Sep 3, 2010

Rob Pattinson: Fuzz - Jealousy - mystery girl

Let me start off by apologizing again. I have slacking a bit in the updates. Been busy on this end with school starting etc. I will get better!

Ok enough of that.

Breaking news! Rob has a beard. (big deal) Well apparently it is because this was the headline I saw..

Robert Pattinson grew beard: new whiskers to tickle Kristen with…

Article: (with this I must insert commentary)

Well… the Brit vamp-heartthrob was seen in beard in the Jimmy Fallon’s post Emmy celebration in Los Angeles, California. Rob was with his publicist Stephanie Ritz.

Once again, a social gathering without his beloved Kristen was spent in a much bummed mood by Robz! His bushy brown whiskers in his chin and half of his cheeks bore a sign of distress all over again for the absence of his beloved. Off late Robz has been spotted at parties and celebrations and Award functions all alone without Kristen.

(Dear God - can you hear the violins playing in the background.. He probably was moody from all the paparazzi in his face)

OK Magazine thinks its “unfortunate” that Kristen Stewart skipped the party, while Daily Mail described Rob’s publicist as “attractive older blonde on his arm.”
(hahaha - how many times is the publicist going to be called the 'older blond.' It's his publicist - end'o'story. And the only unfortunate part of this .. is the article itself)

Some said he had grown the beard to show his pain for the distance of his beloved. Some said it might be cause of his new look in the film. Many were excited to see the new look of the star and rumored that his beard could be a new tool to instigate Kristen by tickling in their cozy moments.
(Yeah I'm sure he grew a beard to convey his heartache. Nothing says "I miss you sweetie" like a beard)

However, he was seen spending time with Jimmy Fallon most of the time. But a despair mood dominated him throughout.
(sure it did.. NOT)


Robert Pattinson Is Freaking Out About Kristen Stewart’s Sex Scenes With ‘On The Road’ Co-Star Viggo Mortensen!

Really? Anyone at ALL believe this? Rob is jealous of Viggo? Not dissin' Viggo he's cute in my opinion but he's also 51 years old and she is 20.. I REALLY don't think that anything is going to transpire. And Rob jealous? Of what.. weren't the same online rags claiming they broke up?? (insert sarcastic laugh)

Blurb from article:
“Rob plans on being on the set of On the Road, not because he has a role in the drama, but because Kristen has a real risque part!” an insider tells exclusively. “There are a lot of sex scenes including a threesome, and Rob wants to make sure that it’s all pretend from the start and finish of the film.”

That's so insane I don't even know what to say. The ever famous insider says.. Rob wants to make sure it's all pretend. Jeezuz.. acting = pretend. And wouldn't that be so professional of him to come barging in like a cave man saying "my woman - you not touch!" Please people.


“Robert Pattinson parties with clutchy mystery blonde”

Blurb (this is too funny):
Robert Pattinson partied with a “mystery blonde” last night. WHO WAS SHE? The Twihards are mid-meltdown, so I‘ll throw them a bone: she‘s his publicist. But I still don‘t know why she‘s clutching him that way. ZOMG!

First of all - what the heck is ZOMG? (I know Oh My God is omg..) and you don't know why she's clutching him that way???? Really??
Anyone remember this?
That's only one of the many photos where he is being accosted of his "fans." So forgive her if she is a bit protective of him and trying to avoid him getting mauled.
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