Oct 21, 2010

Rob Pattinson & Kristen haven't met daughter and more

This is so funny.

Ok so I have been reading many articles on the amazing resemblance of Mackenzie Foy and her soon to be on screen parents Rob and Kristen.

Blurb from 2 articles:

Director Bill Condon, though, is convinced that Foy — who will play the vampire/human hybrid Renesmee — looks exactly like the child that Stewart and co-star Robert Pattinson would spawn (if they ever decided to spawn, which is a topic for an entirely different story).


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's screen daughter in "Breaking Dawn", Mackenzie Foy looks like their real offspring.

Yup the articles are right - she does look like them. But let me ask this - WHY IS ANYONE SURPRISED!? They hired an actress to play their daughter, who did they think that this actress would look like?? It happens AAALLLL the time in the movies folks, people hire actors to look like other actors. For a show I did they hired a girl that played the young version of me... guess what, SHE LOOKED A LOT LIKE ME! This is not earth shattering or even a prelude to what Rob and Kristen's children (if they ever have any) they will look like! Mackenzie plays Rob's and Kristen's daughter. End'o'story.

Oh and the interviewer that was interviewing Kristen talking about the young actress and Kristen mentioned she hasn't met her yet .. and the interviewer made that a "thing.." what on EARTH does the fact she hasn't met her 'fake daughter' mean? It's not her real kid.

We all know that they are filming in Louisiana. Well this is a headline that popped into my view:

EXCLUSIVE! Robert Pattinson Buys a $1,000 Bike At A Louisiana Bike Shop — He Wants To Go Off-Roading On Set!

Blurb from article:

“Robert came in with who I think was his agent,” the Capitol Cyclery store manager told us. “He spent no more than 30 minutes picking out the bike.”

R-Patz, 24, came into the store during a quiet Sunday afternoon when there were no other customers in the shop. “I guess that’s why he felt comfortable” says the manager, describing Rob as “humble” and “very quiet.”

He added, “He didn’t strike me as a movie star when he walked in the door.”

So what went into picking one of the finest bikes available? According to the manager, Rob “wanted something for off-road, as well as on the road.” Apparently, Breaking Dawn will be shooting in a woodsy area, so this bike will be perfect for R-Patz to ride around set.

What do you think Twi-Hards? Would you spend $1000 for a brand new bike?

Ok let me break this down in the levels of stupidness.

First of all, Rob went out and bought himself a bicycle. A BICYCLE. Big a-deal! But yes, they make it a big deal because we have 3 years before the Twilight series ends so we need to find things to talk about. Okee dokee. Well then good for Rob he wants to ride a bike. It's not as if he went out and bought something odd. For example if I had read a headline that Rob went out to buy himself eye of newt to make a secret witches brew.. then maybe I'd be a little wigged out.

Second of all, what really annoys the pi$$ out of me is that the bike shop owner gave details about a private sale. To me that screams inappropriate, untrustworthy, opportunistic... jerk.
So now we know what kind of bike Rob bought, and how much it cost. So of course people are going to start judgements on how much he spent etc. The bike shop owner, while he didn't say anything bad.. should have said nothing at all and let Rob keep his private business private.

And lastly the question "would you spend $1000 for a brand new bike?" Everytime I try and think of a response to explain how idiotic that question is all I can come up with is noises such as:

So I guess I'll leave it at that.

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