Dec 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

I hope you all have a spectacular New Years and an even better 2011! Health and happiness to you all.

Thank you all for reading & I hope you continue to do so in 2011.


Dec 27, 2010

Rob Pattinson: Christmas & the sneaky elves

Hello all - I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

Well, well, well.. the big question is:
Did they or didn't they.... spend the holiday together? And the answer is ............
who the eff knows!

I've seen a bunch of articles speculating and some pictures of Rob at a Christmas party (which is lousy that someone snuck out a picture of him when he's trying to enjoy a holiday party with friends, but sadly no big surprise)

Some of the capturing headlines:

Robert Pattinson & Kristen's Secret Christmas Together

Did Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart spend Christmas in London?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Together Over Holidays? [Photo]

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Holiday Plans Madness

Get the picture?


Even though there were a number of reports which stated that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson would be spending the holidays apart from each other, it seems as though they have taken a brief break from filming the new movie in the Twilight saga to spend some quality time together.

Some photographers claim to have seen Pattinson in London while others swear that he was with Stewart over the holidays.


Babble has obtained a photo that is clearly Pattinson, but the company he's with is not clear. The site also says that sources spotted the two together in London. If the two spent the holiday together, it really shouldn't surprise anyone.


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were supposed to be spending the holidays apart but there are photos of Rob and Kristen together this weekend.

I'm not going to post the pictures because I think it's tacky he was celebrating with friends and someone leaked a photo - but let me tell you, the photo's in no way indicate Kristen is there. And EVEN IF SHE IS, who cares. I mean everyone thinks they are a couple right? That's what the consensus is among all the tabloids and NUTTY extreme fans (I'll coin the phrase - EXTREME FANS) so why would they be surprised that they are spending the holidays together?

But I assure you, the photographs prove nothing except Rob was at a party during the holidays.. I know that's strange, going to a holiday party but nonetheless he was at one.

More to come..

Dec 20, 2010

Rob Pattinson: Smootchin' - breakin' up - bein' apart....pattern?

Yes, it's been a while.. but this time it's the holidays getting in the way! Isn't it nuts!! No down time - bombarded with lights, presents, holiday music ... argh!

blah blah I know .. getting on with it.

Anyway - oh the headlines the headlines! So .. well you know.

Here is a headline that was repeated all over the Internet:

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Separate for the Holidays

Your favorite Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are going their separate ways… for the Christmas Holidays anyway. After being together for the last few weeks filming Breaking Dawn I, these two will have a chance to do their own thing even just for a few days.

Rob will be heading back to London to spend Christmas with his family and friends while Kristen will be jetting off to Los Angeles to be with her family as well.

Both are good with this arrangement; they’ve been together since the filming began in November. It’s only for a few days anyway because by the New Year they’ll be together again. At least they’ll have a chance to miss each other during the holidays.

This is actually one of the more tame articles. Made up, I'm sure. I mean really the magazines/online rags have a 50/50 shot of getting it right. Either they will spend Christmas together or apart. So the odds are good that someone is going to get it right. And they can spin it anyway they want. (i.e. above article mentioning that they will get the opportunity to "miss each other during the holidays," anyone else just puke in their mouth a little?)

I saw TONS of articles about the 2 of them being sick of each other and that is why they are spending the holidays apart. Yadda, yadda, yadda..

Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Will Probably Spend Christmas Together

Ah ha! What is this you say? More speculation.

So I have the answer - they either will spend it together - or - apart.
Brilliant aren't I?


Ok so apparently the other buzz is headlines like this:
Robert Pattinson is a good kisser?

Apparently Christina Ricci said he was a good kisser and it's set the web on fire. It amazes me - what did people really think she'd say? "Rob.. oh God he's horrible, wet, sloppy, icky.." No one would say that. I'm sure he's a fine kisser but seriously - enough to talk about it endlessly?? How embarrassing reading all that about yourself.


Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Breaking Up?

Anyone surprised this rumor is coming back around? It's like recycling! Topics get thin and they start panicing that nothing is going on with Rob and Kristen .. that's it's just status quo. So what happens next, BANG they are breaking up! Or they are pregnant! Or they are in a love nest!

Sometimes don't you just wanna say:

Dec 14, 2010

Rob Pattinson: break-up rivals! - THE bed? - Holding hands

Oh Lordy Lordy Lordy.. the "media" (I use that word loosely) is so funny sometimes. Funny STUPID - not funny haha.

So this headline:
Zac Efron And Vanessa Hudgens Break Up: Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Next?

Umm.. come again? What in the HEY-ALL do those 2 have to do with Rob & Kristen? Anything, to connect a story to Rob and Kristen to get more hits I suppose.

Aside from Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, the next big movie couple that we’d hate to see break up is definitely Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart from the Twilight series. We’re so excited to see Edward and Bella finally get married and have a child together on-screen…but if they break up, will Breaking Dawn have the same romantic allure?

Why oh why make that leap? I just don't get it. I guess we could say that this headline could be related too.

'Dexter' stars Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter file for divorce

Actually wait, I see how these people make the leap. I mean he does play a killer & Rob plays a vampire that kills animals to survive. And those 2 were in the same show just like ... KRISTEN AND ROB are in the same movie!!! And Michael Hall is a guy and Jennifer Carpenter is a girl. Oh wait! Kristen's last name Stewart is also used as a guys first name - and Jennifer's last name Carpenter is usually a profession dominated by MEN! Will the similarities ever end!!


Robert Pattinson seen `holding hands` with Kristen Stewart at cast dinner

That's one of many with the same goal. They were supposedly at some sort of cast dinner and 'holding hands.' Ironically - no pictures. They have pictures of those 2 walking, smoking, waving, eating.. yet the picture that would put everyone's speculation at rest.. no where to be found.

A spy on the scene said, “It was a lot of the cast and crew. They were in the private back room and seemed in great spirits. Everyone had a really great time. They were sitting down and talking together most of the dinner. Wherever Kristen was, he was, and vice-versa. Rob and Kristen were holding hands at some point, and when they got up to mingle with everyone for a bit he kept his hand on her back. They were really cute. And no one in attendance seemed surprised at their affection.”
(Me: A spy on the scene. Doesn't that say it all. Spy = jacka$$, liar, not real person...)


Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s ‘Breaking Dawn’ Sex Bed Revealed! We Think This Is it — Agree?

And there it is a picture of some random bed.

Everyone is holding their breath to see 24-year-old Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, 20, get down in Breaking Dawn. Their sex scene is all anyone seems to care about — and after our extensive research, we’ve determined this bed in the Brazilian house rented for the Honeymoon scenes could be where their love making happened!

That is so funny. "We've determined...that it could be." Well if you are sure that it might be the actual bed! Where their love making happened? Um.. no. Where the filmed the scenes for the honeymoon, isn't that a tad bit more accurate. Can we learn to separate the two? Rob is not really Edward... and Kristen is not really Bella. It make shock you to hear that - but it's the truth. I don't want to rain on anyones parade but they are actually 2 ACTORS.
I know, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Dec 9, 2010

Rob Pattinson: $80k - workin' out

Okee dokee - since I didn't get any info on any new leads.. I had to resort to the stuff going around now. Some of it interesting .. most repeats.

So let's start off by saying someone spent $80,000 to meet Rob. Holy $hit!

Fan Spends $80,000 to Meet Robert Pattinson: Who Was It?

The prize was offered on to raise funds for the GO Campaign, a non-profit group that supports grassroots projects for orphans and vulnerable children globally. The $80,000 bid is the highest bid ever for the GO Campaign.

I think that it's WONDERFUL that much money was raised for a clearly worthy cause. But I wonder.. who has $80k to spend on something like that - and - talk about pressure on Rob and whomever else is involved with the meet & greet. If someone paid $80k to meet me, I'd feel like I had to sing, dance a jig, hang out for hours .. give them a car, I don't know. Damn, that's a lot of money. But glad it's for a good cause!


Oy oy oy..
So we all know that the cast & crew is in Louisiana filming. Well this is a headline that I saw:
Robert Pattinson Gets Hot & Sweaty Late Night At Louisiana Gym! EXCLUSIVE!

Silly. Ok well, if he was at that gym (or any gym) .. don't we all get hot and sweaty when we work out? Yeah, I thought so.

Wonder how R-Patz gets those insane abs? We’ve learned that he’s doing his tightening and toning at a Louisiana gym — by himself!
(Me: Why is the fact that he is "by himself" supposed to be a shocker?)

Robert Pattinson is spending his nights getting hot and sweaty at a local XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX gym, we’re told. And we’ve got photos of his workout gear.
(Me: Ok, I saw the pictures.. you know what these amazing photos are? Of a gym - and work out equipment. Stupidly, there is also a picture of the entrance with the name of the gym so that anyone can go and try to stalk see Rob.)

Rob was spotted working out at XXXXXXXXX right after Thanksgiving, and our source tells us that he “looked like a total pro!” (No word on whether he went shirtless for the workout.)
(Me: Yes, I X'ed out the name & town that it's in. Jeezuz! C'mon people have we not learned anything yet. Writing about exact locations of celebs = bad. Being respectful of their privacy = good. Not rocket science. You think he will get to go back to that gym now? I wouldn't if I was him)

“Rob came in at night right before closing, and he spent the entire time lifting weights,” a source tells us. “He seemed like he really knew what he was doing, but he spent the time keeping to himself, not talking to anyone really.”
(Me: Source.. blah. Of course he spent time to himself (if this is even remotely true) who goes to the gym and hangs out to talk. Maybe some people - but not me. You go work out and leave. And if you are Rob Pattinson - you go ... probably try and hide .. work out and get the heII outta dodge before someone recognizes you!)

Dec 8, 2010

Rob Pattinson: SUGGESTION!

HI all
I am planning on doing research this weekend - but as for right now.. I've seen a million articles about Reese Witherspoon thinking Rob is handsome. That's it. Seriously a $hiteload of those articles and I'm sure it was just something that was asked of her and she said something to the affect of 'yes he is handsome.'
Shocker. We know he is handsome.

Anyone see anything outrageous that I can make commentary on? I'd like to write about something other than Kristen and Rob and now Reese.. (Although, I will if I have too) I am just interested in some of the 'off the wall' stuff you read!

Dec 1, 2010

Rob Pattinson: solo career - sex scenes

I haven't written in a while because there has been nothing worth writing about. Mostly all of the articles continually repeat themselves about the same nonsense. The many articles about Rob wanted more sex scenes in Breaking Dawn (give me a break peeps), the many articles that were trying to mislead readers regarding their 'new marriage.' (It's Bella and Edward folks, not Kristen and Rob).

So I took a break because my blood started to reach maximum boil capacity.

I did however find a few articles recently that I thought were stupid funny enough to mention.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart baby?

Here we go again. Of course know it's from OK magazine. Yes, they produce in the movie a baby. In - the - movie. You know the "acting" thing they do? Yeah, that's it. Remeber last summer when Kristen was supposed to be pregnant? Yeah that lasted right? C'mon.


Robert Pattinson Picks Up A New Guitar — Can A Solo Album Be Far Behind?

Yes he bought a guitar. Everyone knows his love of music and that the boy can sing. But why is it because he went out and bought a guitar we start the rumblings that he will record an album. That will be the new 'it' story. 'Rob must be secretly recording an album.." Not! Give him a break. He's a musician and bought a guitar. Not a huge leap.


Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson’s Marathon ‘Breaking Dawn’ Sex Scenes!

(classy headline)

It’s no wonder that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson became a real life couple – it seems like the set of Twilight can get pretty hot and heavy! According to Life & Style, the duo recently shot a sex scene that took them 12 hours to complete, and we’re pretty sure that they enjoyed every minute of it!
(me: I don't even know where to begin with that. It's just so silly that it is hard to find the words. I'm sure it was "hot and heavy" in front of a 100 people - shooting different angles - making sure the lights are right.. how intimate. It takes a lot of scenes 12+ hours to make. They didn't say "ohhh I love shooting this sex scene so lets prolong it!" It's probably the opposite. Let's just get this over with because it's embarrassing to do in front of all these people! Then it says "enjoyed every minute of it!" Don't you just wanna poke this person in the eye for writing something so ... so... ugh help me with the right word!)

It was the first of three racy sex scenes in Breaking Dawn between their Twilight characters Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. This first scandalous sex scene together includes the pillow-biting moment, when Edward bites into a pillow in order to control his urge to bite Bella. Sounds pretty steamy to us.
(Me: Yeah steamy - a mouth full of pillow so he doesn't murder his new wife)

Still, it must have been a little awkward to act so intimately in front of an entire cast and crew. Fortunately for these two, they have two more sexy scenes on the way –plenty of time to practice!
(Me: Oh shut up)

And we all the DVD is coming out for Eclipse. Apparently there is commentary with Kristen and Rob. I heard the tent scene, it was really funny. Yet I found SO many articles with this as the headline:

Watch! Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's Flirty Eclipse Commentary

Over and over again the articles talking about how much they are flirting with each other. When in actuality it's just really funny and playful.

The one headline I found that I thought was spot on was this:
Rob and Kristen Share Some Laughs Over 'Eclipse' Scene

Ha! At least someone got it right.