Sep 15, 2010

Rob Pattinson: Guitar - True love - Fan of jealousy?

Funny - giggle - chuckle - whatever you think..

Robert Pattinson Cosies Up To His Guitar In Texas - Pictures
Missing Kristen, perhaps?...

Blurb from article:

The photo of Rob hugging his guitar above was taken by a lucky fan who ran into the star in a Houston bar.

We hear he treated onlookers to a few chords as well. We wonder if he does private performances.

Does this not scream silly - Cosies up to his guitar means he's missing Kristen? That visual cracks me up. Lonely Rob, walking into a bar with his 'date' the guitar because he's so sad that he's not with Kristen. So sad that he needs to give the guitar cuddles. That's funny. And of course stick in the ever so subtle (NOT) sexual reference wondering if he gives private performances. Yea he must - to his mirror because he's so depressed that Kristen is working..(insert rolling eyes here)

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart: ‘True love back in fashion?’

Well, with the release of the popular cult flicks in the ‘Twilight Series’, came the dashing and endearing couple, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart! These two good looking youngsters had the look of yearning teenagers, with stars in their eyes, and a great hunger for love!

Thus, with the portrayal of the characters, Rob as the vampire Edward Cullen, and Kristen, as the simple and naïve human being, a young girl called Bella Swan, were so much akin to their roles, that their on screen romance hit the right chord with the audiences to such a great extent that, it was taken for granted that, the two were also a fab couple in real life.

To add fuel to fire, the two actually fell in love in real life as well, even though they initially denied the reports.

(ME: They fell in love? I didn't realize that was announced they had announced it- I must have missed that news alert)

However, their romantic liaison has now reached such peaks, that their dedicated love for each other is almost bringing back the fashion of falling in love and remaining faithful to that same person, without cheating on the sly!
(ME: When did that go out of style? I don't think I know anyone who every thought cheating was a fun thing to do, hip or cool? Unless of course I'm missing something and cheating a$$holes are in fashion?)

Well, to see the actual impact, we’ll just have to see, whether the two actually succeed in bringing back true love in fashion again!!’
(ME: Um... yeah, true love has always been in fashion - just because some dinks cheat and sneak around, doesn't meat it's the cool thing to do.)


Apparently Rob is a fan of Top Gear that's out of the U.K. I put the link in because it's actually a great show. My husband & son watch it all the time. Anyway, the big headline is:

Rob Pattinson - Top Gear Fan!

(, I guess)

But this is the interesting part...
The article starts off like this:

ROBERT Pattinson is a Top Gear fan!

The hunky Hollywood star is keeping up with life back home in Britain with almost obsessive viewings of popular motoring show, which recently featured Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz as guests.
(ME: obsessive viewings - sure.. I'm sure he's sitting in a dark hotel room, starting at the TV watching episode after episode)

“Rob watches them on his laptop,” a source said.
(ME: Gotta meet this "source" someday - this "source" sure does get around)

“All his pals back home watch it so he likes to keep in with them. He hopes to be a guest on the show although he’ll have to work on his driving skills. He’s well known for driving like an old woman!”
(ME: Ah OK - so he watches a show .. because he likes it and chats to his friends about it. Wow now that's REALLY UNUSUAL!)

(ME: And here comes the left field comment)
Recent reports claimed Rob is jealous of rumored girlfriend Kristen Stewart’s relationship with his BFF Tom Sturridge.

“Kristen was always jealous of all the time Tom and Rob spent together,” a source said.
(ME: there's the big mouth "source" again)

“But Rob intervened and helped make peace between the two — a move he may now regret.

“Kristen’s telling friends that she’s falling for Tom, as he has all of Rob’s great qualities without the baggage: Rob’s fear of commitment and the intense scrutiny their relationship brings.”
(ME: Give me a BA-REAK! I would bet serious cash-0-la on the fact that Kristen in no way said anything like that. Jeezum, she loves him - she hates him - he's a possessive ass - she's ph-ucking around with Tom.. One bit fat contradiction after another. It's a wonder anyone can follow any of it.. I guess that's why I appeared. To point out the INSANITY of it all!)
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