Sep 12, 2010

Rob Pattinson: Hobo? - Smelly?

This is rather funny.

So apparently there is a new term going around called "Hollywood Hobo," nice huh?
Rob now has a beard that is a little unkempt means he's hobo material. It's called trying to disguise yourself from nutball fans!

This just irked me.

Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart: The 'Smell Bad' Couple?

Remember the rumors that Robert Pattinson has a poor hygiene? Well, the "hygiene" and the "smell bad" words on R-Pattz articles were revived after Kristen Stewart talked about hygiene in one magazine interview!

Kristen Stewart admits to smelling bad. But she explains how. According to the Twilight actress, she doesn't prepare for interviews so when she is asked by a journalist, she gets nervous and starts to sweat. As a result, she smells "bad."
(ahhh.. so she really doesn't smell horrendous - she's just nervous. Last I heard nervous people sweat and knowing how often she's been on the hot seat I can only imagine how nervous she must get. But I doubt she smells like $hit)

However, Kristen tells Style Magazine that "Practice helps a lot. You just get so nervous... I don't know how to deal with it. I don't prepare anything, I just do it so it's gotten easier with experience."

That's ok, Kristen. Everyone has their flaws. You carry it well, though. And at least you and Robert Pattinson can call it quits when it comes to the scent department.
(Oh STFU!!)

And Hollywood Life's report is just so funny. The site wrote: "Robert Pattinson may not be the cleanest guy in the world, which would explain why he and his GF get along so well."
(I find that hard to comment on. Once again taking a quote and twisting it so hard so a nugget of poop slander can come out. Whatever this Hollywood site is that wrote that quote - I mean, are they trying to be funny? Think they are all clever? When in reality they sound like jackasses..)

Good God people - let's move past the hygiene thing. Rob (I'm sure) does NOT smell like a donkey's ass nor does Kristen.

Hilarious! Remember I wrote a while back how online site were reporting that Rob was dumping Kristen because she was so possessive and wanted to get married etc. Well apparently the tables have turned! Now, apparently, it's Rob's turn and he's possessive and it's bothering Kristen.

Are Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on the rocks? Is RPattz possessive?

Speculation says that Robert Pattinson is possessive of his rumored girlfriend Kristen Stewart.
These rumors come just a week after Pattinson was seen out with a leggy blond, better known as his publicist. The two were out on the town, holding hands, and looking more involved than business casual.

(My GOD, I have no idea when they are going to let this go.. the blond is the publisist that's it-no story there.)

Pattinson and Stewart have been dating for awhile. They met while filming Twilight, where they play (you guessed it) lovers, Edward and Bella. However, there have been several stories fabricated about the couple and the latest one claims that RPattz is possessive over KStew. Given their popularity in comparison, you'd think it would be the other way around.
(Ah.. given their popularity it should be the other way around? Meaning, of course, Kristen should be the one who is possessive because .. ? she is a girl? Please give me a break!)

Who knows if there is any truth to this story, but it's widely speculated that the two are on the rocks. They haven't been photographed together since the middle of August (pictured) and they reportedly moved out of their love nest.
(I love how they say "who knows if there is any truth to this story.." well, umm.. doesn't that beg the question then WHY write an entire article if you have NO IDEA if there is any truth to it????)

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