & insane media... but Bella and Edward do consummate their marriage in Breaking Dawn.. but we are not going to be seeing KRISTEN AND ROB HAVE SEX! Not going to happen, isn't about them...

There will be camera men/women there - boom operators (mic) - lighting people - the director and somewhere in the vicinity will be hair/makeup/costume, assistant director, and many other people to make this scene work. Like every other scene. The fact they are filming it in (last I heard) South American doesn't mean that they are gonna go orgy crazy and film a porn.

Sep 22, 2010

Rob Pattinson: Drunky- Sons - etc..

Let me start out by apologizing for not updating earlier. Honestly, I didn't see much that was worth commenting on - except of course the same ole poop. And then of course I fell and screwed up my knee which didn't help with 2 kiddos. Ok enough whining..

Ok - guess who has a son? Well, to some sources Rob.

I almost didn't comment because it's so silly - but I guess BECAUSE it's so silly - I must.

An Australian rag magazine reported something to the effect that Rob and his secret girlfriend had a son named .. get this .. Sham.
Let's look at definition of "Sham," shall we?

sham  noun, adjective, verb, shammed, sham·ming.
1. something that is not what it purports to be; a spurious imitation; fraud or hoax.

Oh wow! How IRONIC?

Stupid moving on...

Robert Pattinson Gets Too Drunk To Record His Album
Twilight star partied when he should have been jamming...

Oh how interesting this should be..

Robert Pattinson made his first steps towards becoming a musician recently but reportedly got too drunk to lay down any tracks.
(Yes, I'm sure he was aiming to put out a record.. even thought in many interviews he has said that he's NOT doing that)

The Twilight actor was in an LA studio to record some music but invited his friends over to help out and they ended up drinking all night long.
(Sounds to me like he just wanted to hang with his friends and have a good time)

“He ended up goofing off all night with his buddies and getting drunk,” a source told The National Enquirer. “Rob mostly joked around with the musicians and kept them there for hours."
(The National Enquirer - well then it MUST be FACT!)

R-Patz subsquently failed to record any music during his stay.
(Oh please)

An insider told the National Enquirer: “Rob needs to seriously rethink his musical career."
(WHAT music career?? I could be wrong but he has enough to deal with being the most popular guy on planet earth right now, he's said he isn't pursuing that anytime soon)


And I also found a million headlines about Rob visiting Kristen 'on the set' of her new movie.

Ok.. aaaannndd what? Did aliens pop out of his belly?
He visits Kristen. Good for him. Lordy, people .. digging deep for articles.

Sep 15, 2010

Rob Pattinson: Guitar - True love - Fan of jealousy?

Funny - giggle - chuckle - whatever you think..

Robert Pattinson Cosies Up To His Guitar In Texas - Pictures
Missing Kristen, perhaps?...

Blurb from article:

The photo of Rob hugging his guitar above was taken by a lucky fan who ran into the star in a Houston bar.

We hear he treated onlookers to a few chords as well. We wonder if he does private performances.

Does this not scream silly - Cosies up to his guitar means he's missing Kristen? That visual cracks me up. Lonely Rob, walking into a bar with his 'date' the guitar because he's so sad that he's not with Kristen. So sad that he needs to give the guitar cuddles. That's funny. And of course stick in the ever so subtle (NOT) sexual reference wondering if he gives private performances. Yea he must - to his mirror because he's so depressed that Kristen is working..(insert rolling eyes here)

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart: ‘True love back in fashion?’

Well, with the release of the popular cult flicks in the ‘Twilight Series’, came the dashing and endearing couple, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart! These two good looking youngsters had the look of yearning teenagers, with stars in their eyes, and a great hunger for love!

Thus, with the portrayal of the characters, Rob as the vampire Edward Cullen, and Kristen, as the simple and naïve human being, a young girl called Bella Swan, were so much akin to their roles, that their on screen romance hit the right chord with the audiences to such a great extent that, it was taken for granted that, the two were also a fab couple in real life.

To add fuel to fire, the two actually fell in love in real life as well, even though they initially denied the reports.

(ME: They fell in love? I didn't realize that was announced they had announced it- I must have missed that news alert)

However, their romantic liaison has now reached such peaks, that their dedicated love for each other is almost bringing back the fashion of falling in love and remaining faithful to that same person, without cheating on the sly!
(ME: When did that go out of style? I don't think I know anyone who every thought cheating was a fun thing to do, hip or cool? Unless of course I'm missing something and cheating a$$holes are in fashion?)

Well, to see the actual impact, we’ll just have to see, whether the two actually succeed in bringing back true love in fashion again!!’
(ME: Um... yeah, true love has always been in fashion - just because some dinks cheat and sneak around, doesn't meat it's the cool thing to do.)


Apparently Rob is a fan of Top Gear that's out of the U.K. I put the link in because it's actually a great show. My husband & son watch it all the time. Anyway, the big headline is:

Rob Pattinson - Top Gear Fan!

(, I guess)

But this is the interesting part...
The article starts off like this:

ROBERT Pattinson is a Top Gear fan!

The hunky Hollywood star is keeping up with life back home in Britain with almost obsessive viewings of popular motoring show, which recently featured Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz as guests.
(ME: obsessive viewings - sure.. I'm sure he's sitting in a dark hotel room, starting at the TV watching episode after episode)

“Rob watches them on his laptop,” a source said.
(ME: Gotta meet this "source" someday - this "source" sure does get around)

“All his pals back home watch it so he likes to keep in with them. He hopes to be a guest on the show although he’ll have to work on his driving skills. He’s well known for driving like an old woman!”
(ME: Ah OK - so he watches a show .. because he likes it and chats to his friends about it. Wow now that's REALLY UNUSUAL!)

(ME: And here comes the left field comment)
Recent reports claimed Rob is jealous of rumored girlfriend Kristen Stewart’s relationship with his BFF Tom Sturridge.

“Kristen was always jealous of all the time Tom and Rob spent together,” a source said.
(ME: there's the big mouth "source" again)

“But Rob intervened and helped make peace between the two — a move he may now regret.

“Kristen’s telling friends that she’s falling for Tom, as he has all of Rob’s great qualities without the baggage: Rob’s fear of commitment and the intense scrutiny their relationship brings.”
(ME: Give me a BA-REAK! I would bet serious cash-0-la on the fact that Kristen in no way said anything like that. Jeezum, she loves him - she hates him - he's a possessive ass - she's ph-ucking around with Tom.. One bit fat contradiction after another. It's a wonder anyone can follow any of it.. I guess that's why I appeared. To point out the INSANITY of it all!)

Sep 12, 2010

Rob Pattinson: Hobo? - Smelly?

This is rather funny.

So apparently there is a new term going around called "Hollywood Hobo," nice huh?
Rob now has a beard that is a little unkempt means he's hobo material. It's called trying to disguise yourself from nutball fans!

This just irked me.

Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart: The 'Smell Bad' Couple?

Remember the rumors that Robert Pattinson has a poor hygiene? Well, the "hygiene" and the "smell bad" words on R-Pattz articles were revived after Kristen Stewart talked about hygiene in one magazine interview!

Kristen Stewart admits to smelling bad. But she explains how. According to the Twilight actress, she doesn't prepare for interviews so when she is asked by a journalist, she gets nervous and starts to sweat. As a result, she smells "bad."
(ahhh.. so she really doesn't smell horrendous - she's just nervous. Last I heard nervous people sweat and knowing how often she's been on the hot seat I can only imagine how nervous she must get. But I doubt she smells like $hit)

However, Kristen tells Style Magazine that "Practice helps a lot. You just get so nervous... I don't know how to deal with it. I don't prepare anything, I just do it so it's gotten easier with experience."

That's ok, Kristen. Everyone has their flaws. You carry it well, though. And at least you and Robert Pattinson can call it quits when it comes to the scent department.
(Oh STFU!!)

And Hollywood Life's report is just so funny. The site wrote: "Robert Pattinson may not be the cleanest guy in the world, which would explain why he and his GF get along so well."
(I find that hard to comment on. Once again taking a quote and twisting it so hard so a nugget of poop slander can come out. Whatever this Hollywood site is that wrote that quote - I mean, are they trying to be funny? Think they are all clever? When in reality they sound like jackasses..)

Good God people - let's move past the hygiene thing. Rob (I'm sure) does NOT smell like a donkey's ass nor does Kristen.

Hilarious! Remember I wrote a while back how online site were reporting that Rob was dumping Kristen because she was so possessive and wanted to get married etc. Well apparently the tables have turned! Now, apparently, it's Rob's turn and he's possessive and it's bothering Kristen.

Are Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on the rocks? Is RPattz possessive?

Speculation says that Robert Pattinson is possessive of his rumored girlfriend Kristen Stewart.
These rumors come just a week after Pattinson was seen out with a leggy blond, better known as his publicist. The two were out on the town, holding hands, and looking more involved than business casual.

(My GOD, I have no idea when they are going to let this go.. the blond is the publisist that's it-no story there.)

Pattinson and Stewart have been dating for awhile. They met while filming Twilight, where they play (you guessed it) lovers, Edward and Bella. However, there have been several stories fabricated about the couple and the latest one claims that RPattz is possessive over KStew. Given their popularity in comparison, you'd think it would be the other way around.
(Ah.. given their popularity it should be the other way around? Meaning, of course, Kristen should be the one who is possessive because .. ? she is a girl? Please give me a break!)

Who knows if there is any truth to this story, but it's widely speculated that the two are on the rocks. They haven't been photographed together since the middle of August (pictured) and they reportedly moved out of their love nest.
(I love how they say "who knows if there is any truth to this story.." well, umm.. doesn't that beg the question then WHY write an entire article if you have NO IDEA if there is any truth to it????)

Sep 8, 2010

Rob Pattinson: Traveling - Yes Master!

Well this time I haven't updated in a few days because there hasn't been that much insanity to write about - that's a good thing!

But of course there are a few stragglers searching for stories so they must conjure up something to get readers. Which means.... I must comment.

'Twilight's' Robert Pattinson has taken to the road


It seems that Robert Pattinson has gone on the run.

The actor left XXXX after a boy's night out on Friday and stopped off in XXXX on Saturday. He then moved on the XXXX. The group of guys were looking relaxed and Pattinson is still sporting his new beard.

(Yes, I X'ed out the locations because of reasons I've explained before. Weird that people know exactly where his is on any given day.)

Pattinson's location is being tracked via fans tweets across the country. On Sunday night he was spotted by a fan at XXXX, in XXXX. A waitress at the restaurant posted on her Facebook page that Pattinson was "very polite, quiet, undouchey and knows his wine."
(Seems like she was being nice - although I really think if you were his waitress then you should just STFU. 'Undouchey'...???)

On Monday night the road tripping vacationer was seen stopping in at a bar in XXXX. Here he was pounced on again by some fans as he stopped to take some photos. He also stopped at IHOP and Jiffy Lube.

(Someone else (obviously) spotted him at a bar and had to post about it - so once again we are aware of every move he makes. And I didn't X out IHOP and Jiffy Lube to prove the lengths at which people will go to 'tweet' or 'post' or whatever - that they are 'in the know.' Jiffy Lube, really? WTF)

It is thought that he's taking the scenic route on his way to visit Kristen Stewart who's back on the set of "On the Road" in New Orleans. She'll arrive on set early next week.

("It is thought..." well maybe he's just taking a road trip to have a good time with his buddies? Is there always some story that he's trying to get to Kristen or then again, sometimes it's he is trying to get away from her. I guess whatever sells that day!)

This is so stupid that it's funny

Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart - Master & Servant

(get's better - here is the article (with my inserted commentary))

ROBERT Pattinson is more like Kristen Stewart’s SLAVE than her boyfriend — according to a new report.

Britain’s Heat magazine claims Stewart — who’s famed for her below average acting abilities — treats her hunky beau like an assistant, often sending him out to buy booze and food, instead of banging his brains out.

(I didn't realize she was famous for being a sucky actress? Hrm.. I must be missing something. And how elegant that it's reported that she's sending him off to do errands instead of "banging his brains out," how romantic and loving. Because of course if they are in fact a couple then OBVIOUSLY the only thing they would want to do 24/7 is have sex, right? They would never want to have a conversation, or just hang out together right?

“She’s like, ‘I love Rob, but I love my dogs, too.’ She treats Rob like an assistant sometimes, sending him out to buy wine or groceries,” a source said.
(Her dogs? Correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't she been quoted as saying she is totally in love with her CAT? I'm not a reporter nor do I follow her closely but even I know she doesn't have a dog)

“She doesn’t show too much excitement when Rob visits her onset. But that’s what Rob seems to like, the fact that she doesn’t treat him as if he’s special.”
(I see - so next time Rob comes to see her on set, or at her house - she should start screaming, jumping up and down, doing cart wheels?)

Recent reports claimed Kristen, 20, is fed up with Rob’s possessive ways.
(Last article it was the other way around)

Somehow I don't see Kristen doing this:

Call me crazy but I just don't see it.

Sep 3, 2010

Rob Pattinson: Fuzz - Jealousy - mystery girl

Let me start off by apologizing again. I have slacking a bit in the updates. Been busy on this end with school starting etc. I will get better!

Ok enough of that.

Breaking news! Rob has a beard. (big deal) Well apparently it is because this was the headline I saw..

Robert Pattinson grew beard: new whiskers to tickle Kristen with…

Article: (with this I must insert commentary)

Well… the Brit vamp-heartthrob was seen in beard in the Jimmy Fallon’s post Emmy celebration in Los Angeles, California. Rob was with his publicist Stephanie Ritz.

Once again, a social gathering without his beloved Kristen was spent in a much bummed mood by Robz! His bushy brown whiskers in his chin and half of his cheeks bore a sign of distress all over again for the absence of his beloved. Off late Robz has been spotted at parties and celebrations and Award functions all alone without Kristen.

(Dear God - can you hear the violins playing in the background.. He probably was moody from all the paparazzi in his face)

OK Magazine thinks its “unfortunate” that Kristen Stewart skipped the party, while Daily Mail described Rob’s publicist as “attractive older blonde on his arm.”
(hahaha - how many times is the publicist going to be called the 'older blond.' It's his publicist - end'o'story. And the only unfortunate part of this .. is the article itself)

Some said he had grown the beard to show his pain for the distance of his beloved. Some said it might be cause of his new look in the film. Many were excited to see the new look of the star and rumored that his beard could be a new tool to instigate Kristen by tickling in their cozy moments.
(Yeah I'm sure he grew a beard to convey his heartache. Nothing says "I miss you sweetie" like a beard)

However, he was seen spending time with Jimmy Fallon most of the time. But a despair mood dominated him throughout.
(sure it did.. NOT)


Robert Pattinson Is Freaking Out About Kristen Stewart’s Sex Scenes With ‘On The Road’ Co-Star Viggo Mortensen!

Really? Anyone at ALL believe this? Rob is jealous of Viggo? Not dissin' Viggo he's cute in my opinion but he's also 51 years old and she is 20.. I REALLY don't think that anything is going to transpire. And Rob jealous? Of what.. weren't the same online rags claiming they broke up?? (insert sarcastic laugh)

Blurb from article:
“Rob plans on being on the set of On the Road, not because he has a role in the drama, but because Kristen has a real risque part!” an insider tells exclusively. “There are a lot of sex scenes including a threesome, and Rob wants to make sure that it’s all pretend from the start and finish of the film.”

That's so insane I don't even know what to say. The ever famous insider says.. Rob wants to make sure it's all pretend. Jeezuz.. acting = pretend. And wouldn't that be so professional of him to come barging in like a cave man saying "my woman - you not touch!" Please people.


“Robert Pattinson parties with clutchy mystery blonde”

Blurb (this is too funny):
Robert Pattinson partied with a “mystery blonde” last night. WHO WAS SHE? The Twihards are mid-meltdown, so I‘ll throw them a bone: she‘s his publicist. But I still don‘t know why she‘s clutching him that way. ZOMG!

First of all - what the heck is ZOMG? (I know Oh My God is omg..) and you don't know why she's clutching him that way???? Really??
Anyone remember this?
That's only one of the many photos where he is being accosted of his "fans." So forgive her if she is a bit protective of him and trying to avoid him getting mauled.