Oct 2, 2010

Rob Pattinson - Beard - Emma .. AND POST 200!

Sometimes there will be a gap between updates because I am sick of writing about the alleged relationship woes of Rob and Kristen.. and I'm sure you are sick of reading about them too. :)

Ok onward!

Good Lord, I've never seen so many articles on someones BEARD! (you know news is down when they are harping on facial hair).

I saw a ba-zillion headlines. But this one stuck out:
MULTIPLE CHOICE: Which Adjective Best Describes Robert Pattinson's Beard?

We are being tested on Rob's beard..

Robert Pattinson was spotted recently sporting an epically untamed, Joaquin Phoenix-like beard. We're not sure of its purpose—the world's worst disguise (nothing could mask those telltale pretty peepers!), practicing his Brad Pitt impression—but needless to say, we are unimpressed.
(And to your "unimpressed" I'm sure he says "who gives a *%#$!")

Why mar your baby face with a bushy beard, RPattz? Nothing should hide that perfect, strong jawline. It looks out of place on you, too. It's like the makeup department of your latest film got a little crazy in the trailer one morning and spirit gummed a whole bunch of facial hair on your cheeks.
(Yes Rob - who do you think you are! I mean, doing what you want with your body?? How DARE you!)

Luckily, unless Bill Condon is planning a dramatically different version of Edward Cullen for "Breaking Dawn," the beard will be shaved soon enough—the movie starts shooting in October sometime. But, in the meantime, we think this is a failed experiment.

As style icon Tim Gunn might say, that beard is "a whole lotta look." That magical forest of dirty hair on top of RPattz's head does not need a competitor on his face, so we hope he takes a razor—or a weed whacker, whatever works—to the facial hair soon. What do you think about his new look? Vote in our poll after the jump!

Okee I have a poll for your article..

a.)who the $%$# cares!
b.)Umm.. not your face!


Swirling around the web is yet another rumor about Emma (from Harry Potter) is causing Kristen pain because she feels Emma is trying to steal Rob.

I just got time warped back to highschool. Kristen jealous, Emma plotting to steal her boyfriend!

Anyone buy this? Wasn't Kristen just jealous of Stephanie Rob's publicist? Now people, you must make up your mind.. Boy, these online rags like to make Kristen out to be some rabid, psycho girlfriend.

and on a purely selfish note - this is my 200th post!
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