Oct 29, 2010

Rob Pattinson: Halloween bash - Mind Games - "keeping' Rob

Supposedly Rob is throwing a big Halloween party for the cast of Twilight. True or False? I have ZERO idea. But the headline reads:

Robert Pattinson's frighteningly expensive Halloween party

Annoying that always $$ is brought into the picture. Who give a hoot. Unless he starts buying solid gold urinals - then what he does with his own money is his own business. And if he wants to throw a party for his buds on the set - well that's great.

Although what crept into the article was this blurb:

Robert is also believed to have splashed out on a Halloween-inspired gift for his girlfriend Kristen Stewart to celebrate the spooky day - which lands on Sunday October 31.

The source explained: "Rob brought a special vintage gold ring with a red heart for Kristen. He's planning to give it to her just before the bash starts."

Really, he is? Wow - someone must have REAL inside info that they are able to find out what Rob is going (or most likely NOT going) to do before he does it.
C'mon. If he was planning on giving her something .. anything .. do you really think he'd let that leak out? Um.. nope. I imagine he's learned a thing or two about the psychotic media at this point.



Robert Pattinson: Playing mind games and peek-a-boo

And while, Rob and Kris keep themselves busy with games like chess on the sets, it won’t be wrong to suggest that they are pretty deft in playing mind games with their fans. Yes! To kill the time, Rob and Kris often indulge in games like Chess, Scrabble, Monopoly or Snakes and Ladders while filming ‘Breaking Dawn’. And thus, when they are not kissing, (on or off screen), they also try their dice-rolling skills.
(Interesting about what they do while filming Breaking Dawn since it hasn't started filming yet..)

But what about the peek-a-boo games they have been dexterously playing with the paparazzi for the past so many months! What about the mind games they love to indulge in with their plethora of devotees.
(I love how people see what they are doing as "playing games" instead of simply LIVING THEIR LIVES. As far as I know, they don't call the paparazzi and say "psst, we will be here.. come stick a camera in our faces so we can run and hide from you!" They aren't playing any games, they are being normal people .. but alas the spin is "MIND GAMES." please...)


Dumb da-dumb-dumb

Headline: Kristen Stewart & Tortilla Soup: The Key to Rob's Heart?

It seems that there's more to Kristen Stewart than loving vampires and werewolves in movies, dating Robert Pattinson, and being super-awkward in public. Turns out she's a pretty good cook as well and was the go-to chef on the set of her new movie, On the Road.

She cooked a lot for everyone because she was "the only girl on set." Sexism aside, she also admitted that she has a culinary speciality:

I think I can do a really, really good, terrific tortilla soup. That was my On the Road dish.

Imagine her ladling spoonfuls of warm, delicious, home-cooked tortilla soup into RPatz's mouth as they blissfully lounge in their fluffy bed together in their cute love nest. Might be a little sloppy and spicy, but romantic nonetheless ... sort of.

I think the vomiting guy sums it up?

Couldn't resist....
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