Nov 14, 2010

Rob Pattinson: Fighting - Halt the movie!!

Once again, I have to apologize for not updating sooner (as usual) but as some of you know (some of my loyal readers :) ) I am a struggling actress myself and I just finished the run of a show last night.


Sooooo many headlines now that they are filming Breaking Dawn! It's amazing what the paparazzi focus on. What will they do when they are done filming in April!!??


Anyway - A HEADLINE:
Robert Pattinson In Bar Fight With Jason Statham Over Girlfriend Kristen Stewart!

The ‘Twilight’ star confronts actor Jason Statham after he makes a move on girlfriend Kristen!

It looks like Robert Pattinson is willing to go to any length to protect girlfriend Kristen Stewart — even if it means confronting an action star! US Weekly reports that after actor Jason Statham hit on girlfriend Kristen at an LA bar, Rob stepped in. “Jason is totally jacked and Rob is scrawny,” a pal said. “But Rob said, ‘I think you’ve had enough time with her.’ They got heated.”
Luckily, bouncers stepped in before the situation got out of control.

No matter what the situation, it is good to know Rob is ready to step in and take care of Kristen no matter what!


A blurb from another article related to this story:

According to US Weekly Robert Pattinson got in a fight with action star Jason Statham in a bar in Hollywood on Friday night.

Ok .. yes I know everyone wants Rob to be like Edward and swoop in and save the damsel in distress etc.. but there are a million pictures and articles about them filming in ... BRAZIL.. soooo how could he have gotten into a fight with this dude on Friday night?

Then of course I have to show you this little blurb:
Robert Pattinson may be scrawny but he has a lot of guts to stand up to a big guy like Statham. Kristen Stewart should be proud of her Rob after sticking up for her like that.

Kristen must be proud because of course she's only a girl that couldn't possibly handle herself (insert rolling eyes here) - oh and by the way . . she's only 20, yet she was in a bar? I guess being in Hollywood part could happen.

Lookie here:

Los Angeles, CA (LAX) to Rio de Janeiro (RIO)
Shortest Flight Duration * 14 hours 30 mins * Via Miami International Apt, Miami (MIA)

Must have been something huh? Flew from Brazil to LA with Kristen in the middle of shooting Breaking Dawn .. stopped a bar .. and a fight almost broke out.

Hmmmmmm .... sounds like:

But what do I know?


Blurb from a funny article:
Recent reports claimed Rob, 24, has been sketching designs for wedding rings.

“Rob wants to design the ring himself,” blabbed one insider.

“He feels their on-screen nuptials will be a very special and personal moment, even though it’s supposedly make believe. But here’s the big secret — Rob wants to surprise Kristen and give her the ring in real life!

“That’s why he’s in cahoots with Twilight creator Stephenie Meyer to pull off a real-life surprise. The plan is that when the cameras stop rolling after their on-screen nuptials, romantic Rob will drop to one knee and slip his designer ring on his real-life love as he proposes marriage!”

That is TOO freakin' funny. C'mon, does ANYONE BUY THIS??? I know it's so dumb that it's not worth mentioning but Jeez.. I literally laughed out loud when I read that!
Yeah .. I'm sure they will halt the production so Rob and propose marriage to Kristen.. I feel dumb even writing this as a joke!


Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Brazil Pics Heat Up The Web

Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Brazil Pics Heat Up The Web – Robert Pattinson and his girlfriend Kristen Stewart spent a week together in Brazil filming scenes for the movie Breaking Dawn fourth in the Twilight saga.

Both stars were staying at a hotel in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, a city where besides working, they lived their own romance.
(Me: Oh please.. "lived their own romance" sounds like a line from a bad lifetime movie)

Something that caught people’s attention is that Pattinson and Stewart were together all the time. Different pictures of the young stars surfaced online this week.
(Me: Oh my God .. they were TOGETHER!? That's soooo weird that they would be together while filming Breaking Dawn starting as Edward and Bella .. whom get married! Together!? How odd!!)

until next time.... :)
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